Kundali Bhagya 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Preeta says anyone who wants to live in this house would have to live as per her rules and if anyone wants to not follow them then can leave this house, infact at the present moment, she would count to three and anyone who has a problem can leave, she counts to three exclaiming that they made the right decision and now it means they all accept Preeta Karan Luthra as the owner of the house and has even accepted to live according to her rules, she exclaims she needs to rest and then asks Ganesh to make sure she gets the biggest room in the house and knows that Prithvi has taken control of it, she asks for the direction so Natasha mentions that it is on that side, Preeta questions who is she since Preeta has been noticing her for a long time, Natasha replies she is the sister of Sherlin, Preeta prays that she should not be like her sister.

Preeta once again demands the biggest room which is of Prithvi, she then exclaims she would move into the room tomorrow since now it would be unorganized with things which she doesnot prefer, she then orders Ganesh to call the professionals and have them disinfect the room while also sanitizing them, she meanwhile would take the next best room which belongs to Karan Luthra, Prithvi tries to stop her, she says if he doesnot agree then should leave the house, she asks if she should count to three, Preeta says that the pone who has made Karan drink so much would take care of him, Natasha tries to step forward but is stopped by Sherlin.
Preeta enters the room of Karan, she thinks how they both would spend the nights in the room when once she asked him to look how beautiful the sky is looking but he exclaimed he is just looking at her, she also thinks how she would try to close the window but he would stop her, Preeta thinks she desires to tell Karan how much she loves him, the injuries that she faced in these two years were filled by just the one thing which he said to her, she also desires to express her feelings to her.

Sameer helps Karan lie down on the bed, Karina wonders what has happened that Karan started to drink so much, Natasha exclaims whatever happens is for the good because if Karan was not under the influence, he would have seen the true face of Preeta so who knows how hurt he would have felt, they all must be thankful to the person who made him drink, she corrects herself, Kritika questions how long would it go like this since he would eventually find out the truth, Natasha explains that they would come out from it tomorrow but when karan will face it, all of them would be able to help him, Kritika exclaims that she feels they would not be able to do anything when Karina mentions that she is really clever, Dadi also blames her for being clever as she came back with a purpose of taking their money.

Natasha questions what is Sameer thinking, he exclaims that he feels whatever happened for the right cause since Preeta is better then Prithvi, Natasha says that she knows that Preeta was their sister in law, Sameer replies she still is, Natasha says and she knows that he really liked her but she feels that those who are clever can never be good at heart, she says she is going to leave, Karina stopping her wishes her happy birthday, Kritika and Dadi also wish her who says that they were not able to celebrate her birthday because of Preeta, Natasha exclaims that she has no tension because her birthday became good after being with them. Kritika exclaims that she is really nice, karina mentions that she is the sister of Sherlin, Karina is worried how Mahesh would react since he really cared for Preeta but would be really worried if he finds out that she took over everything, Kritika mentions she is really tesned what is going on with their life.

Ganesh is cleaning the room, Prithvi coming to the room questions what is he doing, he says he is cleaning when Prithvi orders him to leave, he exclaims he needs to calm down since Preeta has come to throw him out of the Luthra house but he will not only live here but also rule everything.

Preeta picking the photo of Mahesh and Rakhi exclaims she is his daughter and only came back because he called her, she exclaims that she loves him a lot so cannot refuse to accept his order, now that she has come back she promises him to make sure the family comes back together, she will once again get him the same position which he once had in this house and would also prove that her father is not mental and is perfectly healthy, she would bring the Kundali Bhagya of the house which has been lost, she cleans the photo and places it on the table.

Natasha enters the room when Sherlin questions where she was, she replies she was not making any video but helped his family put him to sleep, Sherlin questions if this was the reason they brought her here but she came to get close with karan so they both get married and get whatever they desire, after which they will go their separate ways, Natasha asks her to put her in the room with Dadi as she would do whatever Sherlin desires, she however explains Preeta is really clever and not like Natasha, when she advises they can place a camera but Sherlin questions how would it benefit them, Natasha says that Sherlin doesnot want to believe anything, she threatens to throw Natasha out of the house, Sherlin warns her to not get in the way of Preeta because whenever she would believe she has won the game, Preeta will come back even stronger and ruin everything, Natasha mentions just like today when she came back even stronger, Sherlin accepts they made a mistake since they thought that she has gone away from their life but she came back, Natasha questions what does she desire from them, Sherlin mentions she wants her to wait for their orders and not do anything by herself, Natasha agrees saying that Sherlin made the mistake of thinking low about Preeta but she should also not consider Natasha to be weak.

Preeta is walking thinking since now everyone would be asleep, she can go to meet Mahesh, Rakhi stops her mentioning that she knows Preeta is the same old girl, she cannot end any thought which she has regarding Preeta but just wants to say that she will always stand beside her, she can tell her anything which will remain a secret between them both, Preeta questions what is she trying to say, Rakhi exclaims she is her mother and cannot believe what is going on because Preeta is trying to show a face which she will never accept, Preeta asks why is she not believing that she is the owner of this house, Rakhi replies she is not talking about them but her changed behaviour, because her Preeta was always worried about taking care about the family but what she is saying now that she married Karan for the sake of money, she knows Preeta was never like that and she even lied when she said she formed the relation with Mahesh for the sake of money, Rakhi is adamant that it was all just a false statement, Preeta gets worried.


Update Credit to: Sona

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