Main Hoon Saath Tere 5th June 2024 Written Episode Update

Janvi arrives at the Bundela hotel and overhears the staff gossiping about her. She worries that Kian will be upset if he hears these rumors.

Meanwhile, Aryaman goes to Janvi’s house and discovers she’s not there. The neighbors inform him that she has gone to the hotel for her engagement.

At the hotel, Sadhu introduces his father, Hari Prasad Sadhu, and his mother, Aruna Sadhu, to Janvi and her family. Aruna suggests performing the Churi Bharna ritual for Janvi, to which Janvi agrees.

During the ritual, Janvi notices Kian crying and asks him what’s wrong. Pushkar interrupts, saying that dust got into Kian’s eyes. Janvi requests to spend some time with Kian before the engagement since everything is happening so quickly. She tries to talk to Kian.

The police arrive to check on Janvi, worrying that she might flee the city. Sadhu instructs Reva to take Kian inside. Janvi pleads with the police not to arrest her. Sadhu assures them that Janvi is innocent and will be proven so. He sends the police away.

Janvi talks to Ritu, expressing her concern that Kian would have been very hurt if he saw her being arrested. Ritu reassures her, saying that Sadhu handled the police and will do so again if needed.

Kian attempts to call Aryaman, but Pushkar stops him and takes the phone. Aryaman calls Janvi’s phone, but Pushkar answers. Aryaman urges Pushkar not to proceed with Sadhu and Janvi’s engagement, warning that Sadhu is a bad person. Pushkar dismisses Aryaman’s concerns and insists the engagement will happen. He later threatens Kian, forcing him to smile and then shows Janvi that Kian appears happy.

Janvi and Sadhu prepare for the ring ceremony. Janvi places the ring on Sadhu’s finger, but just as Sadhu is about to place the ring on Janvi’s finger, Aryaman interrupts, accusing Sadhu of being a cheater.

Pushkar demands proof of Aryaman’s accusation. Aryaman presents Swapna, explaining that Sadhu was caught with her on his lap in a trial room, and Kian witnessed it. Janvi asks Kian if this is true, and Kian confirms it. She asks why he didn’t tell her, and Aryaman explains that he asked Kian to stay quiet until they had proof. Aryaman then shows the gold chain he took from Swapna when he tried to catch her.

Brij Bhushan confronts Raina, saying that he trusted Aryaman on her recommendation, but Aryaman abandoned Alia in the middle of the road. Alia comments that she would have been better off hiring a guide. Brij Bhushan remarks on the situation.

Sadhu defends himself, asking Janvi if she really believes he would do such a thing. He shows a gold chain identical to the one Aryaman has, claiming it is the one Dadi gave him. Aryaman is surprised. Sadhu thinks to himself that it’s fortunate Swapna warned him about Aryaman taking the chain, allowing him to make a replica and wear it.

Sadhu insists that Kian only saw half the truth. He explains that Swapna tried to trap him by sitting on his lap in the trial room, but he intended to hand her over to the police. She escaped before he could. Sadhu also presents a letter he wrote to the police, stating that Swapna is a key figure in the escort racket and that he planned to catch her and turn her in after his engagement. He reassures Janvi that he intended to give the letter to the police after their engagement.

Precap: None.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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