Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Arjun immediately tries calling Anjali, but she is still not answering his calls, he says he would go to the police station, Dadi questions if he is still going to side with the wrong person as Anjali herself is saying Rishab molested her, Arjun assures that Rishab is not that kind of a person when he leaves to find out the truth. Dadi wonders why Arjun is still defending the Luthra’s when they have humiliated him. She prays that Arjun gets all that he desires.

Anjali questions why Preeta is involving Arjun when the matter is relating to her and Rishab, Preeta explains how she must not do this because they have never wronged anyone, she knows that a girl only does this when she is some sort of trouble because someone is pressurizing her, she explains she knows Arjun is not a nice person and not suitable for her family, she assures she is here to help Anjali if she is under some sort of trouble. Anjali questions Priyanka Sharma if she is hearing at what Preeta is saying, she tries to explain that she got in a quarrel with Rishab that day after which her car broke down so he offered to help her, she agreed thinking he is a nice man so she agreed asking him to drop her at the farm house when he insisted to have a cup of tea, she agreed to offer him it after which he wanted to see the study room where he molested her. Preeta exclaims she must stop making such stories since she knows that Rishab is not a bad person, Priyanka questions why is she talking to Anjali in such a manner as she is her best friend, Preeta replies she is not her best friend because if she was a friend then would have known she is lying about whatever has happened, and If she would have known the truth then will not be standing here, Preeta further explains if she is still helping Anjali then is not a nice person. Preeta explains to Anjali that she would not be able to prove that her husband has done anything wrong, but she will surely prove it is a false accusation which will cause her reputation to be ruined. Anjali starts coughing when Priyanka goes to help her asking if she is fine, Preeta replies she has just realized her claims are false, Priyanka questions why Preeta not considerate towards the victim.

Anjali rushes to the inspector apologizing for filing the complaint and coming here, he doesnot understand what she is saying. Preeta explains she has realized her mistake so is trying to withdraw the FIR, because the case might overturn on herself. Anjali exclaims it is her mistake because they allowed Preeta to meet her and she even indirectly threatened her, Preeta exclaims she has not done anything of the sort because Anjali is lying, she assures she has not done anything of the sort. The inspector exclaims he respects Preeta but this doesnot mean she can threaten her,

Preeta explains she just said that she would prove her husband is innocent and not committed a crime, once that is proven she would fall into her own trap. Inspector asks Preeta to go and meet her husband. Anjali asks the inspector if this is all he would do against Preeta, he explains she said it after being an emotional wife, he knows Anjali is hurt which is why she feels Preeta threatened her but she should go and sit in the room,

Anjali requests him to not let anyone of the Luthra family meet her but only Arjun Soorvyanshi can meet her. The constable asks if he has also sided with the rich, inspector explains he would never do anything wrong which is why he arrested Rishab.

Arjun calls the inspector asking about Anjali, he explains she is in the room when he also desires to meet Rishab.
Rishab is sitting in the cell when the person asks if this is the first time, Rishab assures he trusts the legal system as it is made for justice, the person gets emotional so explains that he got jailed for no reason but the things which hurts is that his wife did not trust him.

The constable informs Rishab his wife has come to meet him, Rishab apologizes to Preeta for everything because she has to suffer it all alone, Preeta assures there is no need to be worried about and the entire family is standing beside him in his support, he appreciates that she trusts him, Preeta replies she would of course trust him because he is a nice person. Preeta explains she trusts him because of the belief and he also trusted her and Shristhi when everyone was against them she explains she knows that he has not done anything wrong and she is sure he would not be here for long since she would surely get him released, Rishab explains he knows she will always stand by his side, they both hold hands which Arjun sees and gest furious, he is not able to bear when Rishab also holds her hand so leaves in anger.

Priyanka sitting with Anjali exclaims she prays she also loves someone like this when Anjali replies she prays no one loves anyone like this because they tend to forget everything for the happiness of that one person, Anjali explains the worst thing is that he is engaged to her sister while loves the women who has inflicted the most pain on him, she has tried to convince herself that she doesnot love him but it is of no use, she is talking when Arjun calls her from behind, she rushes to hug him when he asks why did she not come back home and what has happened, she explains Rishab molested her but Arjun says he feels she might be mistaken,

she gets angry exclaiming he is believing that Rishab is innocent however Anjali in anger exclaims mom and Karina bua came to their house and were really tensed, he tried to console her but she did not give him the chance. Anjali exclaims that he is not believing her when she is telling the truth but Arjun still explains that Rishab is innocent, Anjali questions what about the injuries on her body since she always stands by his side but he must also know that Rishab is furious that she is always there to protect him because of which he tried molesting her, he was constantly asking her what is in Arjun that he doesnot have.

Preeta and Rishab are talking when Rishab explains he has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life but then she came into his life and made his life a bliss, she assures there is no need to be worried about as the entire Luthra family is with him.

Anjali exclaims even he doesnot believe her, Arjun hugs Anjali assuring he is going to stand by her and will make sure she gets justice for whatever has happened to her, he leaves angrily while Anjali smiles.

Update Credit to: Sona

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