Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Kritika explains the entire family is crying because of his mistake, not just Rishab but the entire Luthra family is crying, she explains that her entire family is in ruins and such things would happen in his family but not there, they all live like a single family and if one gets hurt then the other cry, she blames that he is the reason everything has destroyed, Prithvi explain these are all the blames on him but he actually wanted to save Rishab himself, he was trying to kill Sundeep so he can himself go in jail, Kritika questions how much would he steep because she knows he is lying, she explains even she is at fault because she married and loved him even when her entire family warned her to not go forward with it, Prithvi in anger places the knife on her neck exclaiming he is really powerful and she cannot even comprehend but he can just run away, while hiring some goons who can kill Rishab just as he walks out of the court, Mahesh is already really weak and the ladies of the family would start working to defend the family, Kritika gets scared thinking he might actually do what he desires so she has to play mind games with him according to what he desires otherwise they would not be able to run away, Kritika assures Prithvi that she also loves and he is also not leaving because of the love which he has for her, Prithvi assures that they both will run away from this place and not come back, he requests for two minutes so that he can sort out everything, Kritika thinks she should listen to what he is planning so she hears he was ordering someone to come at the backside of the Luthra house with a car, she then writes it on a notepad and is about to throw it out the door but Prithvi comes out, she stands in front of the door, Prithvi placing the knife on her neck exclaims that he will not leave her if she doesnot stay loyal to him, she prays that her family gets the chit which she has thrown out, he questions why is she sweating and has tears, Kritika replies it is because he has a knife when Prithvi replies it is to cut the ropes, Prithvi explains that he cannot leave after opening the door because the Luthra family is desiring to catch him so he asked one of his friend to bring a car and he will take them both out of the Luthra mansion, Prithvi says he needs the ropes but Kritika replies they don’t have any then he asks her to bring the bedsheets, then tying them together he makes a rope to get down from the second floor, he asks Kritika to go first but she explains that she is scared so will come after he goes first, he however helps her to go first then thinks that he will be the one to win, he walks down, Kritika is standing when prithvi explains his fiend has arrived and will take them both to a safe location, she stands still so he himself enters the car, Prithvi is shocked to see Preeta sitting in the front seat.

Preeta turns on the smoking machine, Prithvi gets shocked to see her so then starts coughing, Preeta quickly runs out of the car however Prithvi also manages to hold on the door before it closes, Preeta and Kritika both try their best to keep it closed however he manages to come out, Prithvi questions Kritika saying that she has deceived him and he should have killed her before, he exclaims he would do it now but Preeta comes to protect her, the entire Luthra family also come to warn prithvi, he tries to run when the guards close the door, cornering prithvi in the house, he warns them all to let him go and even questions why Kritika did this to him since he is her husband, Kritika shouts at him, saying he is not worthy to be a husband, mentioning how she fought with all of her family just be with him even when her brother warned her about his character still she believed he loves her but she was wrong, he is just that fire which has tried to ruin her entire family, he blamed Rishab for such a crime which he could not even think of doing, she even reveals how she was able to inform her family about his plan so passed the entire information with a chit, they recall how when Karina was about to call the police, Preeta saw the chit and read it all, Preeta explains they know why he took Kritika into the room so that he can run away with her, but the guards managed to catch him and they kept his car so he could not forced to be unconscious however he is really clever hat he managed to escape from it, Prithvi explains if they all know his reality then he will do what he never wanted, he warns them all to not come in front otherwise he will kill them all, he even hits Sameer in the hand with the knife, Prithvi shouts at the entire Luthra family, Mahesh questions what would he do hurting his family since he will not be able to get away with this, Prithvi puts the knife on the neck of Preeta, however Sameer hits him from behind with a stick, they all start beating him until the police arrive, they then take Prithvi while he is constantly pleading that he is innocent, Kritika going to Preeta thanks her for saving her Rishab bhai and even Sundeep coming out apologizes them for hurting them, he thanks Preeta for saving him from an evil person like Prithvi, Rakhi asks Sundeep if he would be able to saver Rishab today, Sundeep assures he will surely be able to do it.
The judge explains that after seeing the witness the court orders the police to start the investigation against Prithvi while freeing Rishab from all the charges against him, the entire Luthra family is really glad. Mahesh appreciate the lawyer, he however replies the entire effort was of Preeta, he was just doing his work, Rishab also going to Preeta explains he doesnot have any words to thank her for what she has done, Rishab asks where is Karan, he from the back explains he is here, Rishab calls him mad, Karan says he thought he would meet him after he was released from jail, Rakhi explains Ram jee returned to Ayodhya and the people their celebrated they should also celebrate Diwali with immense happiness as Rishab finally came back. Karina asks if they can all go home now since Diwali is tomorrow. Everyone leaves with a smile, Karan holding the hand of Preeta exclaims he missed her, she also hugging him mentions how she also missed him a lot, she asks what he did in Pune, when karan explains he is in heaven so they will talk about Pune later, Shristhi and Sameer smile seeing them both, they also leave after them.

Preeta and Shristhi enter the kitchen, they see Rakhi is already cooking, Preeta immediately asks her to leave as she will do the work but Rakhi replies she is really happy today since Rishab came back, Preeta replies that the family is happy but Kritika is sad, even after what happened was for good yet still she doesnot seem happy, Shristhi replies how it would have been great if Prithvi was like Abhimanyu, Preeta asks who is he, Shristhi explains that she saw a promo and came to understand his personality, as he is a little angry young man while also loving, Shristhi explains that she saw the promo of a show which will air from 9th November with a name Agar Tum Na Hote, in which Abhimanyu is the patient while Naitri is his doctor, Rakhi assures that she will surely watch the show, Preeta thinks Preeta should forever rot in jail for what he has done to Kritika.

Prithvi sitting in the jail cell asks the constable to give him the mobile for a single phone call, he will give him all the money which he desires, the constable asks if he is trying to bribe the police, he would be sent to jail for a longer period as they will file another case against him, prithvi exclaims Preeta has wronged him as if she was not the daughter in law of the Luthra’s he would have ruined them, he loved her with such intensity even then she had him thrown in jail, he has just one mission from now on and it is to ruin Preeta Luthra.

Sherlin is sitting when her mother comes asking what happened, Sherlin explains that it was Preeta and she is coming to meet her, she just wants to talk with her alone, there is someone at the door, Sanjana herself goes to open the door, she welcomes Preeta, who after coming inside informs Sanjana how Rishab jee has been released from all the charges and has come back to the house, Sanjana thanks Preeta for all that she has done for the realise of Rishab, Preeta asks how did she come to know about it, Sanjana explains she just talked to Rakhi on the call, Preeta also thanks Sanjana for calling Sherlin to her house.

Preeta sits with Sherlin explaining she would have come to know by now that her mother was fine, she will be wondering why she not revealed her truth to anyone, Sherlin explains she will not forget this when Preeta informs she did not come to hear this but wants to know that Sherlin should make a decision saying she might have thought wrong but she saw them both in the police station and thought she desires to change as both of them seemed like a happy couple, she wants Sherlin to not lie as tomorrow is Diwali and she should come back if she surely wants to be the daughter in law of the Luthra family and live like a family member but if she cannot change then should never think of coming back,

Sherlin tries to assure her that she surely wants to change and has forget Prithvi because he was her past, Preeta replies she doesnot know what Sherlin is thinking but after what has happened with Prithvi, the entire Luthra family is in pain and she doesnot want them to suffer anymore so Sherlin should think twice before coming back. Sherlin assures Preeta of not doing anything wrong in her life, Preeta explains she d0ensot think that their relation would ever be the same as she knows a little too much about Sherlin but she should never think that she made a mistake by giving Sherlin a second chance, Preeta explains tomorrow is a blessed day and she wants Sherlin to come back with the same love which they also have for her, Sherlin thanks her, Preeta leaves Sherlin’s house, while she sits in a state of tension.

Precap: Sherlin in the call explains that she will surely meet him, but the killers have gotten bail, Rishab asks who was she talking to, Sherlin replies it was the lawyer, Rishab questions if she is trying to free Prithvi.
Preeta is taking photos with Pihu when Sonakshi comes behind them all, Preeta is shocked to see her, Sonakshi sitting starts showing love to Pihu mentioning how she missed her, Pihu replies she did not miss her since she ruined the Rangoli made by her mother, Preeta is stunned to see how her Rangoli was ruined.

Update Credit to: Sona

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