Kundali Bhagya 17th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The doctor think how he knows he has made a mistake as a lawyer but he had no choice, Prithvi whistles from the stairs, he coming to the Doctor explains he is a good doctor but a better father who loves his son a lot, he must not be tensed because he has not done anything wrong since children are just like Bhagwan and he should take the money for his work, Prithvi while walking out turns mentioning his men really like the school of his son, Prithvi questions if he understands that if he tries to act smart then his son would be kidnapped from his school as it is not a task for him, Prithvi once again threatens him to not do anything wrong before walking out of the house.

Preeta along with Shristhi and Sameer sit in the car with a heavy heart, Prithvi is standing beside the car, he thinks of when he saw his loving wife Kritika last night, Prithvi recalls how he sat on his knees praying to Bhagwan jee for the safe return of Rishab who is their elder brother, he vowed to break hundred coconuts and one litre oil, Kritika standing in front of him mentions how she is glad he is her husband, Prithvi standing exclaims he is a loving husband who cares for her brother just like she does, Prithvi asks when did she come, he explains they are a family and he loves her brother just like her, he accepted them both as the brother in law when they got married but he thinks they have still not accepted him as a brother in law, Kritika hugs him tightly, praising him for his good heart and so assures that they will accept him, Prithvi explains he knows what she will say, she leaving him mentions they are the tears of joy, Prithvi assures they would not be worried after some time, because Preeta jee has made a plan, he questions but she gets hesitant, Prithvi replies he knows they still donot consider him as the member of the family even when he has accepted them all, Kritika asks him to not think like this because she will reveal the plan, Kritika then explains Preeta’s plan is full proof because she will go to meet the doctor and ask him about the injuries, because they feel Sundeep is just acting as he might have been hurt by Rishab’s car but his injuries are not so serious so the attempt to murder charge will end, she hits him in the head explaining how it is just like this, Kritika is sure Rishab would be freed from the jail, Prithvi wishes Preeta je all the very best, he smiles standing outside the house.

Kritika in the room is working on something, Prithvi entering the room questions what is she doing, she replies that she is trying to work on finding the information about Sundeep Khana as he only worked for their office for one year and in that period his four consignments were rejected so how can he say that Rishab jee owes him money, Prithvi turns off the laptop, he explains how he knows she is tensed and they are not able to do anything for Rishab jee but she must not be worried, he exclaims how he has brought a gift for her and so takes out the flower, Kritika questions what has she done when Prithvi explains she has married him, Sherlin standing at the door is furious to see Prithvi hug Kritika, she leaves exclaiming how she is doing a lot for him but he is adamant on doing what causes pain to her. Kritika asks where he was all this time, Prithvi replies he went to meet a lawyer but felt that he is not the right one so is now going to meet some one else.

Preeta is with Shristhi who asks her what happened, Preeta explains that she is tensed because they are not able to do anything and the members of the Luthra family are tensed, especially Mahesh who is ill since Rishab is the elder of the house and which is why everyone is so worried, she is also not able to do anything besides just speaking, the lawyer comes and Preeta questions what happened, he explains that the Magistrate is not ready to grant Rishab the bail because he is accused of attempt to murder, Preeta replies how they all know Rishab can never think of harming anyone, lawyer replies they all know this but the state has its own laws, they are worried that if Rishab is granted bail, he might try to harm Sundeep Khanna, Preeta gets tensed when the lawyer informs how it would be difficult to attain the bail of Rishab Luthra.

Sherlin is angrily standing in her room, Prithvi enters the room, she warns him to not even try to come near her, he however shuts the door and tries to hug her, Sherlin pushing him back exclaims she was blamed to be the unlawful wife just because of him, Preeta even said that she is not capable of becoming anyone’s wife, she feels like shouting how she only loves one person and for whom she can do anything and take anyone’s life, she married someone who doesnot even love her just for his revenge but he is a deceiver, Prithvi gets mad asking if she doesnot remember the time when they were about to get married and Rishab ruined it all for them, she was the one who stood by him and engaged him, he exclaims this is madness. Sherlin twisting his hand asks if this is the madness that he was giving flowers to Kritika, Prithvi pushing her away slaps her, she in return also slaps him.

Prithvi explains only she is the one who can slap him, she exclaims she is even more deadly and can break his hand, Prithvi asks her to think it as then she will have to lie with him with a single hand, Sherlin asks him to not ruin her mood, Prithvi explains he only gave Kritika the flower because she revealed the plan because of which they have won today, she must not be worried as it has all been done, Sherlin exclaims he should never think of harming her ever again, she exclaims if she falls then would also take him with her, Prithvi questions if she is threatening him but she replies it is just a warning for him to be careful.

Sarla goes to the door, she asks Shristhi to wait for some time when she exclaims they have come to drop her, Sameer takes the blessings of Sarla, even Karan and Preeta take her blessings, Sarla requests them all to come inside because she just desired to be with them, Preeta however refuses saying Pihu is alone in the house, Sarla asks them to not be worried because she talked with Pihu who is busy in doing her project, she forces so they all come inside, Sarla tries to leave but Karan requests her to come and sit as they all need her support.

Sarla asks them all to not be so sad because she knows Rishab is in jail but they will surely find a way out of this problem, Sarla questions Preeta if she forgot what she was taught, Karan even asks about the advice which he would always remember, Preeta explains Sarla always taught her to not be worried about the tensions which come their way as with hope and commitment they will find a way, Karan explains that he never lost hope but Rishab is his brother and if anything happens to him, he tends to get worried, Preeta replies this is what they should not do, Sarla praises Preeta mentioning now she seems as her brave daughter who is always ready to take on any task, Karan explains tomorrow is the hearing of Rishab’ case, Sarla blesses them to go without any worry.

In the morning Rakhi sitting in the Mandir prays that the hearing of Rishab goes well and he be realized as he did not do anything wrong, Preeta coming from behind also prays to Bhagwan that all the prayers of Rakhi are accepted because it is Navratri and her prayers should be accepted, Rakhi turning is amazed to see Preeta so goes to stand by her, when Preeta ends her prayer Rakhi questions if she also asked the same, Preeta assures she also prayed that Risahb is freed from jail after todays hearing at the court, Preeta explains she prayed because Rakhi is sad and because of her the entire family is sad. They both leave for the hearing.
Prithvi reaches the court in his car, he sees Rakhi standing so exclaims now the family drama will start, Preeta arrives to stand beside Rakhi when Prithvi exclaims now she will give her hope, Sherlin comes so Prithvi explains she will give them the fake hope.
Rishab also arrives in the police car, Prithvi thinks of meeting Rishab first, he is taken out of the car, Rishab takes her blessings, she while hugging him starts to cry, Rishab asks her to not be sad as he will come back because he is innocent but if she is weeping he will not be able to remain strong, Rishab requests Preeta to take care of Rakhi, she apologizes to Rishab for not being able to do anything while being his mother, Rishab questions why does she think she has not done anything as he is only standing because of her, it is her teachings which has helped him, this is just a formality which needs to be fulfilled, Rakhi request the police officers to release Rishab because he is innocent, however the inspector requests Preeta to handle Rakhi as if they got late then it would be a contempt of court, Preeta asks him to give them some more time since a mother is talking with her son. Rishab asks her to not be worried because they have to go inside, Rishab walks away while Rakhi is crying, Preeta calms her down explaining she needs to remain strong.

The entire family is sitting in the court room, the judge comes to sit ordering the hearing begin, the defendant and prosecutor introduce themselves after which the case begins, the prosecutor blames Rishab saying that he tried to kill Sundeep with his car because of his anger, the defendant exclaims it cannot be the truth just because he is saying it, the prosecutor once again exclaims Rishab is guilty because he got greedy and did not pay Sundeep his owed money, the defence questions why does he think it is the case because the amount was of a meagre one million while his client is a big name in the business community so why will he try to do such a heinous act, the prosecutor exclaims it is because he might have done a lot of such actions in the past which gave him the courage to do it once again in the future. The judge refuses to accept the objection of the defence, prosecutor judge once again blames Rishab mentioning that he because of the money tried to kill his client, because of which Sundeep was so badly injured that he is still resting in the hospital, the doctors are not even sure if he would be able to walk again, Preeta stands exclaiming it is not the truth since she is herself a physiotherapists and can tell if someone is seriously injured, she feels Sundeep has not sustained life threatening injuries, the court orders her to sit down and wait for her chance, the prosecutor exclaims she is a member of the Luthra family so her comments don’t have any importance, he even taunts the defence mentioning how he might have transferred the case to some other lawyer.

The prosecutor seeks permission to call the doctor of Sundeep, defence questions why he is not calling his client as then they all can see how badly he is really injured; the prosecutor replies that he knew they would raise this question which is why he has asked his client to come even when he is suffering from extreme pain.

Doctor comes to the stand where he is asked to take the oath of truth by placing his hand on the Geeta, the prosecutor asks about the condition of Sundeep, he replies his condition is really serious so he might be able to walk only after the treatment of five to six months. The prosecutor asks the defence to ask any question, he is standing questions if Sundeep was really serious when he was brought into the hospital, Doctor looks to Prithvi who signals him of the consequence it would have on his son, Sundeep exclaims it is the truth as Sundeep was actually really injured. The defence is not able to understand how someone who is about to die, heals after the operation but only his legs are hurt.

The prosecutor tries to raise an objection, but it is sustained, he then calls Sundeep, he enters the court room in the wheelchair, his mother blames Rishab for ruining the life of her son, he going to the stands exclaims Rishab has ruined his life and his marriage, Shristhi standing questions why is he lying after taking the oath to speak the truth, the judge asks he to not disturb the court hearing.

The court hearing progresses, the prosecutor hands the judge proof against Rishab explaining how it will show the real face of Rishab Luthra, the judge after viewing it explains it cannot be seen if Rishab really tried to kill Sundeep as his face is not visible but his can be seen, after viewing the evidence this court finds Rishab Luthra guilty for attempt to murder.

Precap: Sameer explains Karan has gone to Pune, Preeta questions why he left, Karan explains he had to leave because of some proof which might help them free Rishab. Rakhi while crying shouts at Preeta saying she has gotten mad hearing that she is trying as fake hope and tries sometimes end the belief which one has, Preeta tries to explain when Rakhi orders Preeta to stop interfering in the case of Rishab. Sherlin hearing that Rakhi is mad at Preeta starts smiling.

Update Credit to: Sona

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