Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rakhi mentions Preeta has taken the right decision to marry Arjun, she vows to stand by Preeta revealing she has taken it after due consideration and their fate had done it a long time ago, Rakhi informs that Preeta was already the wife of Karan however they are going to get married. Rakhi questions if Rishab remembers why she got him married to Preeta is because Kavya should get the love of a father but now that Karan has returned, she will get married.

Rishab explains that Preeta has only agreed to marry because she fears of what might happen to them if their house is taken away from them, but it is not the case since he is not Karan. Rakhi angrily replies this wedding is going to happen and she will see who tries to stop it. Karina questions why she is talking like this and should know that Rishab is also her son. Rakhi leaves with Preeta.

Rishab sits down on the bed in shock when he asks Karina bua what has happened to mom, Karina explains that she is just worried about their mother because Rishab’s grandfather build this house, Rishab inquires if she trusts him then should believe he will surely find out a way to solve this problem. Karina mentions that he must know that sometimes if things are not going according to their plan then should leave it all on the Bhagya as it surely happens.

Anjali is really worried while driving the car and recalls when Preeta agreed to marry Arjun, he also informed that he is the husband of Preeta, he has realized that Rishab and Preeta never had the relation of a husband and wife. Anjali thinks if she had any idea that Arjun would propose to Preeta after they takeover the Luthra Mansion then she would never has instigated him.

Rkahi enters with Preeta in the room mentioning she feels they both are doing the right thing but is worried why no one from the family is supporting them, Preeta replies because if he is Karan then why is he not revealing the truth since they know he was not able to live without them. Preeta wonders if he lost his memory after the accident, Rakhi replies this is what would have happened, Preeta informs tis is why they are trying to prove the truth. Rakhi gets emotional explaining that even if she had a daughter, she feels they would not have been able to do what Preeta does as she has always stood by them in every turmoil. Preeta replies the entire family would have to believe her. Rakhi hugs her.

Prithvi in shock asks Mohan if he is sure of the news, threatening to kill him if it is false when Mohan says how could he tell him this news if he had not heard it with his own eyes, Prithvi is really confused wondering how did Rishab agree to let Preeta marry him and even Rakhi allowed it, Prithvi realizes because Arjun acted that he is Karan so they were made a fool, Prithvi wonders how did Preeta agree to marry him. Mohan mentions he brought such a bi news so what is going to be his payment when Prithvi angrily replies he will not give him even a single penny until the news is proven true, Prithvi leaves.

In the night Preeta requests Shristhi to not ask such questions from her because she felt the need to express it so she agreed to the marriage, Shristhi replies they both are being emotional and the handwriting can be tampered with, he might be trying to make them believe it. Preeta asks if she doesn’t feel the entire family thought about it from the first day they met Arjun, she is sure that he is Karan. Anjali following arjun questions what the need is to marry Preeta for the house, she advises they should cancel it.

Shristhi explains that she felt he is Karan but if it is the truth then why is he not revealing the truth about his identity, she says there is still one percent chance that he is not Karan. Preeta replies but it proves he is Karan then why is he hiding the truth from her. Preeta gets a call from arjun, Shristhi requests her to keep the phone on loudspeaker.

Arjun calls Preeta when Anjali thinks he should refuse the marriage, Arjun says Preeta knows they are going to get married within two or three days, meaning he is going to meet with the Pandit jee and find out the date on which they could be married, he asks her to go and take a divorce from Rishab, and even complete the rest of the formalities.

Arjun smiles asking Anjali to call the designer as he needs new clothes.

Rishab is really tensed, Preeta explains she knows he has a lot of questions and might even be feeling hurt but she doesn’t have the answers to all of his questions, but she just wants to explain that she said it all to Karan. Rishab replies he has never asked for an explanation because he knows that she always makes calculated decisions, Rishab replies he is a little sad, Preeta mentions and it is because of her actions, she knows that she should not have taken the decision without consulting him. Rishab explains Karina bua said that when they are not able to find any suitable way, everything should be left on Bhagya. Rishab explains she should leave all the legal formalities on him and he is going to go and meet the judge.

Karina is in the room when Kritika comes explaining she has come back, she asks Kritika how was her trip when Kritika mentions it would have been better if her best friend was by her side. Kritika notices she is tensed so asks the reason when Karina informs a lot has happened in the house and she starts revealing the entire truth, Kritika mentions this means the house belongs to Arjun and he has placed this condition in front of Bhabhi, Karina replies Preeta has even accepted it, Kritika is shocked asking what about Rakhi aunt, Karina says she is trying to prove that Arjun is actually Karan because he has the same birth mark on his body, Prithvi thinks they both are really idiots if they think he is Karan because of the birthmark.

Preeta and Shristhi are sitting when Rakhi comes explaining Rishab has told him the entire truth so she feels it is the right decision but there are certain things which she wants to clear in front of everyone. Rakhi asks Preeta to sit down and Rishab also joins them. Rakhi reveals when they both were married it was not under normal circumstance, they both are well aware of the reason. Rakhi asks Rishab if he remembers how Prithvi was pursuing Preeta, so they got scared for her safety and wanted to protect Preeta from everyone, so he married her for her self-respect.

Rishab is really emotional, Rakhi thanks him for accepting their decision, she reveals she tried a lot to bring them closer and they accept their relation as husband and wife but it did not happen because Preeta just loved Karan and he had utmost respect for Preeta, which is why they both remained friends and now he has returned. Rakhi mentions she thinks everything is happening because of Bhagwan and they have to go to the court for their divorce, Preeta once again gets the love which she longed for so many years. Rakhi exclaims even he wants the same thing, Rishab agrees when Rakhi reveals they would go to the court for the divorce.

Precap: Shristhi asks Arjun why does he want to marry her sister, Arjun asks if she does not know it when Shristhi says she wants to hear it from him, Arjun explains because he wants to attain all those things that belong to Rishab.

Update Credit to: Sona

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