Kundali Bhagya 26th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Kritika wonders why is mami jee doing this, she explains Bhabhi is giving such a big sacrifice for their family but even then Mami is doing, she feels someone is standing in the window but asks Karina what are the proofs which Mami said she has, Karina replies Bhabhi saw the birthmark and then the video, Karina exclaims they should not talk about it, because Bhabhi really misses him so wants to see him in everyone but she also really loved him and if Arjun was actually Karan would have she not recognized him, Kritika consoles Karina.

In the morning the judge asks if they are saying their marriage is not a normal one, Rishab informs their marriage happened to give Kavya the love of a father, he reveals Preeta was the wife of his younger brother but his brother suffered an accident so he married her but no Karan has returned. The judge explains if the divorce never happened between his wife and his brother then this wedding is void, Rishab replies even it was all just because of the need of that time, he wanted to protect his family and secure their relations, he thought it was right and now thinks this is the right thing, the judge once again informs in that case their marriage is void but Rishab insists on doing the paperwork since their system believes in it, the judge places the documents in front of Rishab who after looking at Preeta signs it, he is really tensed and staring down on the table. Shristhi consoles Preeta who also looks to Rishab, Mahesh not being able to bear it turns away, Preeta finally picks the pen to sign on the divorce papers, which the peon hands to the judge who stamps to complete it. Rishab looks at Preeta who is crying, the judge reveals their divorce has been granted, the entire Luthra family is emotional and crying.

Arjun is anxiously waiting for the call when his manager reveals their wedding was not according to law but even then they have gotten the divorce, Arjun requests Dadi to call the Pandit jee, Anjali in shock asks if the divorce has happened, Arjun smiles when taking the phone requests the Pandit jee to come to that address which he is going to text, he even asks Anjali to come but she explains she has some work to complete.

Anjali enters her room while crying, she sits down on the bed constantly thinking about the beautiful moments spent with Arjun, and how he was always there to take care of her, she is not able to control herself so rushes to lie down on the bed while constantly crying, Anjali thinks when Arjun refused to let her go back to London informing he always needs her support, but now is saying he and Preeta both have to fulfill this relation. Anjali picks the phone of Priyanka, who is shocked to hear Anjali crying, she tries to ask the reason but when Anjali does not reply she agrees to come to the house.

Mohan opens the door when Arjun asks if Preeta and Rishab came back, Dadi instructs Mohan to go and prepare tea for them, Mohan is shocked when Dadi informs that arjun is the new owner of this house and so they should prepare tea for them. Mahesh enters with the rest of the family, he inquires Arjun what are they doing here, Rakhi walks over to him asking when did he come. Dadi explains had they known they all would come back so quickly, she would have asked Mohan to prepare tea for them all. Preeta explains she will bring tea for them all. Dadi informs they have taken a very good day for the wedding, Mahesh questions what is the need for this drama. Rakhi questions why is he talking like this, Mahesh replies he is not doing anything wrong.

Preeta while walking away hits Arjun’s hand, they both start staring each other when Arjun thinks of how they both would interact in the house, and he would try to tease Preeta, he even helped her when she was about to get into an accident. Preeta leaves after getting emotional. Shristhi notices Preeta is tensed, so walks to Arjun mentioning he wants to talk with him, he agrees to listen but Shristhi explains she would want to talk with him in private.

Rakhi leaves to bring the Kundali of Preeta, Mahesh tries to stop her but Rishab instructs him to not listen, Mahesh taking him to the corner asks why is he doing all this and is able to stay calm, Rishab asks if Mahesh really thinks he is calm because he cannot impose his feelings on Preeta and they both are the most important people in his life, which is why he cannot refuse them. Sameer inquires if he is fine with the marriage of Preeta and Arjun, Rishab explains for him the meaning of marriage is to be respectful, but he has understood to let it go, since if they are very stubborn with relations they tend to break. Rishab informs he has complete trust in Preeta je which is why he always supports her so they should let her do what she desires.

Anjali is crying on the bed when Priyanka comes questioning what has happened, Anjali informs everything is wrong since Arjun is going to marry Preeta, Priyanka explains he was about to marry her sister, Anjali explains it was right but she cannot watch him marry anyone else as she loves him a lot, Priyanka requests her to calm down but Anjali asks if he is not able to see her love for him and she doesn’t want to lose him, which would happen if he marries Preeta.

Prithvi hearing this consoles her, walking into the room he offers a napkin to her but Anjali angrily throws it away, she questions what is he doing here when Prithvi informs he came here to help her, since only he can make her get Arjun but she has to agree to give him money, Anjali warns him to leave but he explains he just wants her to listen since they both can get what they desire, however Anjali pushes him away.

Shristhi questions Arjun why does he want to marry Preeta, arjuna asks if she does not know when Shristhi mentions she wants to hear from his mouth because he has already taken over their house, Arjun reveals he wants all those things that belong to Rishab, Shristhi asks what is his problem with Rishab because he helps their family while on the other side is doing all these things, Arjun assures she would be able to find out the truth very soon but Shristhi replies he must know that Preeta is just marrying him because of their family and Arjun should know that Preeta is the wife of Rishab.

Shristhi turns to leave when Arjun mentions she can also learn to call him Jjju, Shristhi angrily explains she only called Karan as jiju which is why she only calls Rishab as jij and if Arjun thinks she would call him by that name, Arjun explains she can call him from the day after tomorrow, Shristhi asks if he has already got to know about the auspicious day, Arjun replies that he knows because one of his employee is also getting married on that day, Shristhi should therefor learn to call him as jiju, he walks away advising her to remain calm.

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