Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2024 Written Episode Update

Karan asks if he can also make her remember one thing saying Preeta is his wife hearing which Karina and Nidhi get worried, Karan walks away when Nidhi asks Karina Bua what were they both talking about, Karina replies it was nothing important but she is tensed.

Varun is walking furiously to the party while Preeta keeps stopping him and he turning back says what does she have to say, Preeta asks if whatever he said to her is the truth and she would have thought if he was drunk but he is saying it in his consciousness, Varun replies he is not interested in hearing her lecture, Preeta replies he cannot even be Shaurya

Palki asks Varun to stop saying he is mindless because he thinks he is great, Varun asks what can they both do to fix his mind and says the max they can do is complain about him to Kavya but she is not so strong that she will break her heart and would not be able to bear it, he is going to give them a chance and what will she say to him is that he should not have talked like this to them, he is not saying she is wrong but his biggest problem is that he cannot tolerate small people like Karina Bua and Nidhi aunti cannot even do the same so he is also adjusting like them while will take Kavya from this house but is tolerating them all, he says that he was yelling on his ex because he wants to get rid of her but she is poisonous but it is not wrong to get away from such people, he asks Palki if a boy keeps coming after her even when she knows he is toxic

Palki agrees saying they should not misbehave with people who are like their parents, Preeta agrees she will not say anything to Kavya as she is madly in love with him and would believe all of his lies but will she will say the truth cannot remain hidden for long, in fact she will make sure Kavya gets to know the truth after which it will be her decision if she loves him or not or wants Varun in her life. Preeta says he should listen as she will not let Kavya get married to someone like him who is like a devil. Varun challenges them saying they can give their best shot before walking away, Preeta and Palki both are furious.

Anshuman goes to sit in front of Rajveer asking why has his manager Sandeep not arrived till now and says that does Rajveer not think his aunt Preeta and fiance Palki are very smart so why does he not make them his business partner, so should start his own business as Palki forced him to make a fake story that he fired his own manager and he has to prepare false papers while make this lie into the truth that it is his managers’ fault and both Rajveer

Shaurya are innocent, why is he thinking he is getting trapped in something, Rajveer replies if they dig a hole for someone then it is posible they also get hit by it, he says Anshuman would also get affected to some extent by it when Anshuman says he does not know it but would not have been forced to make this fake story and even prepare the papers, he is freeing both Rajveer and Shaurya when he says what can he do about it. The manager comes asking why is Anshuman firing him, he says he will tell everything.

Preeta tells Palki that Varun is not a nice person and they cannot let him get married to Kavya, Palki says that Varun also had someone in his past about which Kavya does not know anything about, Preeta says that the bond which makes the relation strong is truth but they got to know how Varun is not suitable for Kavya, Palki says she understood what Preeta je desires and she will stand by her side in whatever she does to help Kavya. Preeta asks Palki to always stay with Kavya as she needs people who give her good advice and make sure they keep her away from such bad people

Palki promises preeta to always stay by Kavya and not let such bad people harm her, she asks if Preeta trusts her who replies she is very proud, and is glad to get someone like her, Palki replies she is fortunate as they all have accepted her but Preeta replies that she knows Palki will handle everything if something wrong is happening, palki says she will always do it and stay with them while is not going to leave them, Preeta replies they would not let her go anywhere.

Varun while walking stops to think about how Preeta threatened to not let him get married to Kavya and sh said she will not let him get married to Kavya. Varun exclaims they were scolding him like they are his boss and wonders from where did Preeta je get so much courage, Varun exclaims he cannot keep them like this and why should he explain anything to them, Varun gets a call saying she realized she is playing thee role of Maa in his life, Roma asks what has happened when he replies he is very angry, Varun says Aaliya does not have any patience and she keeps calling him.

Roma says she has told Varun to not scold Aaliya as whenever he does it then she gets furious, Varun replies this is why he requested her to not leave when Varun says the Preeta je is scolding him like she is the biological mother of kavya and he also scolded her, Roma asks if Preeta did not find about Aaliya, Varun says he even told her that she is the ex, Roma says Varun does not realize what Preeta means to Kavya as she is just like her mother, Bani Dadi asks Varun what is the problem, he ending the call says that there is some issue with the business so Bani Dadi leaves saying he should tell Rajveer and Shauyra., Varun recalls how they both have threatened him so gets very worried.

Rajveer walking thinks now everything would be in their favor as he has made a mistake by announcing in front of everyone so he and Shaurya are free from his trap. Kavya comes crying when Rajveer sees her so asks why is she crying, Shaurya also notices her crying so comes asking what has happened to her, he immediately says has Rajveer done anything when Rajveer questions why would he do anything to make her cry while not leave the person, Kavya replies she is fine but Shaurya takes her away saying she will not tell him so he makes her sit down

Varun comes to stand in the corner. Shaurya says he knows she does not cry so easily so mus tell the name, Rajveer agrees saying they will break his bones, Shaurya says he also wants to teach everyone a lesson after beating them when Rajveer says they both should keep their fight away, Shaurya replies he means it and will break the bones, Rajveer insists she tell the name of the person whom they will teach, Varun comes to kavya asking why is she crying as then he would also cry, he looks at both Shaurya and Rajveer and says they have done something, Varun says he meant they are the brothers of Kavya while she is his responsibility and he was hearing how they said they will break the bones but he will ask her and she will tell it to him as he is her fiance.

Varun says he will take care of kavya, and whoever he made her cry will be taught a lesson, he thanks them both for taking care of Kavya. Varun leaves with Kavya, Shaurya says that he does not like it when Rajveer is near his family members, Rajveer replies he also does not like Shaurya but loves his family, Rajveer says it is just about one day after which they would not have to work with each other, Shaurya agrees with him.

Varun asks why is she crying, she asks if he knows how he talked to her as she is feeling very bad, Varun apologizes to Kavya saying he was very irritated and lashed out on her so says he can be angry at him but should not be sad as even he does not like it, he requests her to understand how the office is suffering so he was not able to control himself. Preeta and Palki looking at them recalls when Varun said he is just bearing them all, Varun even calls Preeta je and palki asking them to come and tell Kavya how much does he love her, Preeta says Varun should not say anything to her as she does not want Preeta to be worried.

Varun says he scolded Kavya and it was of some where else, Preeta je knows it happens in life but she should give the blessing that they remain like a couple and she feels happy for them both, Varun touches her feet but he stops Kavya saying daughters donot touch the feet, Preeta says she is giving him the blessing that he takes good care of her daughter Kavya and if she gets any tear or anyone causes it then he should throw the person out of Kavya life even if he is himself that person. Kavya gets worried while Looking at Preeta who is smiling, Varun turns to leave with Kavya seeing which preeta gets worried

Palki says Varun is playing a double game by manipulating Varun, it is sure he is playing with them all as he was calling them a servant but is now behaving like an innocent person, Preeta agrees explaining they have to bring the truth about Varun but their focus is on Anshuman Panday who is about to sign the papers and this does not mean they would let Varun get away as they have to find some more proof against him.

Anshuman says to Mahesh that the elders ruin the children but even they have their limit but Mahesh crossed the limit, Mahesh calls the waiter telling him to take good care of Anshuman Panday but he stops Mahesh saying he should remain standing with him and have a smile on his face as the pictures are being taken ad they all should feel as if they are a family, Mahesh says it is enough for today and then walks ahead, Karan asks Mahesh if he has seen Preeta when Karan himself sees her with Palki

Nidhi is furious but Arohi makes her look at Preeta, she realizes that karan is just staring at her. Nidhi asks Arohi to play the music while Karan is walking towards Preeta, Nidhi comes in front of him with a smile on her face while raising out her hand for the dance seeing which Karan gets worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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