Kundali Bhagya 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Preeta and Karan both are hugging, he thinks of what the entire family said that she has just come back for the sake of money, karan pushes her away asking that she should stay in her limits, Preeta also says that he should also remain in her limits, Karan exclaims that she is the same copy cat, Preeta replies she has not come here as the wife but the owner of this house, Karan says he doesnot believe she can do it when Preeta replies she has become the owner, and he would not fight with her because she is the boss, karan is about to say that he doesnot have a boss but then says that she is his boss, he exclaims she is looking really nice so would she stay everything, Preeta tries to question if he is trying to romance, when karan says he has just come to tell her that whatever he said yesterday, Preeta completes his sentence exclaiming it was false however karan reveals it was all the truth, Preeta is not able to take her eyes off him, he at once mentions it was in the dream since he started drinking a lot after she left so said it all thinking that it was the dream, Preeta starts staring at him with emotional eyes when Karan exclaims that she should not look at him like this, Preeta replies that she has found out he came to argue but his heart is not supporting him, he should go back and spend some time alone to think what he desires to do, Karan leaves exclaiming that she is right, he leaves and walking in the hall he exclaims has he gotten mad, as when she was not with him he was really angry but he melted after seeing her, karan wonders what has happened to her, he calms himself down thinking he will argue with her, karan has the masters degree in fighting with her, he says that he will show her he is not less from anyone.

Preeta also questions what had happened as she has not come here as the wife of Karan but the owner of the house, Preeta exclaims that she should not act as the wife and control her emotions, she was really angry for the last two years but now after seeing him she melted, she exclaims that she has also come with some other purpose so would have to remain strong, she thinks no one in the house should ever come to know what does she actually have in her heart.

Karina and Sherlin are really7 worried about what might be happening as they are not even fighting, they both decide to leave when Natasha coming exclaims that she is sorry since she heard what they both were talking about, as they are worried why are Karan and Preeta not fighting, Karina exclaims that she is really worried, Natasha explains dadi is calling her so Karina leaves, Natasha mentions she even heard something else before that, she felt that Karina bua heard what she was talking with Prithvi, Natasha exclaims that she must not be so over confident as the enemy is same till the time their destinies are the one but what will happen if this doesnot happen, and Karina starts liking Preeta then she would start hating Prithvi and Sherlin, she gets mad asking natasha to not put so much pressure on her mind as Karina bua hates Preeta a lot more then she hates prithvi, Natasha questions why does she hate Preeta so much, Natasha exclaims she is feeling somewhat scared of Preeta, Sherlin replies that she is only saying this becuase of the money which she has gotten byut they will never let it remain the same as Prithvi would not remain quiet, she leaves exclaiming she needs to prepare for the event, Natasha wonders what will happen to her if Preeta and Karan come close to eachother, she would not be able to live in this house anymore.

Karan once again walks outside , he asks Preeta where is she going then she turns, he says she must not look at him like this, Preeta questions why is he constantly ordering her to not look like this, Karan thinks he is feeling something by looking at her, she once again questions what does he mean she should not look like at him, Karan questions if she thinks they will let her come back to this house, after all that happened, karan asks why did she not call, she replies she called but he did not answer, Karan then asks why did she not come back to their house, Preeta replies she is also scared of his anger, Karan questions how can he be angry with her, he would have apologized after sitting down, Preeta explains she doesnot need his apology but desires he should stand beside her for the rest of their lifetime, Karan questions if she would give him a second chance, he suddenly wkaes up from his dream while Preeta is questioning why is he saying that, she asks if he is thinking that she is apologizing, Karan replies why would he apologize to her, Preeta explains she feels he is not well so he should go and rest as tomorrow she would make them do a lot of chores, he might start cursing her saying she is not even a good boss, Karan leaves. Preeta thinks she would have to stay away from karan as whenever he is around then the real Preeta comes out so she must stay strong.

Preeta thinks she doesnot know how Mahesh Papa got so ill as he was never like this, she is sure that someone is giving him some medicines that are affecting him, Preeta thinks she needs to find out the medical files as they were in the wardrobe of Karan but are not there, she needs to find out where they are.

In the morning Karan is walking when he bumps into Sameer, he questions if Karan argued with Preeta, Karan leaves saying that he did but Sameer finds out that Karan is lying which worries him he questions how does Sameer know this, Sameer replies that he loves karan a lot so knows when he is lying, karan questions if everyone else would also know he is lying, Karan replies that it is not like that, he feels Preeta has learned magic as she is acting differently, Sameer explains it is not like that however Karan mentions he feels she has done it since he is not able to argue with her, even when he goes with the intention of fighting, Sameer requests Karan to keep a low voice otherwise a new topic will start that Preeta has done magic on Karan so he is listening to her orders.

Natasha asks Dadi and Karina what do they think would be going on there, Kritika exclaims what would be going on because they must be worried how Preeta would react after the fight, Dadi mentions that she is worried about what will happen because Karan is really short tempered, and she is worried what Preeta would do with them afterwards.

Dadi sees karan walking so stops him, they all questions if he really argued with Preeta and said that he doesnot love her anymore, he starts saying that he has really scolded her, Kritika once again questions him, Natasha says that he should perform a live telecast.

Prithvi is sitting when Mona comes, he gives her the new medicines for Mahesh Luthra, Mona taking them says that she is already giving him such high doses however Prithvi orders her to leave, Sherlin walking into the room questions what has he done, prithvi explains he has just increased the size of the doses hearing this Sherlin questions what if his plan backfires but Prithvi says he is just changing his strategy and doing things with some new planning, so that Preeta believes Mahesh is really mental, Sherlin questions why is she thinking he is scared when prithvi replies he is not scared of anyone, he takes the name of Nagre, Sherlin gets scared hearing the name of Nagre.


Update Credit to: Sona

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