Kundali Bhagya 19th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Anjali tries to convince Arjun that he should not refuse to accept that this entire family just cares for their son Rishab, she asks when did they supported him because they just care for their son, Anjali explains that they all are playing games with him which is only to end the loan of Rishab, Preeta stops Anjali asking why is she lying, she asks Arjun if he actually thinks his entire family is lying along with his wife, Anjali asks if he does not trust her asking why would she lie, Preeta replies that she is wearing the same clothes as her which reveals her intentions, Preeta blames that Prithvi was wearing Arjun’s clothes as he wanted to marry her but she is also wearing the same clothes like her,

Anjali instructs Preeta to shut up explaining she revealed what was the reason, she asks what was the problem if she took the help of Prithvi, she explains that she planned to do everything by herself. Preeta replies if she thought that they all were lying then should have questioned them but she planned to marry Arjun, which is why she took her place and herself revealed the reason by saying it is her right over the Sindoor of Arjun. Anjali accepts that she loves Arjun, the entire Luthra family is shocked when Preeta replies that her truth has come out, Anjali tries to pull Arjun explaining now that the truth has come out there is no reason to say here, Arjun angrily asks why did she do it,

Preeta replies Anjali revealed her plans to her, Arjun angrily says that Preeta has also deceived him, he blames that they all have deceived him questioning what crime has he committed, Rakhi goes to Arjun, explaining she does not care what happens here and who is right or wrong but she just knows he is her son, and her Karan so he should tell her when she was upset in the room, he brought tea for her and when his marriage was arranged, the designer brought the dresses he send back Anjali agreeing to her desire, she asks why does he care so much for her so what relation does she have with him,

Rakhi asks when she saw the birth mark on his arm in the hospital, she was sure he is her son and told everyone but no one believed her, they felt she was lying and confused but then Preeta and Shristhi played a small game to find out the truth about his identity, she explains they took his signatures and fingerprints and got them tested in the laboratory after which they were a match, but they all started wondering why does he hate his family if he is actually Karan,

Rakhi explains then the business rivalry between him and Rishab resulted in them all to not believe he is Karan because he could not even think of doing anything wrong with his brother but she was sure there is something due to which he is behaving in such a manner, Rakhi informs the only reason she accepted his proposal is because she knew that Preeta would be happy with him as her husband.

Anjali tries to warn Arjun to not accept as these are all just stories, Mahesh replies what is she saying because they all were confused thinking why is their own son not revealing the truth about his identity to them, Karina also explains they felt it but were not ready to believe it to be the truth, Rakhi explains they have not forgotten him in these past five years, Sameer informs they have celebrated his birthday just as how he would celebrate it, Kritika reveals they never commemorate his death anniversary, Mahesh explains he was still among them even when he was not present.

Anjali blames them all for causing a drama because they celebrated the anniversary of Rishab and Preeta, Rakhi angrily replies it was just because of a society as she never wanted Preeta to become a widow, Karina mentions Kavya also had the right and it was their need to do it, Rakhi informs they both remained as just friends since even now Karan is alive in their hearts. Shristhi informs that Prithvi came to their house after his death and claimed her child is his, Bani Dadi says this is why they performed the ritual to protect Preeta from Prithvi.

Anjali pleads with him to not believe them since they are all lying, Preeta asks Arjun to come with him and she would show how she kept Karan alive in her life, Arjun angrily asks what does she want to prove, Preeta explains he is not believing them when his entire family is trying to convince they are not wrong, Arjun says he does not want to see anyone, she asks why does he not want to see because Anjali feels his family does not love him, she mentions it is not her fault but he himself would have said it to her, Preeta explains she is blaming them for what happened,

Arjun says he knows his family really loves him but he is talking about her because she forgot him and moved ahead in her life, Preeta says what she did under the pressure of the family and to safeguard their daughter, but her feelings have no meaning in his life. Preeta takes out the photos from the drawer explaining she has saved all the memories they had with each other, she explains she never desired to get ready but would only apply it for him, she explains she kept the photos to remain close with him but he is saying she moved on in her life.

Preeta takes out the box from the wardrobe, she holds all the glasses in her hands asking if he remembers them because he was really crazy and wanted to wear a new one each and every day, she explained that she kept these close to her heart so would think he is seeing her from them, Preeta asks what did he say that she moved on, she explains he knows she was not interested in the cricket match but ever since he left, she has watch his every match more then five thousand times, Arjun tries to explain but she angrily walks to the wardrobe, asking if he remembers the five dupatta because he gave them to her,

Arjun recalls the memory, she explains he ruined a lot of her dupatta but then brought these five dupatta for her, she mentions she lived for five years with them, Preeta says if he had any idea how painfully she spent these years then would have come to her a long time ago, Arjun reveals that he lost his memory after the accident, Preeta says he was blaming her for moving on but he himself moved ahead as it is really difficult to spend the life while remembering the person they love, Arjun hugs Preeta requesting her to control herself,

Preeta once again rushes to pick the hat asking if he still does not believe, Arjun remembers how he would tease her with it. Preeta explains she is showing these because she does not have any other thing and he is saying she does not love him, she starts crying so he hugs her and is also weeping. Preeta explains she was about to tell him the truth after their marriage to prove she did not forget him and if he would ask her to marry him she would always agree, Arjun gets emotional so once again hugs her.


Update Credit to: Sona

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