Kundali Bhagya 19th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Preeta while addressing the guests explains their project is going to fulfil the dreams of those whose dreams are quite often left unfulfilled, so now they can also by giving minimal investment have a chance to fulfil their dreams, this township will be the best which can be offered, and this would also be beneficial for the kids as it will have the food courts and playing ground while it will also take care of those who are the head of the family by making a jogging track for all those, while the Luthra construction company will also provide a gardening ground for the children in which they can fulfil their hobbies as it is said that they provide experience, as this will provide them knowledge about farming which is a really unique thing, they will also be trained in growing the fruits and vegetables, it is said that the thing grown by oneself has another taste, it will be a relief for the parents as well since they would not have to worry about the development of the children, hearing this the MLA is also really impressed but the investor is not moved.

The inspector says to Karan that she is really clever, karan replies he must not praise her so much since she is not that great, karan questions Sameer how does she have so much knowledge about the township project, Sameer replies she is really clever and intelligent, so was able to snatched everything from Prithvi, he desires to take everything from the Luthra’s but Preeta ruined his plans, Karan asks him to not praise her so much, Sameer explains he will praise her when she has done the right thing as their business has come back to them and not gone in the hands of Prithvi. Preeta thanks them all for listening to their desires and practice, the reporter questions why they not see Mahesh Luthra in any of the party, Preeta replies because he has taken a break from the business since the business is in this position because of his hard work, she asks them all to clap for Mahesh Luthra.

Preeta walks down when both the MLA and the investor exclaims that they heard that Prithvi was heading this project and it was that this project is going to be a luxurious project, they mention how they heard Prithvi is the one heading this project while the Luthra corporation had just a minor stake, Preeta replies that the Luthra company is so vast that they can never have a minor stake and in fact this project is going to be completely managed by them, no part of it will involve the company of Prithvi Malhotra as he is just a small part of their empire, Preeta assures the MLA that this project has a win for him since he gets the most of his votes from the common people, after this project is completed he would surely win because of the affordable houses which are going to be project. MR Nanaware explains he desired to invest his money in a luxurious township, Preeta assures that this project would be luxurious as it doesnot necessarily mean that they have to be expensive in order to be luxurious, she assures them this project would be utterly luxurious, as if it was just luxurious then only the wealthy individuals from India would be interested but since this project will also be affordable so she is going to assure them that each and every house built under this project would be sold, MLA is really impressed when Mr Nanaware also agrees to invest in this project, he asks Preeta to start the wok in this project while he is going to send the money.

Preeta looks to karan who is constantly watching her, she starts to smile, Kritika asks Karina to see how Karan is looking towards Preeta as if he is really impressed with her, the inspector informs Karan that his wife is fine and really busy, they can try to talk with her if she feels like informing them, Karan however says that he can leave now, karan leaves to show them the way out.

Shristhi and Janki are standing, Karina coming exclaims there is not a case when they have not come to ruin the party of the Luthra’s, Janki replies that she should go and ask Preeta if they have any problem with them coming here, she takes Shristhi away when Kritika asks Karina to see how they both have gotten the attitude when Preeta has just got some power.

Sherlin is walking when Natasha comes from behind, Sherlin questions what she is saying because she warned her that Preeta is not a normal person, Prithvi went missing from the party, and Preeta returned when they thought she has died, she feels something has happened with prithvi, Natasha assures nothing has happened, Sherlin replies that she informed Natasha that Preeta is really smart as she took the project of Prithvi under the Luthra industries. Natasha exclaims this is why she thinks that Preeta has not done anything to him, she sometimes gets jealous of her, Sherlin exclaims she feels if they can find Prithvi, he can still take the project under his company.
Sherlin is walking with Natasha who questions why Nagre betrayed them, she stops Nagre who is walking ahead, she stops him mentioning she knows he was their lawyer, Nagre asks her to come on point since he is not able to do anything, she mentions that she knows he was their lawyer, but he has ruined their own lives, he was looking as the assistant of Preeta. Nagre replies that it is not in his dictionary to switch sides, he has not betrayed anyone but just taken the side of Preeta in the party. He has understood that she has a fire in her eyes and is not a normal person.

Nagre reveals he saw her sister put a white cloth on the face of Prithvi in the party and when he questioned them, Preeta came from behind, she threatened to give his recording to the police if he did not support her, which she made on the first day when he came and gave the introduction of Nagre, she threatened to even reveal that he gave the bribe to get her killed, Sherlin questions if Preeta has harmed Prithvi, Nagre replies he knows she has just locked him in some room as if he had been in the party then would have ruined the function, Preeta would have not been able to achieve what she desires, Sherlin assures that she will not let prithvi lose since she is the one who threw Preeta out of the house and today she will create such a hurricane in her life, that everything will be ruined including Preeta and her destiny.

Sherlin asks Natasha to come as they will first find prithvi then ruin the life of Preeta, Nagre is left standing wondering what she has just said.

Shristhi reaches the kitchen when she starts thinking about the last time when she met Sameer and they ended everything that existed between them, Sameer also enters the kitchen, Shrishti acts as if she has not noticed him, and then turns to leave when he asks what has happened because she did not look at him today, Shristhi replies he knows why she did not look, she asks why is he acting as if he doesnot know what happened two years ago, she cannot forget it but Sameer questions if they cannot forget it as it has been two years, she forces him to leave the,

Shristhi starts weeping, Janki coming from behind exclaims she made a mistake since he is a nice guy, Shristhi replies what is the meaning of such a person as Preeta means the most to her, he did not care for her two years ago so now she doesnot care for him, Rakhi entering the kitchen hugs Shristhi, mentioning now this house feels like her own and when Preeta came back she felt as if the life has returned and now she is glad to see them both, she asks Shristhi how is she, Shristhi is about to hug her but then thinks she needs to be the strong sister of Preeta and act as if she still hates the Luthra’s, Shristhi leaves, Rakhi turning to Janki explains that she desires to forget everything and hug them both but she feels they are still angry with her, but she requests Janki to forgive her, Janki think that Preeta asked her to befriend Rakhi so that if anything wrong happens with her, she can tell Janki who in turn will inform Preeta.


Update Credit to: Sona

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