Kundali Bhagya 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update

The doctors are operating when the nurse mentions the senior doctor is coming as soon as possible, the doctor explains she knows the injury is at the back side of his head which is linked with memory and also they need to inject him with blood as there has been a considerable loss.

Rakhi informs that Sameer is her son and is married with Shristhi, she wanted to hold a peace pooja Pandit jee signals her to stop which causes everyone to be tensed, there is a gust of wind and the bells start ringing, Pandit jee walks inside the house after looking around, he walks straight to take his position, the entire Luthra family also sits beside him as he starts preparing for the pooja. There is thunder because of which the bells of the Mandir once again start ringing, the wind even causes the diya to flicker, Pandit jee is noticing everything and asks Rakhi where is her son, Dadi explains they have kept this pooja for Sameer and Shristhi so that their relation is strong, Rakhi explains this pooja is also for her elder son Rishab and Preeta. Pandit jee asks where is he, Karina reveals that he is busy in a meeting since their business associates have arrived. Pandit jee signals her to stop, he instructs Rakhi to bring something which his son owns, Preeta stands to bring it but is scolded by the Pandit jee who questions why is she standing from the pooja, he asks if they all know the pattern of performing the pooja, so they should ask someone else to bring it, Kavya comes asking if she can bring ti as she knows all the things of her father, Rakhi agrees asking her to hurry up, Kavya rushing intot he room opens the drawer from which she takes out the bangle of karan which Rishab picked from the belongings at the time of the accident. She rushing hands it to Pandit jee before leaving.

Pandit jee starts the rituals with the bangle and he after reciting some Mantar throws something over it that causes the Hawan to rise, causing everyone to be scared, he once again starts reciting some Mantar with which he is able to see the marriage of karan and Preeta, pandit jee is tensed so he once again throws something in the Hawan and he sees the ritual when karan applied the Sindoor, and they both got married, he is constantly looking at it.

The doctors turn off the light, when Arjun starts reacting and he is shivering badly, the doctor gets tensed wondering why is he still reacting so decides to consult the senior doctor.

Pandit jee after concluding the pooja exclaims that it has ended, he exclaims it is something like a magic since they would have a lot of good effect and the couple that is still away would come closer, he instructs both the couples to come and have the ribbon tied on their hands, Rakhi informs that her elder son Rishab is not present but Pandit jee explains that he is going to tie it on the bangle which Kavya gave her while tieing the other on the wrist of Preeta.

Pandit jee blesses them both before finally tying it on the bangle that Kavya gave her, Arjun is also restless on the operation bed, the bells of the Mandir start ringing with the same gust of wind in the entire house as the pandit jee continues to tie the ribbon, everyone is worried about what is going on, they do not notice that the bangle belongs to Karan. Karina bua, Dadi along with everyone else do not understand anything, the belongings of the house start falling including the vase which worries the Pandit jee who exclaims the pooja has ended, he mentions the winds have turned their course and a big storm is approaching so they must close the windows, the entire family rushes to protect themselves. Pandit jee exclaims this is not a good sign and the storm is not a normal one, these are the indication of a big storm which is approaching.

Pandit jee turns to see the Malla on the photo of karan, he questions how can they all do such a thing as they did what was not supposed to happen and caused the wrong to happen, he rushes tearing the Malla from the photo of karan questioning what is all this, Pandit jee throws it in anger when Rishab manages to catch it, he asks what sort of behavior is this, questioning why is he so rude and asks who is he. Rakhi requests him to stop talking as he is a really senior Pandit jee, Rishab replies he doesnot care about his position but how did he dare take off the Malla from Karan’s photo, Pandit jee questions why did he put the Malla on this photo and did they not know it is only put on the photo of those people who are dead, they all have committed a grave sin and it is not fine.


Rishab asks if he tried to know the reason they put the Malla, Rishab explains there was an accident after which Karan lost his life but Pandit jee replies that he is still alive and, in this world, the entire Luthra family is shocked hearing this news.

Arjun lying in the hospital bed is really tensed, he is constantly shivering with pain and so yells the name of Preeta, requesting her to not kill him. The doctor along with the nurse rush into the room exclaiming he is still not calm even after they gave him the sedative, doctor once again injects it so he calms down.

Pandit jee reveals that the boy is still alive, Preeta questions what is he saying as it is not possible. Rakhi mentions she did not want to hurt him but feels he is mistaken as Karan was her younger son and Preeta was his wife but he lost his life in an accident, Pandit jee mentions that he is sure that Karan is still alive as he saw Preeta with him in the pooja, and only those who are alive are seen in the pooja, Rishab explains that he is not wrong as they were a couple, Karina reveals that karan died which is why they got Preeta married to Rishab, pandit jee mentions this should not have happened since her Suhag is still alive.
Preeta runs away when pandit jee asks her to stop, he following her explains that she must think about him as only then he would come back, he would follow the thoughts that she has off him and even if the whole world tries, they cannot separate him from her. Preeta runs into the room crying.

Rishab standing in front of the Pandit jee questions if he feels this is a joke, they are the family of karan and saying he died but Pandit jee is still not believing, he doesnot know how much time it took them to help Preeta once again become normal, he can ask his Dadi and mother so what did he get while once again opening the wounds of an already grieving women, Pandit jee is stunned. Preeta is crying in her room while Arjun is in the hospital.


Update Credit to: Sona

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