Kundali Bhagya 21st December 2021 Written Episode Update

Preeta uis getting restless while the entire Luthra family is constantly saying that they hate her, she starts exclaiming that she doesnot want it, Shristhi wakes up so calls Sarla who comes with Janki and Bi jee, she sits beside Preeta on the bed waking her up questioning what has happened, Preeta mentions that they will; not let her in, Sarla questions what does she mean Preeta asks why was Rakhi not with them all, Sarla gets really tensed.

Rakhi is about to open the door when Karina wakes up, she asks Rakhi where is she going, Rakhi sitting down on the bed exclaims she saw Preeta in her dreams, Karina asks if she still sees her even after so many years, Rakhi mentions that not a single day has passed after she left that she has not seen her, Rakhi mentions she saw that Preeta was standing outside the house and is wet, she is questioning Rakhi why did she not take her side, Karina mentions that one sees the person about whom they are constantly thinking about, she was thinking about Preeta which is why she came into her dream, Karina says she has come to make her feel guilty but Rakhi replies Preeta was just asking about the health of Mahesh and karan, Rakhi exclaims that she needs to see Mahesh for once but Karina stops her asking if she doesnot know Prithvi because he would create a lot of scene, Rakhi however replies should she not meet her husband because of his fear, Rakhi is insisting on leaving but Karina also says she is going to accompany her as the corridor doesnot have any light.

Sarla asks where was Rakhi not present, Preeta replies Rakhi needs her help, Sarla says that no one from that family needs her help, she questions why is Preeta still thinking about them as if they cared for her then would have stopped when she was being thrown out of the house, Sarla exclaims she should herself think about herself, they are the ones who care for her, Bi jee tries to stop Sarla but she says that she is just trying to make her realize the truth, she once again tries to convince Preeta to move on, Shristhi exclaims it is not that easy to forget the past and sometimes the dreams tend to make a person cry, Janki also exclaims that one doesnot have control over their dreams, Sarla says she doesnot want her to cry and Preeta even promised which is why when she decided to go to Bangalore she did not say anything, but after coming back she is still thinking about those people, Janki tries to ask Sarla to stop, Preeta hesitantly tries to explain what happened, she takes the name of Prithvi but Sarla scolds her to stop thinking about those people, she only cares for Preeta and why does Preeta keep on thinking about those same people who always end up hurting her, Sarla even after living far away for two years, she is still worried about them, Preeta even sees them in her dreams, those people who she wants Preeta to forget, Sarla hugs Preeta explaining she must not think about those people and move on in her life, she must forget everyone with whom she was connected and had a relationship, she must close her eyes, think about the positive emotions but must forget all the bad memories, Preeta falls asleep while leaning against Sarla.

In the night Rakhi is walking when Karina stops her, turning on the light of her mobile, Mahesh is sitting in the room, he is tied up in chains so suddenly sits up on the bed. Rakhi and Karina reach the room and enter it, they are shocked to see that Mahesh is hiding behind the bed, Rakhi calls him but he starts yelli9ng at them to leave and not come near him, Rakhi after sometime once again calls Mahesh, asking if he has recognized her as she is his wife, she tries to go near him but Karina stops her saying Mahesh might hurt her, Rakhi however slowly walks close to him exclaiming she is his wife, he should not be scared of her, he used to call her as Rakhi jee, she sits beside him requesting him to at least see her face as she is his Rakhi he however pushes her away and even throws the utensil, saying they should not come near him, Prithvi slowly walks into the room, Mahesh gets really angry, prithvi calls the workers, Mahesh tries to hit Prithvi but the nurse comes back saying that she was not able to find the medicine but has found it, she came back with a leach with which she starts hitting Mahesh Luthra, Karina and Rakhi request her to stop hitting Mahesh, Rakhi tries to protect Mahesh but she gets hit with the leash, Karina in anger questions how did she dare hit Rakhi, questioning if she is mad when Prithvi exclaims he asked her, the only reason he kept Mahesh in this house is because of them otherwise he would have been sent to the place which he deserves to be, they all know how difficult it is for Mona to handle him and if they ever come to this place again, he will be forced to send him to the place where he doesnot want to, they must never come to this room again.

Sherlin is walking with Prithvi exclaiming that this is the best weapon for the people like Mahesh as he tried to reveal their truth, prithvi exclaims that he can destroy the Luthra family if he feels like and will surely do it.

In the morning, Janki asks Sarla to have the tea questioning why she is angry when Sarla replies she is not at all angry, Bi Jee explains that a good news has come on the newspaper, which says that people like Sarla should stop thinking too much and serve her mother in law, Sarla replies that she is not tensed but worried because when two years ago Preeta decided to leave this city and shift to Bangalore, she thought that Preeta would forget them however even after coming back, she still is thinking about them so went to meet the Luthra’s on her first day, but she got really angry when karan came to their house and blamed Preeta for being the reason that Pihu died, and said that she should have died with her but hearing this she got really angry, Sarla exclaims she would now reveal to Preeta what she never thought possible, Preeta comes out apologizing for what happened last night however Sarla exclaims she will now reveal the truth about Pragya, Bi jee exclaims that they both have witnessed two different scenarios but Sarla exclaims they are the same as both of them are her daughters, she doesnot want Preeta to make the same mistake that Pragya did.

Sherlin is peeling potatoes in the kitchen exclaiming that she doesnot understand Prithvi because she is his baby even than is forced to do this, Rakhi comes apologizing for not coming to the kitchen, she offers to help her but Sherlin acts as if she cares for her so suggests Kritika to take Rakhi to the doctors but she refuses however Kritika forcefully takes her, Prithvi coming from their back exclaims they have gotten a lot of money, he would now teach them a lesson as they did not understand his warning.

Update Credit to: Sona

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