Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update

In the night the uncle while driving the car that women tend to make good faces even if they do not know anything to cook. The lady turning to Palki warns her that her boyfriend cares for her right now and will even talk politely with her but this will change after he marries her and their relation would just become a fighting ground.

The uncle driving the car once again says that these girls tend to ruin everything and are just arguing, he tells Rajveer that his girlfriend is sitting quietly now but she will become really argumentative, he asks Rajveer the name of his girlfriend when he says her name is Palki, the lady also mentions both of them look very good together.

Palki hesitantly explains they are not in a relationship, and she is getting married to someone else, the aunty explains Palki’s story is just like her as she was also getting married to her husband’s brother but then married him since he cared more about her.

Palki and Rajveer both exclaim they care for each other but as friends, the uncle replies every relationship starts with being just friends. Palki says that she is getting married to someone else but he is not the brother of Rajveer, the lady says that she saw what she wished to witness so now there is nothing more left to say. Rajveer and Palki both get worried.

Shaurya is waiting for the time to end as he cannot wait to see their family members tomorrow, Shaurya staring at the watch explains that he really likes it but it got him into trouble however he still likes it. Shaurya angrily mentions but he just hates the people who harm him so now he would make them all pay for their crimes.

Mr Khurana questions Daljeet what is she doing because she has refrained from telling the in laws of Palki such a big news that she is not missing, Daljeet instructs him to just stop talking as she is sure palki would come back very soon. Ketan’s mother mentions she wants to say something to them and as they are going to become a family, she wants that nothing should remain hidden and they have to be honest.

Preeta thinks even she desires that everyone should know the truth but who can talk to Daljeet. Ketan requests his mother to stop and not make such a big fuss of the incident, Ketan’s mother replies everything has changed in their lives because of Palki and even the entire society will say that Palki is to be blamed. Ketan mentions that he already informed her that he wants to marry palki.

Mr Khurana defends Ketan that they must not blame Palki, he says he is glad someone took his stance but he meant that Palki should not be given the credit for everything. Ketan informs that his visa got approved for Canada and the producer has selected him to direct his dream movie but for it they must leave tomorrow and there is not even any break.

Daljeet says it is really good news but wat about the wedding, ketan’s mother mentions she has already typed the invitation for the wedding but would only send it after they agree, Daljeet agrees so Ketan’s mother sends it. Mr Khurana gets worried and tries to raise a question when Ketan’s mother assures there is nothing to be worried about as all the clothes have been prepared.

Gurpreet also gets worried wondering how they will prepare everything in such a short time when Ketan’s mother mentions that the do not have to practice the dance and will for their traditional dance. Mohit also comes asking where is Palki as he wanted to ask if they have to invite her collage friends, Mahi mentions she has already invited them.

Ketan questions if everyone is here then where is Palki, he explains this is why they wanted her to be present here so they can reveal the news in front of her but it seems she does not want to come in front of them at all. Daljeet says she informed them that Palki is in the store, she runs requesting them to wait while she brings her.

The uncle asks Rajveer if this is the location, he thanks her before stepping out of the car. The lady advises Palki to marry Rajveer and refuse to marry anyone else. The uncle also advises Rajveer to always support and help Palki, he agrees but the uncle informs he will only be able to do it for the rest of his life if he marries her otherwise it would not be possible mentioning anyone else whom Palki marries would not allow him to come near her,

he says he has seen in the eyes of Rajveer that he loves Palki, hearing this Rajveer gets tensed when the person mentions he has already seen it in his eyes, Rajveer informs he still has a lot of things to do in his life when the uncle suggests he should forget about all of his problems and get married since there is nothing more important then love. The lady asks if he would not fight with her if she sits in the front seat with him. They both leave wishing Rajveer and Palki.

Rajveer goes to Palki asking if she is fine when she instead asks him the same question, they both start walking towards the house. Palki however is about to fall but Rajveer manages to catch her, they both once again start staring each other but after while Palki feels a bit nervous. Rajveer signals her to go inside the house.

Ketan mentions it is weird that first Palki was missing and then Rajveer is also not here while even Daljeet aunti did not come back till now, he wonders what is preventing them from coming back. Daljeet also comes informing that the store is very dirty and they all know how Palki likes to really clean it, Mahi supports Daljeet asking if she is fixing the black dress, Daljeet smiles mentioning their Palki is like that, Gurpreet is however furious seeing them lie.

Palki enters the house followed by Rajveer, they all are shocked seeing them when Mr Khurana rushes to Palki and Daljeet asks how did she come through this door when she was in the storeroom. Mahi says she might have come from the back door.

Daljeet asks why is Palki giving her so confused reactions. Daljeet mentions she came to tell palki that Ketan and his mother have come but she was busy in cleaning the store. Daljeet informs they both have come here to marry palki along with the engagement tomorrow because Ketan got the visa of Canada so he would not be able to come back, which is why they all thought to get her married along with the engagement. Ketan and his mother leave mentioning they are going to have a lot for work.

Daljeet angrily questions Palki where was she, and could she not call to inform them. Mr Khurana also asks where did she go. Preeta asks if she is fine when Gurpreet goes questioning where was she all this time as they all got really worried. Mahi also asks her to tell when Daljeet angrily scolds her, Palki informs that she lost her way.

Rajveer mentions that when he found Palki she said that she forgot the way back to the house. Daljeet angrily asks how could she forget the way to the house, mentioning that her in laws were asking so many questions. Gurpreet takes Palki inside when Preeta asks Rajveer if he is fine and even palki is fine.

Shaurya is sitting in the swing mentioning has really thought about it and has an entire plan for it, he exclaims he will surely make Palki pay for what she has done.

Rajveer and Mohit enter the room when Mohit mentions that he is feeling really weird that Palki is getting married tomorrow when it is really early for everything. Gurpreet enters the room informing she has brought the clothes for tomorrows function, Mohit asks if she does not feel it is very weird, Gurpreet replies he should ask the mother of Palki about everything, Rajveer mentions what can they say if this is what she desires, he leaves which worries Gurpreet.

Palki in the room is really tensed she is constantly thinking about how they lady advised her to only marry Rajveer and not anyone else, she is not able to relinquish the thought about Rajveer.


Update Credit to: Sona

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