Kundali Bhagya 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Preeta offers Rishab jee to also accompany her, she will first talk with him and when she will call him, he must come with all the proofs against Natasha, he assures he is going to make sure they celebrate their anniversary after karan calms down, Natasha gets really worried thinking everything is ruined because Preeta knows the entire truth so is now going to tell Karan and the entire family, Natasha exclaims there is just a last plan which they can execute,

what if karan is killed as then they would put the entire blame on Preeta who would be thrown in jail for killing karan while she will live as the widow of him, Roxy explains that she has gotten completely mad but this cannot happen as Rishab knows the entire truth, she exclaims they can even kill him, and as for Shristhi and Sameer they would be kidnapped. Roxy questions how can they do it all, she reveals they are going to wear the same clothes as them both and then kill karan, he asks how will they get the same clothes when Natasha assures, she has already arranged them all, but now they are for some other purpose.

Karan is drinking while waiting beside the river, he wonders why did she not come when she assures, she would be here, a car rushes past him and stops in the corner, Roxy and Natasha both hug each other while being dressed as Preeta and Rishab, karan seeing them both feels as if they are Rishab and Preeta and so gets stunned thinking they are actually having an affair, he even recalls how Sherlin said that Rishab always used to talk about Preeta jee in the room and she felt something is wrong.

Preeta and Rishab walk out to the car, he explains it might take time on the foot so thy should leave in the car, he drives off even when the head light is not working. Karan is really frustrated so he orders them both to stop questioning what are they both doing here, he reveals that he loved her the most so Preeta should tell him what is his mistake.

Rishab and Preeta reach the location so they start calling karan when Rishab jee sees the car so wonders who would be here at such time, Preeta feels it might be karan but Rishab replies that he would never drive this car, Karan explains he really loved Rishab as he is his brother and they both are the only ones he trusted but they deceived him, Karan exclaims he now has lost the trust in relations since Rishab is his brother even then he deceived him, Preeta is his wife and she also deceived him so now he does not trust anyone,

Karan warns them to not come near him but they keep on walking towards him, Natasha pushes him but he manages to hold on to the corner, she immediately tries to push him off, karan questions why are they doing it since he loved the both a lot but they are doing this to him, Rishab is his brother and even then he is doing this, he married Preeta but she is doing this even when they took the circles. Karan in despair calls Preeta which both Rishab jee and Preeta hear.

Preeta explains Karan would be really angry since he yelled her name, Rishab assures that they are going to surely convince him but karan in the meantime is requesting Rishab to not do it since he loves them the most, Natasha and Roxy but in the meantime push him, Karan even then manages to hold on to the lower rod, the villagers are shocked at seeing him clinging on as they mention that this river has the crocodile. Karan once again yells the name of Rishab hearing which both Preeta and Rishab rush to save him but karan is not able to hold on so he falls into the river, Prithvi is shocked seeing this but in the meantime, he is tensed.

The worker rushes to the party informing how he heard that karan fell from the dam, they all are shocked so rush to the dam.

Prithvi manages to catch Natasha and Roxy, he exclaims they are the ones who pushed him into the dam when she just a while ago stopped him from harming Karan, Natasha explains she pushed him since she was not able to get him, Prithvi warn how they would get trapped but she assures that Preeta would be blamed for it all.

Preeta and Rishab are running to the corner, he requests the villagers to go and save Karan who is drowning in the dam but they all keep stopping Rishab, he is still yelling at them to save Karan. The luthra’s reach the location when Shristhi manages to spot Prithvi and so they all rush to catch him, the police slap Prithvi blaming him for harming Karan but he explains that Natasha and Roxy are the ones to blame as they pushed karan into the dam, the police open it but then Roxy manages to run away, Prithvi also pushes Kritika away, Sameer takes her to the dam.
Rishab along with everyone is trying their best to help karan and enter the dam but they are being stopped as the villagers say that there are crocodiles in the dam. Karan is trying his best to break free from the rocks but is not able to do it on his own and in the meantime the crocodile manages to reach Karan biting his leg, seeing this site breaks the Luthra’s who are heartbroken seeing what has happened, they are not able to control their tears.
Natasha and Roxy reach the house when Sherlin slaps her, questioning why did she kill karan when she was about to marry him, Roxy blames it all on Prithvi saying he is the one who ruined it all as they were about to put the entire blame on Preeta and Rishab but he managed to take off his mask and hand him over to the police, Roxy explains they have to leave the city tonight otherwise it would create a lot of problems for them, Sherlin questions where is Prithvi, Natasha replies he would be in his house, they do not know anything, Sherlin gets a text from prithvi revealing he has reached his house.

The entire Luthra family is sitting at the house, they are not even able to speak properly, the inspector enters the house informing they have found a body in the dam so they all must come to identify it, Preeta says he means that Karan is hurt but the inspector says he is aware of their condition but they can say all that they desire after the identification, Preeta is stunned.


Update Credit to: Sona

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