Kundali Bhagya 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Karan replies that when he got there the kidnapper had his gun on Sonakshi’s head and himself exclaimed that Preeta was behind the kidnapping, hearing this the entire Luthra family is shocked, Preeta says that the kidnapper said and he accepted this but would not listen to his own wife, Preeta mentions that she is the mother of Pihu and her heart beats with her, Karan questions where is Pihu when she tries to explain that Sonakshi tortured Pihu both physically and Mentally, she stands in front of her, Sonakshi questions why would she do this when she is the mother of Pihu however Preeta blames her saying there is not any mother like her, Preeta explains that she tortured Pihu that she got unconscious so she had to get her admitted to the hospital, Karan is shocked to hear this when Mahesh is also tensed, Preeta explains Pihu also saw the face of Sonakshi so herself knows that Sonakshi is the one behind this, karan tries to leave with Preeta when Mahesh while holding his heart sits down they all rush to him when Karan asks Preeta to go and bring Pihu, he advises her to not leave her even for a moment, Kritika exclaims she will go with her.

Sonakshi takes out her arm rest and starts walking towards her room
Kritika and Preeta rush outside when Kritika asks her to drive the car, they both rush out of the gate.

Sonakshi is walking when Sherlin stops her, she explains that she got really worried after Preeta exclaimed that she is going to bring Pihu because everyone got suspicious about her but what will they do now, Sherlin asks what is to worry, Sonakshi replies that Pihu saw her face at the factory so knows she is the kidnapper, Sherlin questions how when Sonakshi replies that it all was because of Preeta, she came to the factory and Pihu recognized her voice so knew that Preeta had come to protect her, Sherlin asks her to not worry and lie as Pihu is just a child then Sonakshi exclaims she is very well aware of what she needs to do because she is living her because of her lie but when they all will ask then Pihu would say that she hurt her, Sherlin exclaims that she has made a big mistake and now cannot be saved, Sonakshi replies that she can be saved even now but Sherlin replies that she has made a mistake by coming in front of Pihu, had she known all this then would have warned her before, Sherlin leaves when Sonakshi calls someone saying that he needs to kill a child, Sherlin coming back questions how can she do this now but Sonakshi exclaims today Pihu would also die with Preeta, only then she can live with peace in the Luthra family.

Preeta and Kritika reach the hospital where they head inside, someone comes to the car, he tries opening it, Preeta and Kritika reach the hospital when Preeta immediately questions why did she not wake up now, the nurse exclaims there is nothing to be worried for, Pihu calls Mama, Preeta wakes her up and then Kritika seeing this realizes how Preeta cannot have hurt her because if she had been at fault then Pihu would not be so close, so this means that Preeta was telling the truth, then the nurse allows them to take Pihu home but they must first fulfil some formalities, Kritika assures how she would handle everything here while Preeta must take Pihu home, Preeta is walking with Pihu who exclaims that she doesnot like Sonakshi as because of her she got hurt. Preeta sits with Pihu in the car, and asks her to wear the seat belt as it is necessary for her safety.

Karan along with the family is sitting beside while the doctor checks Mahesh, the doctor says that he is fine now and would be better, Rakhi and Dadi both start weeping when Karina asks them to calm down because Mahesh is fine, he asks Karan to call Rishab as he is the only one who can handle such a situation. Sonakshi along with Sherlin also enter the room, she inquiries about the health of Mahesh, apologizing for what has happened, Sherlin exclaims she is really worried, so she has made her sit up with immense difficulty, Mahesh once again asks them to call Rishab however karan replies he tired but his phone is switched off. Sonakshi receives the call from the person who she sent to handle Preeta and Pihu, the person wonders why the call is not connecting.

Sonakshi is also standing wondering why it is not connecting, she thinks of not calling him as if they both are trying then no one would be able to reach it, she is waiting when Sherlin comes asking why has she come here as she should go to cry in front of the family, Sonakshi replies that she is waiting for the contract killer Santosh whom she has hired to kill Preeta and Pihu, Santosh calls her assuring that half of the work is complete and the rest would be completed soon, as it would really look as an accident when Sonakshi even instructs her even more, Sherlin exclaims there is not anyone in the world like her, karan comes out of the room trying to call Preeta, Sonakshi wonders why is he trying to call her, Karan then calls Kritika who apologizes saying that she is coming back on the taxi while Preeta has already left, she assures that Pihu is fine so he would meet her really soon.

Karan starts to think when Preeta was asking Pihu to get ready for the birthday party while she did not want to take a bath, she asked him to save her from Preeta, who is demanding that she take a bath then Pihu finally agreed to take a bath from warm water.
Sonakshi comes to thank Karan as he saved her and their daughter, karan replies he has told her a million times that Pihu is the daughter of Preeta and him, Sonakshi apologizes as she got emotional, when karan exclaims everyone is emotional as they are worried for Pihu but she is not their daughter, Sonakshi questions if he thinks Preeta can do anything like this for the sake of money but Karan replies he doesnot know what happened at the Godown but is sure Preeta can do anything wrong as she cannot even think wrong of a stranger let alone her own daughter.

Sarla sitting in her house is trying to call Shristhi but she is not answering, Sarla thinks that now she will complain to Preeta about her because Shristhi should inform her however she doesnot listen so now should be taught a lesson, Sarla sees that the Diya is burning fast, she tries to sae it but it dies down, Sarla starts thinking about Preeta and weeps for her wondering what might happen to her daughter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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