Kundali Bhagya 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Preeta shows Karan the message in which it says that she should come to pick up Pihu, karan replies she should have read it carefully as it says the party has ended a lot time ago and she should come to pick Pihu up, Mahesh questions what is the problem as she should call her once again, Sonakshi tries to create a scene by exclaiming then Pihu would be waiting outside the house, however Preeta replies why would she be waiting outside as Roma would have arranged the party in the house, Preeta tries calling her when Sonakshi quickly manages to end the call, Karan himself dials her contact, Roma immediately asks if Pihu has reached back home, Preeta in panic questions how is this possible, Sonakshi jumps in exclaiming she is the mother of Pihu how could have she let her go like this, Preeta replies she told her that she will herself come to pick Pihu otherwise she should not let her leave, then how did she let her go, Roma replies that she came to pick Pihu however Preeta says that she did not come to pick her, just then Preeta gets a call from a contact, she answering it immediately asks the person who is on the other end of the caller, she asks him if their has been any misunderstanding and where is Pihu, the person exclaims they will only talk with Karan and she should give the phone to him.

Karan also asks where Pihu and they is should give him the address when the person replies they only give the instructions, he has sent the photo which will prove that Pihu is fine. Preeta rushes to the front door where she picks the parcel, Karan questions the person to hand him his daughter when Preeta immediately shouts, the kidnapper asks Karan to go and see as she knows where is Pihu, Rakhi also is shocked after she takes the photo showing everyone how Pihu is sitting on the chair, Preeta shows Karan who warns the kidnapper to give him his daughter, he replies that he does everything for the sake of money and will call karan after some time with the price which they will have to pay, Karan starts shouting however he ends the call, Preeta also requests him to do anything they ask, the entire family is shocked. Preeta exclaims they can give any amount as Pihu is really young, Karan assures he will bring her back, Karina blames Preeta saying it is her fault, Dadi also questions why did Preeta not go on time, Rakhi even exclaims that she should have gone, Mahesh questions what are they doing as it is not the right time to blame Preeta, Sonakshi also tries to blame Preeta when Karan yells at her demanding that she should shut up, Karina even leaves exclaiming thy can do whatever they desire but Pihu should be present in this house.

Karan calls his friend Vinod requesting him for his help as he is expert in the kidnapping cases, Vinod asks who the family is, Karan replies she is his daughter, and it should all be off the records.

Sonakshi enters her room crying when Sherlin comes in assuring Sonakshi that everything would be fine however Sherlin slaps her saying she should never try to play any mind games with her because she knows that Sonakshi did something with the mobile of Preeta, she assures that now the Luthra family would throw her out of the house because she is not even worthy to be a mother, as she herself got her daughter kidnapped, Sherlin turns to leave when Sonakshi stops her, Sherlin says that she has a lot of faces and is feeling she should praise Sonakshi, had she done anything with her daughter she would have been angry but Sonakshi did it to her own daughter, she doesnot even have any feelings for her so why should Sherlin care, she will now always stand by Sonakshi, they will make sure the Luthra family really scolds Preeta not being able to take care of Pihu and even humiliates her, Sonakshi is amazed by Sherlin exclaiming she never thought she would be like this, Sonakshi receives a text from her father, Sherlin questions if she would even today go using the washroom, Sonakshi replies she has no other way.

Shristhi in her house asks Sarla to give her the food since she is really hungry, she then receives a text from Sameer asking if she can come to their house without telling Sarla, Shristhi reading the text immediately leaves.

The entire Luthra family is waiting for Vinod, Preeta asks Karan to call him asking why is it taking him so much time, Vinod enters asking Karan how did it all happen, Preeta explains that she took Pihu to the birthday party of her friend and then when it was time to pick her up she got the message that Pihu has been kidnapped, Vinod introduces his entire team to the Luthra family.

Vinod asks if there is any table where they can set the equipment, Vinod asks if they are sure that every camera of the house is working, he assures he would inform how they will do everything as they even have a call tracing machine as when the kidnapper will call them to demand the ransom is when it would be easy for them, and he asks Karan to be ready as the media would come to his house any time soon, Karan questions who informed them as he is not the police while the Luthra family has not revealed anything, Vinod explains that he is a special agent, they all know that media has their sources.

Pihu sitting in the chair exclaims she wants to go back to her mother. The kidnapper is really glad to see Simmi doll arriving so asks her to calm down Pihu, she instead slaps the person, the women lift her veil, it is actually Sonakshi.

Vinod asks the entire Luthra family to reveal any small detail which they find suspicious, he asks Preeta if she saw anyone when she went to drop Pihu as if she was suspicio0us of anyone, he then asks Ashok to bring all the CCTV footage from the location where Preeta dropped Pihu, Ashok agrees to call his friend, Vinod requests Preeta to give him the address, he also asks Ashish to check all the footage from one Km near the house of Roma, Rakhi falls down after being unconscious, she assures that she is fine, Preeta leaves asking Sherlin to bring some water for her, Karina asks both Karan and Sameer to help the kidnappers.

Sonakshi asks Rajeev why he called her here just because she was not eating, Rajeev warns her to never slap him again as she herself told them to take good care of her daughter but she was not eating anything then they called her, Sonakshi asks Simmi to go and give her a chocolate after which she will eat, she asks Vin if he is sure they would not be able to understand their voice, he assures they will not be able to realize the voice but will only judge it is a girl. Sonakshi exclaims she will go and ask for ransom as this would prove Preeta is not a good mother.

Mahesh asks Preeta what has happened, she rep[lies she knew that the Blood pressure of Rakhi has gotten low, Sherlin brings the water however Rakhi refuses to have anything only demanding that Preeta bring back Pihu, she wonders how could have she made such a big mistake otherwise nothing would have happened, Sherlin also starts scolding Preeta exclaiming it is really her fault but does she really think that their pain would be any lower after what she has done.

Precap: Karan threatens to break their hands if they even try to harm his daughter, Sonakshi asks why did it take so much time for them to answer the call, Preeta assures they can give anything for their daughter, Sonakshi reveals the price of Pihu is twenty million, she assures Rajeev they will get their money, Sherlin is standing at the location, Sonakshi in shock questions what is she doing here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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