Main Hoon Saath Tere 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Janvi decisively ending her relationship with Pushkar, demanding he stay away from her and Kian. She forcefully ejects the drunken Pushkar from their home.

Janvi reassures Kian that Pushkar is no longer a part of their lives and urges him not to be concerned. She also apologizes to Reva for Pushkar’s unacceptable behavior. Reva supports Janvi’s decision, encouraging her not to worry. Sadhu, seizing the moment, expresses his approval of Janvi’s upcoming move to his place post-marriage, to which Janvi consents. Meanwhile, Kian is anxious about Aryaman’s delayed arrival.

Aryaman arrives at the Ashram intending to see Anya, but Vishan intervenes, claiming Anya is preoccupied with the children and suggests Aryaman return later. After Vishan departs, Lakshmi approaches him, requesting to use his phone for Parvati. Vishan, wary of deceit, refuses, citing rampant fraud. Aryaman, observing from a distance, steps in and offers his phone to Lakshmi, empathizing with her plight as a troubled mother.

A lawyer visits Janvi’s residence, and Sadhu questions his tardiness. The lawyer explains he was misled by a neighbor into believing Janvi and Sadhu were out, delaying his visit. Sadhu silently suspects Aryaman’s hand in this deception.

After Lakshmi returns Aryaman’s phone, he attempts to meet Anya, only to be told she’s busy with a photo session to boost her social media presence.

Lakshmi distributes gifts among the children, and one child requests an additional gift for an absent friend, showing Lakshmi a photo. Lakshmi remembers seeing Sadhu take the child, Sumit, away earlier.

Lakshmi shares her suspicion with Aryaman that the orphanage warden might be renting out children, citing Sumit’s absence as evidence. Aryaman vows to uncover the truth and enlists Lakshmi’s assistance.

As Sadhu prompts Janvi to sign some documents, she notices Kian’s absence and goes in search of him. Sadhu finds Kian, who initially resists but eventually complies after Sadhu’s manipulative comparison to Pushkar.

When Sadhu returns with Kian, Janvi, Reva, and Dadi are prepared to confront Sadhu with sticks. At that moment, Lakshmi arrives with the police, accusing Sadhu of abducting her son. In the heat of the argument, Sadhu inadvertently reveals he’s unmarried. Aryaman seizes the opportunity to have Anya record the altercation for social media.

The episode concludes with these dramatic revelations.

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