Kundali Bhagya 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update

Sundeep thinks he has messaged Prithvi but why is he not looking at his mobile, Preeta along with Shristhi and Sameer start to look at him from behind the boxes, Sundeep however is worried while looking at Prithvi, Sameer explains he is constantly looking in the front and is scared as if someone is coming, Shristhi explains that the master mind would be coming but she is not able to see anything, Sameer explains how he would go and look closer from the front, he then hides behind the boxes looking while Sundeep is coming.

Prithvi standing in front of the factory wonders if Sundeep left after waiting for him, he decides to call him but then realizes how he left his mobile in the car, so goes back to get it.

Sameer comes back to Shristhi exclaiming there is no one inside, Prithvi reaches the car while Preeta also tries to look from the window but is not able to see anyone, Shristhi is hiding with Sameer when they see Sundeep falling from the boxes, he then runs so Shristhi exclaims that she would have to record him because he was saying that he cannot walk but he is running a marathon, Sameer however mentions that the recording is just from behind but Preeta explains there is nothing to be worried about since she recorded him from every angle, Sameer exclaims they will show the video to the police as tomorrow is the court hearing.

Rishab is sitting in the cell when the police constable comes saying someone has come to meet him, Mahesh comes rushing to Rishab who also gets up in excitement, Rishab questions Mahesh about his health, Rishab takes the blessings of Dadi, who explains she brought Mahesh to meet him so that he is not worried about him, Mahesh explains that he only came because he wanted to show Rishab that he is actually fine, Dadi questions why is Rishab crying because they are fine, Rishab explains that he starts crying in front of Mahesh because he is his father and knows his real face even then he loves him the most so he cannot lie to Mahesh, Rishab then asks Mahesh to take care of himself because he means the most to him, and they will be together really soon, Dadi assures that it will happen as they all miss him a lot, Rishab explains he is really missing the halwa which she makes, Dadi asks him to come back when she will make it for him. the constable comes saying the tim for meeting has ended, Mahesh leaves with Bani Dadi after hugging Rishab.
Sherlin is in the room when she sees Prithvi, she then pulls him into the room, he questions what does she want as because of her he would have been caught, she asks what does he mean, prithvi explains he was about to get caught because of Preeta, her sister Shristhi and Sameer, Sherlin explains that she will always be there for him, but she is not able to help him, Kritika is better then her as she without knowing revealed the plan of Preeta and Karan, so he was able to threaten the doctor and ruin their plans when Sherlin only fights with him, Prithvi is about to leave, Sherlin stops him explaining he is really angry and frustrated at this moment so she might forgive him, Prithvi pushing her hand exclaims he is not frustrated but she is the one who is frustrated and knows exactly what he wants to do.

Sudeepa is waiting anxiously, Sundeep comes when she asks why did he call her in so urgency, he asks her to listen and not repeat it, he explains he wanted to be readmitted to the hospital, Sundeep then sits on the wheelchair, as they enter the hospital he starts crying holding his leg, when Sudeepa explains he wants to be readmitted to the hospital, the nurse exclaims he had discharged him self just today, but Sundeep explains that his leg start hurting as soon as he went back, the nurse explains he would even need the doctor but Sundeep exclaims he just wants to rest on the bed, Sundeep requests for the same room to which the nurse agrees, Sudeepa then takes Sundeep towards the room.

Preeta walks to the hospital with Shristhi and Sameer when they ask her why they are not going to the police station, Preeta rushes to the receptionist asking if she can tell them the address of Sundeep, the receptionist asks what she wants with his contact when he is already present in the hospital, hearing this Preeta gets stunned.

Sudeep stops taking Sundeep to the room questioning what is the urgency and how does he knows that those people belonged to the Luthra family, he explains who could it be, Sudeepa explains how she feels Prithvi doesnot want to give him the money and is just using him to meet his own agenda, so send someone to kill him, Sundeep however explains he will call Prithvi after reaching the room as he knows that Prithvi is not the mastermind without his help, he warns her to not use her mind as she doesnot know what is happening.

Preeta in a state of distress asks if the nurse is sure Sundeep is still present in the hospital, the receptionist assures he is in the same room, Preeta turns when the nurse stops her mentioning she forgot to tell her that he just got readmitted today, she is not able to contact his doctor so can Preeta check him as he is complaining about severe leg pain, Preeta agrees without hesitation.
Shristhi while walking with Preeta questions why she did not go to the police station, Preeta explains that if they went with this proof then would only be able to save Rishab but not be able to find the person who the actual mastermind is, she now feels they should find the actual person as he would keep plotting against Rishab.

Rakhi sitting in the Mandir recalls how she scolded Preeta for not being able to save Rishab, Rakhi explains she is just like the usual mother in laws who treat their daughters with hatred, she scolded the child who always calls her as Maa, but she is wrong so starts crying, Pihu places her hand over Rakhi’s shoulder questioning why is she crying, Rakhi explains she scolded Preeta when she was not wrong, Pihu advises Rakhi to not apologize to Bhagwan but her mother as this way her mother would not know anything, Rakhi agrees to apologize to Preeta.

Preeta enters the room when Sundeep is with Sudeepa in the room, he questions what are they doing here when Preeta responds they know he is just lying and is healthy, he tries to deny it all when Shristhi in anger exclaims she would show him how it feels when the leg is injured but Preeta stops her questioning Sundeep, she asks him to reveal the name of the person with whom he is working as she knows that he is fine, Sundeep mentions they are mistaken when Preeta explains she is aware he can walk and even run, Sundeep thinks this means they were following him, Preeta shows him the mobile in which she has a recording of him walking in the factory, Sundeep is shocked to see the video, Preeta threatens him to join hands with them, revealing the identity of the mastermind otherwise she would have him send to jail for wrongly framing Rishab jee.

Precap: Preeta asks for the name promising to save Sundeep, he reveals the name of Prithvi mentioning he wants to ruin Rishab from all sides, Prithvi apologizes to Mahesh for disturbing him explaining how he needs his signatures on some papers, Mahesh signs them, Prithvi smiles.

Update Credit to: Sona

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