Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Prithvi asks Anjali what has he done, she tries to hit him when he advises she must stay away as she is already drunk and if he does something then she would have to pay the price, he asks her to leave but she breaking the alcohol bottle is adamant to not leave, Anjali once again questions what has he done to her, she blames him saying that he has put suspicion in their minds because they did this to her, he asks if she has lost her mind but

Anjali angrily replies she is speaking the truth, she says he called Rishab to his house and wanted him to be furious with Karan but Prithvi succeeded in it as Rishab got angry but they all have become his own family, she exclaims he should have made her get married but after seeing Preeta in the dress he decided to marry her so should have asked her, Prithvi replies that he wanted money but it was not the only reason, he accepts he loves Preeta and it is not from today but a long time ago, he exclaims they both are made for each other, Sherlin enters the house,

Anjali exclaims it is good she came as Prithvi still loves Preeta but she is the wife of Karan, Prithvi angrily demands that she should leave, he assures Sherlin that Anjali is lying and it is not the truth, Anjali says she is not going to leave and would not stay quiet, she threatens she can do really bad to him, as it is not difficult for her to hire the criminal Shamu after him, she leaves so Prithvi tries to assure he only loves Sherlin and has not done anything wrong, he tries calling her out but she doesn’t listen to him, Prithvi’s friend enters the house informing him that

Anjali caused his bike to fall and even broke the mirror, he demands money from Prithvi who replies that he never asked him to always roam around the girls as it is not nice, he keeps knocking on the door requesting Sherlin to open the door but she is just crying, he gets furious saying he would not let her sleep, he turning back exclaims that this world is really worse as one girl broke the bottle while the other has locked the room and the girl he loves the most has married someone else.

Shristhi after opening the door asks Preeta to see how well the room has been decorated, she mentions Preet would be thinking how did they manage it but they were able to do it when there was the drama in their house, Kritika hears someone coming when they both rush to the door informing that he has to pay tax in order to enter the room, Arjun is shocked wondering what are they doing, Kritika and Shristhi explain he has been married to Preeta Bhabhi so they both should get the money,

Kritika explains they even accept credit cards, Karan says this house and room belong to him so he would surely go inside, Kritika and Shristhi stop him, she explains Preeta di should request him since he always listens to her, Preeta asks him to give them both what they desire, Arjun agrees so after handing them the money rushes inside, without listening to what they have to say. Karan asks why Preeta was taking their side and he asks if they she does not want to meet him.

Shristhi and Kritika both are trying to her what is going inside the room, they both fall on the bed when Karan opens the door, he holds their ears when Mahesh also entering the room mentions they both should be glad they got the money, and leave. Kritika and Shristhi both are complaining to Mahesh who explains they must help him handle Rakhi jee as she is acting very strange manner, because she wants to celebrate the birthday of Karan.

Karan asks Preeta to listen to him, he asks if he can say one thing when Preeta replies he should say a lot of things since she has been waiting to hear him speak, he praises her for looking so beautiful, he asks if she even knows how much he missed her, she replies he did not miss her at all but Karan explains he has waited to see her like this and to be able to show his affection in this manner, Preeta starts to cry but he explains from now on wards there is only going to be love between them both, Preeta hugs Karan remembering their beautiful moments spent together, he slowly starts taking off her jewelry while she is just standing there and not even moving a bit,

Karan once again picks Preeta in his arms just like he did in the past, she is smiling staring at him. Karan starts showing affection to Preeta, they both are enjoying their time together while constantly thinking about the beautiful moments which they had with each other. Karan hears a knock on the door so goes to check it, he asks Kavya what is she doing here, kavya runs into the room explaining she wants to sleep with them both, Kavya explains she needs to sleep with the petals, Karan informs there are even thorns with it but now they are just petals,

Kavya asks Preeta to tell her a story but then she turns to Karan who gets tensed, he starts the story with a donkey however Kavya insists she wants to hear the story of kind and queen, Karan starts explaining that both the king and queen really love each other but then they are separated however when they meet once again their daughter always likes to sleep between them, kavya with a smile on her face asks why is he telling the story about her, Karan and Preeta start smiling with kavya, they all sleep together.

In the morning Karan is staring at Preeta while she is sleeping beside him, he is not able to think of anything ese while just remembering the memories he has of her, he acts as if he is asleep just as she wakes up but she notices him, they both hold hands over Kavya who is still asleep, she also slowly moves, Karan signals Preeta to come out with him but Kavya wakes up greeting them, she informs she really liked sleeping with Mr Handsome, she insists of sleeping with them like this, Karan is forced to agree to her.

Preeta rushes to open the door when she greets Bani Dadi, Karan also hugs her so Bani Dadi mentions she seems like a new daughter in law so would have to make a dessert, she asks Kavya to come with her as she would change her clothes. Bani Dadi advises Preet to make a pudding, Preeta says that she would go and get ready, Karan stops her explaining he would tell her in the ears, he kisses Preeta while acting as if he wants to talk with her, Preeta leaves replying he is really mischievous so she is not gong to get ready here anymore, Karan is smiling and thanks Bhagwan jee for once again giving him back his family and even Preeta.


Update Credit to: Sona

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