Kundali Bhagya 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Karan in the morning puts his hand beside him however is shocked to see that Preeta is not in the bed with him, he calls her but there is no respond, Karan even knocks on the bathroom door, he then puts on his shoes.

Sonakshi walks on the balcony thinking about what the doctor said that Preeta might be pregnant, she thinks it cannot happen as the secret which she kept hidden should remain like it, otherwise her future would be destroyed not only in this house, as when tomorrow the reports would come it will reveal that Preeta can be a mother, she exclaims it cannot happen, Sherlin standing at the back asks what was she thinking about, she might be able to help her, Sonakshi replies she was talking about her future plans, but what does Sherlin desire, she thinks how she met with Prithvi in the jail cell telling him that she will talk with the lawyer, Sonakshi questions why does Sherlin always keeps questioning her as she has a lot other things to do, she leaves which angers Sherlin.

Karan is walking in the hall, Sonakshi bumps into him questioning where he is going, he replies he is going to look for Preeta, Sonakshi says she will be in the house, Karan replies when did he said that she might have gone anywhere but just meant that he needs to be with Preeta, Sonakshi thinks she feels really frustrated as Karan always keeps talking about Preeta, Karan is relieved to see Preeta sleeping with Pihu in her room, he also lies down in the bed with her, Sonakshi gets angry standing at the window, she is shocked to see the mobile ringing.

In the morning Rishab sitting explains he selected the particular watch, he asks if Rakhi likes it so he can order it and also questions Karina but she mentions it would be the same so she will not get it, they all see Kritika come, Rishab standing exclaims he doesnot like those who wake up late, Karina mentions she has gotten tired by making her realize but she doesnot listen so Rakhi should say something to her, Rakhi asks what can she say now, Rishab replies she only listens to Rakhi, Kritika explains she likes Sherlin because everyone else is trying to make her feel normal, Rishab questions why does she think she is not normal because she is the same, Kritika mentions that she would feel bad if Prithvi was not a good person but he was never an honest person, they must then not feel worried, Karina and Rakhi stand exclaiming as they always say that everything that happens is for the good and today is the beginning of the new year, Rishab wishes everyone, Kritika questions what happened yesterday as they all scolded Preeta jee but she is a daughter of the house just like Preeta so if they all love her then why do they always tend to scold Preeta for just a small mistake which she makes, she knows Sonakshi is the birth mother of Pihu but they all know Preeta loves her the most, Karina stopping her exclaims that she must not defend Preeta because the elders tend to scold the children if they make a mistake, Rishab agrees mentioning if she had been there then would have stopped them all, Rishab asks Kritika she would feel nice and requests her to come with him on the vacation, Kritika agrees when Rishab gets a message that that his employees are asking if he is drunk. Karina questions if they can have breakfast when Rishab agrees saying he is really hungry, Shelrin wishes that Kritika should leave as then she will be able to help Prithvi.

Preeta is in the room when Rakhi comes to her however she is about to leave, Preeta stops her questioning it seems Rakhi is really worried but should not care about the decoration as she will make sure everything is sorted but Rakhi apologizes to Preeta for misbehaving with her, however Preeta replies that they are her elders so she never feels bad about anything which they say but Rakhi insists they way they talk was wrong however Preeta assures she never feels bad, Karan also comes mentioning he doesnot like doing the office work so they all must leave from the room, Rishab comes saying Ganesh said that the employees have come to meet him, Karan explains he invited them all to come to their house as guests but forgot to mention it, Rishab questions what is wrong with him because he did not even think to inform them of the invitation, Karan apologizes to them all, Rakhi is also really mad at him but Preeta assures there is nothing to worry about as the decorations are already in place while she will take care of everything else, she asks Karan to get up, Rakhi says he is blessed to have a wife like her, Karan looks at Rishab who is really mad, Karan leaves after apologizing.

Preeta is welcoming all the guests who are coming to the party, Sherlin wonders who invites anyone to their house without proper arrangements, Karina comes to her, mentioning she knows Karan likes to surprise everyone as this is how he is like, they both leave. Rakhi comes to Preeta with Dadi, praising her for arranging everything in such a short time, Preeta explains there were somethings which she did not use yesterday so they have now come to use, they must not worry about anything, she asks them to welcome the guests while she will go and take care of the kitchen, Karan stops Preeta informing that the courier boy is on his way with the repots, Preeta goes into shock thinking she needs to see the pregnancy reports, karan questions what happened however Preeta says it was just the nervousness of the tests.

Preeta going on the stage formally starts the party and also asks everyone to start the dance with their partners, Karan also asks Preeta but she refuses saying she will not be able to dance because she also hurt her feet, Karan agrees mentioning there is nothing to worry about, Sonakshi standing behind the pillar sees them both, the courier boy arrives at the door, Sonakshi rushes to him before Preeta can even see him, she takes the reports and is shocked to see them.

Precap: the courier boys say she is Sonakshi, but the courier belongs to Preeta, Rishab coming takes the courier of Preeta assuring he would give it to her. Sherlin questions Sonakshi what is going as she knows that Sonakshi purposefully send Karan away. Preeta is walking when she bumps into Sonakshi who has the reports, Sonaskhi is shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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