Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 21st May : Shivam ka Toota Dil !

The episode begins with Supriya confiding in Saajeeri that Shivam is unlike his father. Saajeeri expresses her discomfort about marrying into the Mukadam family to Supriya, who advises her to voice her concerns about the proposal.

Shivam proposes to Saanchi, who is reminded of Nikhil. Saanchi apologizes to Shivam and reveals that she doesn’t love him as she is already engaged to another man. She walks away, leaving Shivam heartbroken. Shivam confronts Saanchi about playing with his feelings and questions why she took him to the hospital and started texting him if she didn’t love him. Saanchi clarifies that it was Saajeeri who took care of him and was the one texting him.

Supriya advises Saanchi to give serious thought to Shivam. Saajeeri informs Supriya that she was the one who took Shivam to the hospital and they have been communicating via text messages since then.

Shivam is devastated when he learns from Saanchi that he was actually communicating with Saajeeri because Saanchi didn’t like him. He is furious at being deceived and blames both Saajeeri and Saanchi for breaking his heart. Shivam expresses his hatred for Saajeeri and Saanchi. Saanchi tells Shivam that she doesn’t feel guilty for breaking his heart and points out that he lacks his own identity and everything he has is because of his family. She confesses her love for her boyfriend. Shivam accuses Saanchi of betraying him and insists that she should have told him earlier. Saanchi advises Shivam to calm down, but Shivam declares his intense hatred for Saajeeri and vows not to forgive either Saajeeri or Saanchi. Shivam storms off.

Adarsh shows Mandira a video clip of Shivam and Saajeeri, leaving Anjali shocked. Sharad shows Urmila video clips of Shivam and reveals that social media is spreading rumors about the Mukadam family. Vikram confronts Urmila with Nalini, accusing Nalini of causing chaos by aligning with Saajeeri for Shivam. Sharad suggests there might be some confusion. Nalini admits to Urmila that she spoke about Saajeeri. Urmila tells Nalini that she doesn’t want another girl like her as a daughter-in-law in the Mukadam family.

Saajeeri daydreams about Shivam, who appears before her and starts singing. Saajeeri falls in love with Shivam. Sangeeta wakes Saajeeri from her dream. Saajeeri tells Sangeeta that she forgot to bring her mother’s medicine.

In the next episode, Saanchi will tell Priti that she rejected Shivam’s proposal. Shivam will fall down in the road, and Saajeeri will come to his aid again.

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