Kundali Bhagya 27th March 2023 Written Episode Update

he bus reaches the stop, the conductor announces that the bus would stop for half an hour so anyone can do whatever they desire, Rajveer after getting of the bus asks Preeta to go ahead while he will come back after attending the bathroom. Shaurya also reaches the same hotel with his friends and asks them if they would surely get beer at this hotel, his friends assure they will find it when Shaurya explains he did not like the outlook of this hotel so will not go inside.

Nidhi is in her room when Rakhi calls her standing at the door, she says that she has heard whatever Nidhi was talking with Shaurya, Nidhi replies she knows Rakhi heard everything when Rakhi says she would be happy to hear when Shaurya said he loves her more then his biological mother. Rakhi explains Nidhi could have at least told him there would have been a reason due to which his mother left him otherwise no mother would leave her children, this is exactly what happened with Preeta because she has died and not alive anymore,

Rakhi explains this is why Shaurya was left alone and so Nidhi raised him, she explains that when Shaurya only listens to her then she has the right to advise him. Nidhi walking in front of her says they would once and for all talk what problem does Rakhi have with her, and why does she get jealous to hear that Shaurya calls her as mother and only listen to her, Nidhi questions why is she so jealous,

Rakhi explains Nidhi is living a lie, does she think Shaurya loves her because she cares for her but the real reason si that he knows his mother would always support her no matter his actions. Rakhi explains they do not listen to him which is why he doensot think good of them, Rakhi mentions they during his childhood thought what if he thinks she only loves him because she is his step mother, Rakhi suggests she is a an elder and should have taught him to have some manners,

Nidhi says she spoke a very good monologue, but Rakhi has surely gotten mental, she replies she is glad Preeta gave birth to Shaurya but for the past twenty years she has raised him and even accepted his ever wrong desire, Nidhi explains she really loves Shaurya and he also only loves her the most in this world, she demands Rakhi should finally stop telling her how to raise her own son.

Nidhi leaves the room, Rakhi angrily sits down and starts crying, thinking she desires she could tell Karan the truth about what is going on in this house, but Karan will think that she is saying bad things about his wife. Rakhi thinks if she cannot do anything then Karan would surely do something for it otherwise her son will be ruined.

Karan is in the office, he recalls when he argued with Rishab questioning why is he constantly talking about Preeta, and then Rishab said he meant their mother would be really proud to see him achieve so much in his life, the manager comes mentioning he brought the file which Karan asked for, he says that the manager should send Preeta inside when the manager replies there is no girl in this office by that name,

Karan says he asked him to send Prena inside and not Preeta, the manager turns to leave but Karan stops him apologizing for whatever has happened in this house, he once again requests him to not say anything about it to Rishab and even take the file away as he would read it later, the manager picking the file thinks that Karan sir really misses his wife.

Preeta is taking a water bottle at the shop when she turns to see Rajveer washing his hands, she starts walking to find him. Shaurya sitting in the car explains he is getting really bored and wonders where is Sandy so he leaves to find her.

Shaurya while waking bumps into Preeta and his phone falls, he tries to argue with her but stops seeing her smiling face, Shaurya then kneels to pick it, Preeta feels as if he is taking her blessing and so gives him her blessing, Shaurya wonders why does he feel a strange connection with this woman as it is really wired, Sandy reaches the car and then calls Shaurya who turns to leave, Rajveer also starts walking towards Preeta, who advises Shaurya to take care of the things which he holds dear as sometimes they are not able to get them back.

Rajveer reaching Preeta asks why did she come here and he searched for her in the entire hotel, Preeta informs him that she met a boy and felt as if she had known him for so many years and is very close to her heart so she felt as if he is her relative. Shaurya after reaching his car makes a triangle from his arm and starts seeing Preeta with it, Sandy asks what is he looking at but Shaurya says he was just looking at someone.

Preeta once again explains that she felt the person was her son just like Rajveer is the son of Shristhi, she points to Shaurya who is leaving when Rajveer thinks Preeta would have felt the presence of her other son who is also in this city. He asks her to go and sit in the bus while he will bring the tea for her.

Shaurya is driving the car when he asks Sandy how long would it take for them to reach the farmhouse, Sandy says the map is showing one and half hour to which Shaurya mentions that he is himself driving and so would surely reach the farmhouse within thirty minutes.

Preeta while sitting in the bus starts looking at the mountains and explains they are really high, so even a small mistake of the driver would cause an accident, she mentions she is even feeling like vomiting. Rajveer asks her to forget about everything and take her medicine, she explains he is really caring du to which she feels he is more like her then Shristhi, as he is not very bold like his mother.

Shaurya tries to overtake the bus but is not able to do it, he gets frustrated and finally manages to get ahead of the bus, Shaurya vows to not let the bus pass as he also did not give them the way to come ahead, the bus drivers starts trying his best but is not successful, Shaurya meanwhile is still driving ahead of the bus.


Update Credit to: Sona

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