Kundali Bhagya 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update

Arjun walks over to the wardrobe from where he starts throwing out the dresses as he is not able to select any one, Anjali coming explains she has brought the dress for him, she taking him to the mirror inquires how is he looking, he is satisfied with it, he says what would have happened if she was not by his side, she replies nothing wrong would have happened as he would always be with him.

Rakhi explains Preeta knows she has been celebrating this ritual since the past five years so has brought a new dress for her, Rakhi leaves after handing her the dress but Preeta puts it on the bed, Rishab enters the room and seeing Preeta asks if she is fine so she turning assures she is fine, he asks why does he keep asking her this, he replies even he is thinking why does he keep asking this questions but he married her so she could remain satisfied, but they have been married for five years now and he has tried his best to fulfill all the promise. He asks if he has taken care of her,

Preeta smiling agrees that he took care of Kavya even more. Rishab explains this is the best feeling in the world when she calls him Dad. Kavya comes running on the bed, she explains they should sleep soon since tomorrow is a party. Kavya replies when both her parents got married. Rishab questions if she realized this after five years. Kavya then turning explains that her father is a Prince while her mother is a princess. Kavya exclaims it would mean when she gives kavya a kiss however when Preeta leans in, Kavya moves back so they both exclaim she has gotten really mischievous. Kavya explains that she would surely run away but Rishab manages to catch him explaining both her parents are still present.

In the morning Mahesh is instructing the workers to pay some attention, he sees Rakhi with the staff so tries to tickle her from behind, Rakhi questions what is he doing as she might get a heart attack, Mahesh exclaims that she would not get a heart attack as he loves her. Mahesh explains that he loves her so is showing the affection. Mahesh explains he is not worried of anyone and so if anyone would ask then she can tell them, he asks if she has grown up and even he is an elder, they have children who have also become parents.

Mahesh mentions now he is going to tell her a story of their past when they both were young and mischievous so made a mistake, she was a little innocent and even he was when she says he is still innocent so they have made something, she asks what does he mean when he shows her the house explaining this have created this entire empire along with the family, as the foundations of this house have their efforts and the desire to do something along with the childhood of their children, both of them have did it all.

Rakhi says even their children have a lot of efforts in doing all this so she always thanks Bhagwan for giving them such good children, he asks who would thank him so she also thanks him, he explains that feels to love her even more. Karina comes from behind when Rakhi gets stunned so tries to leave, karina asks if they should focus on the work when Rakhi leaves, Karina questions why does he keep irritating Rakhi Bhabhi, Karina says that he is the elder and still acts like a younger one, Mahesh with smile replies she would have gotten old but he is still young, he starts tickling her when he leaves threatening to call Kavya.


Preeta wakes up in the morning when Kavya wishes her happy anniversary, Rishab also brings tea wishing her. She is stunned wondering how did she remain asleep for so long. Rishab informs she must not be tensed as she turned off all the alarm clocks, but Preeta is not late. Kavya agrees mentions even she sleeps on her birthday and doesn’t go to school. Preeta requests Kavya to not do it again in the future since she has a lot of important works. Kavya calls her back to give a kiss.

Preeta turns to leave when kavya once again stops her so she asks Dada why did he not wish her happy anniversary. Rishab apologizes explaining that he forgot so wishes her but Kavya says that it is not the right way, he must first hug her and then wish Preeta. Rishab whispers that he is a little shy, Kavya questions what does he mean when Karan uncle had a lot of girlfriends. Rishab explains he had a lot of girlfriends because Karan was really smart and handsome so had a lot of girlfriends, but he always went to the office and so was boring. Kavya exclaims but she loves him a lot, hearing this Rishab with a smile exclaims if she would love him all the time.

Mahesh while overlooking the decoration exclaims they donot have much time, Preeta rushes to Rakhi when she also asks her to meet Papa. Karina stops Preeta asking who would take her blessings. Preeta kneels with a smile when Dadi also asks who would seek her blessing since she came for this party. Shristhi comes hugging Bi jee explaining since Preeta has come but would take care of all the decorations as she would talk with Bi jee.

Shristhi reaching the room asks why does everyone care for their son in laws. Bi jee replies because they love their daughters and they are the responsibility of their son in laws. Shristhi asks then who would take care of her as she also yeans for love. Shristhi looking around asks why do boys always cheat their partners when Bi jee explains that it is not the case with everyone as those boys who are caring and supportive never cheat.

Dadi enters with Sameer asking if he cheated Shristhi, she explains he needs to apologize, Sameer sits with Bi jee assuring he is not having any affair, Shristhi asks him to not yell at her but he says that she wants to change the topic however Sameer leaves for the office, Dadi assures of talking with Rishab, Bi jee requests her to not consult him but Bani Dadi leaves saying she doesn’t want her advice so would surely talk with Rishab.

Shristhi says that her present would be above everyone else’s when she wonders why did they put this tray as the guests have come and they need to take care of them, Shristhi says Bi jee should not think she doesn’t know how to work as she is just interested in working but has no interest in this chores.

She blames Kritika for being a lazy person, Kritika coming from behind mentions that she knows Shristhi who is just interested in speaking, Bi jee exclaims they all know how Shristhi is, Kritika leaves when Bi jee asks Shristhi to remain calm.
Rishab walks down to the party when everyone wishes him happy anniversary, he exclaims they all wished him in the morning so there is no need, Kritika replies that since today is his special day then she would wish him each and every time. The lights start flickering when


Update Credit to: Sona

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