Kundali Bhagya 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Prithvi gets out of an auto. Preeta catches him and tells him that he is master mind and Sandesh is his pawn. He asks her to stop following him and he don’t know any Sandesh. She tells him that she saw everything. He asks her that what proof she has to prove her claims. She tells him that she knows that he is hoodie guy. And she has to put him behind the bars to save Karan. He tells her that Karan don’t trust her so no use of saving him. He advises her to leave Luthra’s and go somewhere. She asks him to stop talking nonsense. He leaves from there. Meanwhile, Karan asks Malkani to not trust Preeta. Malkani tells him that he will do his best and leaves from there.

Sameer tells Srishti that she is talking like she is against them. She reminds him that what was his family’s situation before Preeta’s arrival. She tells him that Preeta met Mahesh in the hospital and entered Luthra house for Mahesh’s sake. She says that Preeta fulfilled all the duties of daughter in law. She adds that Preeta made Karan continue cricket. She says that Preeta supported everyone but no one supports her.

He asks her that why Preeta is not telling to family that she is doing all this for them. She tells him that when he didn’t believe Preeta, why others will believe her. She adds that Preeta can’t tell the truth to others until she achieves her goal. She informs him that Maddy is private investigator and he is helping Preeta to solve Karan’s case. She also informs him about Sandesh. She tells him that he ruined everything.

Preeta comes there. Sameer asks her that why she didn’t say that she is doing all this for Karan only. She tells him that he didn’t let her say anything. He apologizes to her for suspecting her. Preeta says that Prithvi is mastermind.

Natasha makes a video. Prithvi sees that. Natasha notices him. He calls Sherlyn and asks her to come to his room and he moves from there. Sherlyn reaches Prithvi’s room. Prithvi asks her that what Natasha doing in the Luthra house when she is useless. She tells him that she told Natasha to leave in a week. He tells her that he can’t tolerate her more than two days. Natasha overhears their conversation and plans to make a deal with Preeta to earn money. Natasha tells Preeta that Prithvi is behind Karan’s arrest. Preeta tells her that she knows that already. She says to her that she is not fool to join hands with her.

Sameer enters the house angrily and beats Prithvi up. Dadi asks him that what happened. He tells her that Prithvi is behind Karan’s arrest. Prithvi says that he saw Preeta with Karan’s fan who is involved in the match-fixing. Preeta says that Prithvi is real culprit. He says that she is the culprit who don’t even care about Mahesh’s death. She slaps him. Kareena says that Preeta is wrong like always. Sameer says that Prithvi framed Karan in match-fixing. Sherlyn asks him that how can he change his statement just like that. Preeta says that she don’t have time to explain them anything and leaves the house.

Precap: Preeta tells a man that it’s Prithvi behind Karan’s arrest. He asks if she has any proof. Other side, Prithvi informs Sherlin that Preeta figured it’s him behind sending Karan to the jail.


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