Kundali Bhagya 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Arjun tells Rishab that he will never take his right to be called as papa, because Kavya has been calling him dad since the day she started speaking. Arjuns mocks him by saying that Kavya can call him “Bade papa”, but later he realises his mistake and tries to reform it while Rishab hugs him in gratitude.

Meanwhile, Rishab comes back from his reverie while Kavya asks that, where is Preeta, because she wants to bring Preeta to the mandap under the flowers, and gives him her phone to look at what she wants to do. Rishab gets joyous and tells her that they didn’t do it because she was absent, but now, she’s here they can do it. Kavya gets excited and gives him a high-five. Shrishti also agrees with Kavya and says, that they should definitely do what Kavya showed them. Everyone goes the inside the house.

Biji is helping Preeta to get ready and Kavya comes to her. Biji tells Kavya to look at Kavya, how pretty is she looking. Kavya agrees to her and Shrishti, Sameer and Kritika also shows up and asks Preeta to come with them, because they got a surprise for her. Biji and Kavya takes Preeta with them Sameer, Shrishti, Biji, and Kritika bring Preeta under it while Kavya spreads the flower in Preeta’s way.

Arjun watches Preeta looking regal under the umbrella and coming towards him. He gets mesmerised after seeing her. Preeta walks upto him and and helps her to get on the mandap. Arjun and Preeta sits together at the mandap and Arjun is still gazing at her. Kavya tells Rakhi that she’s very excited because she can see her mother getting married in front of her. Marriage rituals begins. Preeta recalls that how she performed this marriage rituals with Karan. Dhol people also shows up there. Rakhi smiles after seeing them and she dances with them. Those dancers makes Luthras dance. Arjun also goes and dances happily. Preeta recalls that how Karan used to dance like that. Arjun picks Kavya up and dances with her. Preeta also gets excited and starts dancing with them. Anjali gets pissed off after seeing everything. Arjun and Preeta looks at each other gives a smile and starts dancing again.

Anjali turns around because she can’t see that. She breaks the glass in anger and leaves from there. She recalls Preeta’s smiling face and also recalls that how Arjun said that he can’t measure the love he has for Preeta. And how Arjun claimed that she is just friend for him. She enters the house. She thinks that she don’t lack anything still Arjun marrying his old love. She wonders that why Arjun don’t leave Preeta. And she fell in love with Arjun without her knowledge.

Priest says that they should continue the marriage rituals if they danced enough then. Prithvi and his gang comes there with guns. Prithvi holds Rakhi as hostage. Sambhu bhai says that enough of their drama. Prithvi and Sambhu bhai orders his men to snatch the jewels from everyone. Rishabh asks them that what are they doing there. Prithvi asks them that if they thought they won. He says that they are professional robbers and they are dangerous. He adds that they are smart than Luthras. He tells them to wait and watch how smart they are. He orders his men to snatch the jewels soon.

Kritika screams when one of the robber snatched her earring. Rakhi asks him to leave Kritika. Prithvi tells her they will leave everyone except her because she wasted their time. He asks her that where she kept remaining jewels. He says that Rakhi has to die. Arjun beat Prithvi up. Luthras starts attacking robbers. Mahesh praises Luthra ladies for beating robbers. He beat robber for trying to attack from behind. Anjali takes the gun out and she points at Preeta. She thinks that she won’t let Preeta snatch Arjun from her because Arjun belongs to her only.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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