Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update

Arjun questions what sort of a brother is he as he tried to kill him just because he wanted to marry his brothers wife, he exclaims he does not care whatever happens in his life as it would be because of his own reasons Arjun sitting at the desk calls Vishnu to turn on the video as he wants to see it live, he hides behind the tree while the person starts driving the truck,

Rishab is standing in the middle of the road and the driver starts moving towards him, Arjun is constantly looking at the video, he is perplexed seeing Rishab standing in the middle of the road so rushes to the window before coming back, the truck hits Rishab who falls on the car, Arjun is not able to bear it so rushes out calling the name of Rishab.

Rishab after hitting the car falls onto the road, blood starts flowing from his head and a crowd gathers around him, Arjun rushing to him requests him to open his eyes, he scolds the people why are they standing since they have to call an ambulance, he exclaims his brother would die so even calls Anjali, the people help him when he sits in the car requesting him to open his eyes, he exclaims that he cannot do it to him as this cannot happen, he is constantly requesting Rishab to open his eyes and he can even scold him,

Anjali questions why is he talking like this because he wanted to kill Rishab, Arjun questions if she has gotten mad as he is his brother and he only told Vishnu to scare him and make sure he just receives a scratch. He recalls how he told Vishnu to make sure nothing happens to Rishab and he just gets scared, Vishnu replied that h has never taken such a job when Arjun replies he is giving him and would pay the remainder after the work ise done.

Rakhi standing in the hall suddenly feels shocked when Preeta rushes to help her and even Dadi stumbles, she explains that Rakhi is not feeling well. Preeta offers to call the doctor when Rakhi replies she should just call Rishab since she is really worried but then after a while Shristhi and Preeta both receive a text, she is stunned so rushes into the room,

Dadi questions Shristhi what has happened but she doesnot tell anything to them both.
Arjun sitting in the car asks the driver to be fast, Anjali replies she feels something is wrong since the cars have also stopped, Arjun walking ahead requests them to clear the path as his brother is injured, they inform him that there has also been an accident so they have been forced to wait,

Arjun rushes back to the car and picks Rishab on his shoulder while running in the rain, Anjali tries to stop him and exclaims that h really loves his brother and so how is he going to take his revenge from them.

Preeta walking into the hall turns on the news when she is able to find out that Rishab has met an accident and they are going to reveal the news, she rushes back to inform them when Mahesh also runs revealing the news, Rakhi is stunned when Preeta asks her to come.

Arjun rushing to the hospital calls the doctor to bring the stretcher, he asks the nurse to call the doctor but she asks him to first fill the form, Arjuna asks if she has gotten mad and he can fill the forms later, Arjun starts calling the doctor who arrives, the nurse explains she has been requesting him to fill the form,

Arjun in anger exclaims what is she talking about as he said that he is going to fill the form, he can do any formality which they want but for now they must start the treatment, he even threatens to find a lot of loopholes in their contracts which might cause them to demolish this hospital after which she can do whatever she feels like with this form, the doctor asks him to calm down since they are going to start the treatment.

Rishab is taken into the operation theater when Arjun standing in the hall finds the watch on the floor which he gifted to Rishab after wining the tournament, he is not able to bear it and so kneels outside the door crying his heart out, he is only thinking about the moments spent with Rishab when he gets the call from Vishnu, he informs the work has been completed so w where can they come to collect the money, Arjun asks them to come to the city hospital.

Sameer is also stuck in traffic when he wonders what has happened so decides to inform Preeta, he calls her advising she should take some other route since there is a lot of traffic on route thirty-three, she replies they are also stuck in traffic when he assures of coming. Shristhi also comes to the car when Mahesh asks what happened, she replies the traffic is really blocked and she does not know how they would be able to get out of it.

Vishnu along with his men has reached the hospital when they both are stunned to see Arjun walking towards them, Vishnu explains that he seems like a hero when he says that Arjun seems like a angry young man, Vishnu then gets tensed when Arjun starts hitting him, he requests him to stop since he only did what he was told but

Arjun explains he told him to just scare Rishab and not cause him to reach the operation theater, Vishnu exclaims this is enough and demands the money for his work but Arjun replies that he would never pay anything here and they try to stop him but Vishnu gets angry however Arjun warns him to pray that Rishab remains healthy otherwise he would die.

Arjun reaching the Mandir starts crying, he kneels in front of Ganpati and prays that he would never ask for such a wish ever again but he must make sure that Rishab becomes healthy, the nurse comes asking the other nurse to arrange the blood for Rishab since they are in dire need of it, the nurse informs they do not have any blood available and it is going to take a lot of time to arrange it from outside,

Arjun explains he can help them with it, the doctor requests him to calm down and arrange the blood if he wishes to help, Arjun explains they can take his blood as both he and Rishab have the same blood group, the nurse sends the ward boy with the blood, she advises Arjun to sit up slowly but he asks her to draw some more blood as he is fine and they themselves said he needs a lot of blood,

she tries to argue with him mentioning that she has drawn the blood to the permissible level, explaining he might get dizzy or even pass out if she draws any more blood but he says she must not worry about him and only care about Rishab as he is fighting for his life, she asks if Rishab knows how much he loves her but he replies he doesnot know it but she should take the blood, the nurse agrees to draw it while he is lying down on the bed.


Update Credit to: Sona

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