Main Hoon Saath Tere 12th June 2024 Written Episode Update

On a rainy night, Muralidhar approaches Aryaman and informs him that Brij Bhushan has requested his passport. Aryaman realizes Brij Bhushan has decided to send him to Australia. Muralidhar advises Aryaman to leave for Australia to avoid further trouble from Raina. Muralidhar also mentions he has set up an online account for Aryaman, showing him numerous friend requests from girls. Aryaman tells Muralidhar to stop focusing on girls all the time.

Muralidhar then asks Aryaman to place his hand on his heart and close his eyes, asking who he sees. Aryaman envisions Janvi but remains silent. Muralidhar deduces that Aryaman is troubled by Janvi’s issues and says his mind is frozen because of her. Aryaman firmly states he won’t tolerate any negative remarks about Janvi. Muralidhar confirms that Aryaman has feelings for Janvi and encourages him to admit it. Aryaman confesses that he started developing feelings for Janvi when she stood up for him in front of his father. Muralidhar comments on this revelation.

The next day, Kian prepares for school, unaware that he has been expelled. Pushkar sees an opportunity and offers to take Kian to school, which Kian accepts.

Aryaman decides he must tell Janvi the truth about his identity, revealing he is not Murali but Aryaman Bundela. He goes to Janvi’s house but finds it locked. Dadi informs him that Janvi has gone to break her provident fund, and Pushkar has taken Kian to school.

Suyesh informs Brij Bhushan that the hotel staff are unsettled by recent events, particularly Raina’s treatment of Janvi. Suyesh insists that they need to do justice for Janvi, and Brij Bhushan agrees.

At the hotel, Raina notices Janvi and learns she is there to break her provident fund. Raina publicly mocks Janvi, calling her foolish for almost marrying Sadhu. Janvi is visibly upset by Raina’s comments. Aryaman calls Janvi, urging her to go to the school immediately because Pushkar has taken Kian there, and Kian will be heartbroken when he learns about his expulsion.

Pushkar drops Kian at school, thinking his revenge will be complete once Kian learns he has been expelled. Kian tries to enter the school, but the security guard stops him, informing him of his expulsion. Kian is shocked.

Aryaman and Janvi arrive at the school and see Kian questioning the principal about his expulsion. Kian sees Janvi and asks her why he has been expelled. Raina arrives and tells Kian that he has been expelled because there is no father’s name on his birth certificate.

Precap: Raina announces the final round of tug of war and she requests Mr. Rathore and Kian’s father to appear on the stage for the competition.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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