Kundali Bhagya 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Preeta coming out from behind exclaims Prithvi is trapped, he in shock turns with the knife in his hand only to see Preeta along with everyone standing behind him, he tries to explain they are mistaken, Shristhi exclaims he is the one who has the dagger in his hands and they are mistaken, Prithvi immediately throws it exclaiming that he doesnot know how did it come into his hands because he has the problem of walking in his sleep, Karina coming with Dadi mentions it did not seem he was sleep walking, Kritika also comes in shock.

Shristhi explains she feels they would have to reveal the plan from the start, Rakhi asks if prithvi was thinking that he was acting but it was them all as they had a plan and have found out what kind of a person he actually is, Prithvi requests them all to give him one chance to prove his point because he was really trying to kill Sundeep, it was all because of Rishab jee, it was because of Sundeep that Rishab jee is in jail and he felt to end the one because of whom the family is troubled to this extent, he after seeing Sundeep was not able to control his anger so took the knife and stabbed Sundeep, Preeta explains Shristhi is right as they should have told Prithvi the true story, she asks if he thinks he is the only one who can keep an eye on everyone, Preeta exclaims that it was a lie that he has a problem of sleep walking and that he tried to kill Sundeep for the family’s sake because he is not that kind of a person, Prithvi questions why is she talking to him like this as he is not only the son in law of this house, Preeta replies he would not accept it like this, she calls Sundeep, Prithvi is shocked to see him and then lifts the blanket to see the fleece lying there.

Preeta explains that when Shristhi went to close the main gate was the few seconds when they completed the task, she explains that she saw him hiding behind the curtain so called everyone revealing how he is waiting for them to go and sleep, she then in the meantime helped Sundeep to run away, going to call Kritika after making an excuse of going to drink water, so she can finally see his true face, Shrishti leaves exclaiming Sundeep is well and good, she immediately exclaims she forgot to close the front door, Preeta in the meantime signals Sundeep to run away, they then seem as if he is still sleeping, meanwhile Prithvi hid because of the fear that Shristhi might see him, she then left to call Kritika after making an excuse but she was not able to find however instead stumbled into Karina bua and Dadi, she informed them of the entire truth but Karina bua got angry, she had to reveal the entire situation after which Karina bua promised to help them, she after even revealed his truth to them, and now the truth which she knew now is known by the entire family, Preeta blames that Rishab jee is in jail because of Prithvi, she explains Sundeep revealed how he bribed Sundeep to give the statement against Rishab jee and is the reason he is in jail, Prithvi explains that Preeta je is lying and trying to manipulate him, he only desired to help Rishab je so stabbed Sundeep, Rakhi yells at him warning him to stop talking, she slaps Prithvi exclaiming her son is in jail because of him, they made a relation with him even when it was against their desire, Rakhi holds him questioning why did he do this to them, Prithvi pushes her away which angers Preeta, she pushes Prithvi exclaiming that Rakhi is her mother, Kritika also goes to Karina, Prithvi going to her exclaims he is innocent and Preeta is saying this because she still loves him, so is just trying to take revenge.

Sameer is not able to control himself, they both get into a fight, Prithvi points a knife at him, exclaiming he has been pleading his innocence but they are not believing him, Prithvi threatens to harm anyone, Mahesh walking down the stairs exclaims why are they even listening to his words as he should be sent to jail for what he has done, prithvi requests him to not do this, Karina questions why is he requesting when for his information they have made a video because Preeta requested their help to find his truth, she made a recording of him, Kritika going to Prithvi questions why did he do this, she is not able to believe that Rishab is in jail because of him, Prithvi thinks that Kritika is the weak link of this family and he can use her to make a comeback in this family, he places a knife on her neck threatening to kill her if they try to get him arrested, he takes her up the stairs into the room, the entire Luthra family goes after them requesting him to not do this, Kritika also pleads him to not do this as he cannot save himself, Prithvi warns them to leave because if they try to enter the room, he will cut the throat of Kritika, Shrishti also threatens him of going to jail, Prithvi warns her to shut up saying that if she says anything in anger, he will kill them both, Mahesh is also no able to calm him down, they take their steps back, Kritika asks Prithvi what is he doing as she thought that he loved her, Prithvi throwing the knife exclaims he does love her.

The entire Luthra family is standing outside the room, Karina asks Mahesh if he called the police, Mahesh replies that he was not able to call the police, Karina herself decides to call them but Preeta stops her saying that if she calls the police, they will come and if it happens then who knows what will prithvi do to Kritika as he has a knife on her neck, Karina asks her to not teach her because Kritika is her daughter, Preeta tries to plead with her saying she doesnot know how dangerous Prithvi is, if the police comes who know what he might do to her, Rakhi also requests Karina to listen to what Preeta is saying as they got to know the truth about Prithvi because of her, even Dadi requests her to listen to what Rakhi and Preeta are saying, Karina questions how can she stand here while Prithvi is in the room with her daughter.

Prithvi replies that he actually loves Kritika a lot and the only reason he brought her inside with the knife was because the entire family refused to listen to anything that he was saying, he did not know what to do so had to take such a drastic step, Kritika shouts at him questioning what is he doing when she has come to know of his true face, Prithvi asks her to hit him and do whatever she wants, but just to listen for one time. Kritika questions what is there left to listen, she has now understood his true face, she herself was wrong to love him while he hates her entire family, she thought he did not like Karan but believed it would end soon however he even hates Rishab Bhai the one who cannot even kill a fly, Prithvi turns in anger, thinking to control it because if he has to come to the Luthra house in the future then the key to their wealth is only Kritika.

Precap: Prithvi asks what is she doing as they need to leave, he tries to pull her but she doesnot move, he sitting in the car asks the driver to move on, however is shocked to see that it is Preeta who is wearing a mask, Preeta after locking the door starts to smoke the car, Prithvi tries to open the door but is not able to get out.

Update Credit to: Sona

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