Kundali Bhagya 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kritika and Shristhi both hit each other on the heads, Kritika apologizes explaining she was just trying to see how it would look, Garesh questions what do they have to do, Shristhi explains that she feels this design would look good, Bani Dadi coming explains tomorrow is the birthday of Karna so they are going to celebrate it as they are the Luthra’s so would not be intimidated by anyone, Shristhi and Kritika advise her to calm down, Garesh also suggests but gets tensed seeing how they all are staring at him, Kritika and Shristhi both praise him for his joy seeing which Garesh starts smiling. Dadi mentions she is glad to have such a nice family as they both always tend to cheer her up, she exclaims that she would always do these things to cheer them.

Karan is really tensed and asks the lawyer is there any solution to this problem, the lawyer replies they cannot do anything because Arjun signed the papers when they first started working with Nidhi, Rishab replies that Mahesh should not scold Karan since he made a mistake but they cannot change it, Karan replies he did not know he was Karan at that time and he has not even told Preeta he got engaged to Nidhi, Mahesh questions if there is anything left to inform them, Rishab once again defends him but Mahesh replies this is why he makes such mistakes in the business, Karan replies that Mahesh never thought he could do well in business, Mahesh asks if he did anything good, Rishab once again asks the lawyer if there is anything they can do for this problem, the lawyer replies that Nidhi can surely throw them out of this property, Karan is sure that Nidhi would oust them, he explains because she is the sister of Anjali and a very possessive women who would surely take her revenge, Mahesh is still furious when Karan goes to hug him with a smile on his face.
Rakhi is sitting on the couch when Preeta comes asking what is she doing, Rakhi is not able to hear her so asks what does she desire, Preeta realizes she is wearing headphones and so Preeta takes them off, Rakhi starts smiling mentioning she got really excited, she asks what would Preeta wear tomorrow, Preeta is tensed which Rakhi notices so asks the reason, Preeta replies because of what Anjali said since she created a scene today in their house because of her obsession with Karan and Karina bua is surely going to blame her. Karina coming to them explains she is not going to scold her today, Preeta is tensed when Karina informs, she is not an unreasonable woman and only scolds her when she makes a mistake, but this time Anjali is at fault so why would she scold her, Rakhi calls Karina who requests Rakhi to not cry after being emotional as she is just practical. Preeta replies because they only have these emotions, she holding the hand of Karina explains she is sure they all would always remain happy if they are together, Karina agrees with her, she asks Preeta to let it go since tomorrow is the birthday of Karan after he returned, she warns Preeta she would scold them both if there is any mistake tomorrow, however she once again asks why is Preeta so scared of her, Karina starts smiling.

In the morning Preeta enters the room with the Thali while both Karna and Kavya are sleeping, she notices that Karan is getting a bit irritated so Preeta walks to the window and starts removing the curtains, she recalls the moments she spent with him, how they would enjoy their time together, Karan wakes up while Preeta is still swinging the curtains, he hits Preeta who gets shocked asking when did he wake up, Karan replies he was sleeping peacefully but woke up when she started irritating him, Preeta apologizes however Karna informs today he wants a gift form her for his birthday, Preeta says she is coming from the Mandir, Kara explains he wants a kiss hearing which she gets shocked, Karna informs that their relation is not a new one, Preeta finally agrees but Karan says he wants the kiss in his birthday party in front of the guests, Preeta says he can only have it right now, Karan replies that she would only give it to him at the party, Kavya wakes up asking what is her mother supposed to give him, Karan walks over to her informing Preeta has to give a kiss, she gets shocked asking him to stop but he informs she has to give Kavya a kiss but since she was sleeping he stopped her but now her mother can give her the kiss, Kavya starts smiling. Karan standing explains he is going to take a shower while Preeta should always remember what he wants as the gift, Kavya also leaves to take a shower, Preeta gets confused wondering how she would fulfill his wish.

The entire Luthra family is preparing for the party, Rishab throws something at Sameer, but he falls on the couch, Shristhi manages to dodge it, she questions Rishab who blames it on Sameer, he starts arguing with Shristhi. Karina defends Shristhi scolding Sameer for not working even when there is a lot of work pending, Shristhi asks what would have happened if she got hurt as she had to go and bring Dadi to the party. Sameer explains he did not do anything, Karan also blames Rishab and throws the ball but Rishab ducks down so Preeta also falls on the couch, Rishab starts smiling helping her stand, he apologizes to her. Rakhi scolds them all defending her daughter in law but Mahesh is sure that his sons can not do anything of the sort.

Kavya comes running wishing Karan Happy birthday, she shows him the card that she made, and it depicts him playing cricket, Karan asks Preeta if she remembers what he desires as gift from her in the party, she asks him to get back, Karan once again falls without seeing, they all start laughing.

Kritika while entering the party hits Sameer, he questions what is this, then she replies he should only be beaten because this is what he deserves, Rishab starts greeting the guests so Sameer explains he is glad they all have trusted him and came to this party, Rishab replies they trust him because he personally invited everyone and they are only their close friends who also know Karan.

Karan steps down the stairs, they all wish him and even hug Karan, he is smiling and so walks to Preeta who also wishes him Happy Birthday, she quickly kisses him and runs with a smile on her face, he stops her explaining that she cheated, Preeta replies he is talking when he used to do the same, Preeta explains that he made her promise to give him a kiss in the party but he did not specify when she should do it, Karan asks her to dance but she refuses explaining there are a lot of guests however he explains he is not requesting but ordering her.

Karan and Preeta both take the stage and start their performance, the entire family is looking at them as they both smile while dancing with each other, everyone is really enjoying the party while also seeing the dance. They both start remembering their past memories where they would also enjoy like this, Preeta and Karan both have a smile on their face.


Update Credit to: Sona

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