Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2022 Written Episode Update

Samer is sleeping when he wakes up after getting scared, karan asks him to not be worried since he has come here to the room revealing a very good news, Sameer asks if he listened to his advice, Karan reveals that he accepted it, Sameer is shocked that he apologized so questions him, Sameer asks how did he apologize, karan replies it was really ordinary since he said she should accept him just the way he is and nothing more, Sameer asks if Bhabhi listened to him, Karan mentions that she indeed accepted it. Sameer questions if he has any problem that she is the owner of this house, karan mentions why would he have any problem when it is the money of the family, even Maa is happy with the way she is handling the business, Sameer hugs karan exclaiming he loves him, however karan asks him to get away and be formal.

Bi jee is with Janki packing the Gujia when she asks if they are enough otherwise, she would make some more, Bi jee replies that they are enough because people now days do not eat a lot of sweets, Janki exclaims that the Luthra’s are always ready to eat the sweets and Mahesh jee who likes them a lot, Shristhi exclaims she has to talk with Preeta di, she tries to dial it when both Janki and Bi jee also offer to talk with her since Shristhi doesnot give them her mobile, Preeta answers the call asking Shristhi to not tell her what is made in the house, Shristhi questions Bi jee if she told Preeta when she mentions since she is the elder of this house then has the right to tell the secret, Preeta informs even Janki aunti talked with her on the phone, Shristhi questions what are they doing since they already talked with Preeta but still want to talk with her using her phone, Janki reveals she had a conversation with Preeta using her phone otherwise Shristhi would not let them talk, Shristhi leaves revealing she is going to talk with her sister, Shristhi asks what happened since she seems a little too happy, Preeta reveals that karan came to her today and she felt that he is trying to convince her after all that he had done, he asked her to trust his actions and words, does she know how karan is because he is like a rose flower, who they want to touch but also get stung by it, Shristhi replies she feels Preeta is talking about her boyfriend, Preeta warns to slap her advising that she must prepare well for the Holi which they are going to celebrate together, Shristhi thinks Prithvi would not be in the Holi this time and it would be a lot of fun since they all are going to be together,

Prithvi walking in the cell thinks how he fought with both Sherlin and Nagre, prithvi wonders what has he done as it is all because of Pardeep who is not even allowing him to sleep because of snoring and he did not know what he was doing because of the cheap alcohol, he knows that only Nagre and Sherlin are those who can help him, he wonders what can he do so calls the constable, revealing it is the right of every criminal to make at least one phone, he keeps on requesting so the constable agrees reveling they are going to requests the inspector and if he grants the permissions then prithvi can dial, he starts searching for the key so opens the door, prithvi mentions he will not stay here for the rest of his life but the constable doesnot know how long he will stay, Prithvi leaves without the constable.

Sherlin is walking in the hall, she stars yelling after seeing Natasha who has applied the face mask, Sherlin questions what has she done, Natasha explains that since tomorrow is Holi so she is performing the night routine, Sherlin asks where was she going, Natasha mentions she was about to come to her because she needed the coconut oil, tomorrow is Holi so she doesnot know what might happen to her face if they apply the chemicals, she doesnot allow Sherlin to speak which angers her, she questions if she can have it, Sherlin in anger replies she will say anything when Natasha allows her so reveals she is going to send it with Ganesh while Natasha must return to her room. Sherlin after walking for some distance gets excited wondering why did she not think of this plan before, she thinks that it will surely work after which she will be able to create a rift between the Luthra family and Preeta, also it will be a slap on Prithvi who thinks she is useless as she is the reason, he was able to stay in this house, while when he made his own plan it backfired so he got thrown in jail. Sherlin thinks only a women can challenge another woman.

Prithvi calls Nagre from the police station apologizing for what happened, he requests Nagre to come and meet him for the last time tomorrow morning after which it will be up to him to decide if he wants to help Prithvi, inspector asks Prithvi what happened, but Prithvi goes back to the cell after wishing him Happy Holi.

In the morning karan and Sameer enter from the front gate, Karan is relieved that the practice ended early as now he would be able to celebrate Holi with them all, Sameer questions how was the practice to which Karan replies that it was great and even the coach was really happy. Mahesh is busy in making the Thandi, both karan and Sameer go to question what is he doing and he in excitement even asks them both to drink the Thandai. Karina and Dadi come to them wishing him Happy Holi, he also applies color on their face, while after greeting Rakhi he starts dancing with excitement, Shristhi along with Janki and Bi jee exclaim how happy everyone would be when they give them Gujia, Shristhi is really excited to see Mahesh uncle, Bi jee mentions they have made the Gujia, Rakhi mentions that everyone here likes the Gujia but Bi jee replies that she knows her Mahesh son likes it a lot, Mahesh at once forgets everything so asks who applied the color on his face, Karan informs that he himself applied it, Mahesh gets tensed when Shristhi asks him to see they brought the Gujia, he gets excited then picks up an entire box, everyone starts smiling while looking at him, he questions why are they all staring at him, he runs to the Thandai corner insisting on a race, Karan and Sameer also drink with him, they all finish the glass at the same time. Mahesh questions why are there not any color or water to celebrate Holi since this is not the way but Preeta assures him they have arranged everything outside; he pulls Rakhi with him. Dadi mentions she is really happy to see Mahesh so cannot wait, she also rushes out.

Karina questions Karan why is he not ready, he replies that some people think he doesnot focus on his game so went to practice but returned before the start of the function, she also goes out to check the preparations. Karan mentions he is really hungry but cannot see Ganesh, Sameer offers to call him but Karan replies he himself will eat something in the kitchen, Preeta leaves them all. Karan hugs Bi jee exclaiming she is looking really hot, Bi jee replies that she is someone to be look at, Shristhi gets mad saying that he didn’t say anything to him, however he replies that he looked at her when he came back, Karan asks why did she not celebrate any holi, she replies that since they are together now so would celebrate it together, karan mentions he will come back and celebrate it, Janki questions if this Thandai does have Bhang, they all start staring at her. Janki replies she is asking so that she doesnot drink it by mistake, they leave to taste it while karan goes to get dressed. Shristhi while drinking Thandai starts staring at Sameer who is also looking at her, she leaves from there, he tries to follow her but is stopped by the guests who force him to apply the colors.


Janki requests Bi jee to enjoy the Thandai since Prithvi has been thrown out of this house, Bi jee asks her to sit down as she will have her enjoy it, she pours some cough syrup in the glass which they enjoy.

Prithvi is with Pardeep in the cell, he says there are a lot of mosquitoes but everything else fine. Nagre is walking towards the cell, Pardeep exclaims he is a really shameless person because he came even after Prithvi fired him, prithvi in anger asks Pardeep to shut up, he feels delighted Prithvi called him as friend so hugs him, Nagre reveals that Prithvi hired him once again since he knows that there is no on e like him, Prithvi mentions he is right because he was really tensed yesterday and even drank something that Pardeep offered him, Nagre replies he understands since prithvi is locked up here, Prithvi replies he thought Nagre would not agree so easily but he accepted everything, Nagre replies because they are friends. Prithvi reveals he is worried because the time that he is spending here might give Preeta a chance to take away everything that belongs to him, Nagre mentions this was his prediction since Preeta might have not done it before but this time she has come for the sake of money and is money minded, Prithvi gets tensed wondering what will happen to him if he doesnot have any money.


Update Credit to: Sona

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