Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Esha Arrested !

Sulochana apologise to Milind for taking advantage of his kindness, I found a friend and good human in you but I never understood it, Amruta Mansi, I am sorry for ruining your life, I never saw how my mistakes is ruining your life, I always thought I was right, I included you two in my games, and never thought of your life, and also kept destroying everyone’s life, so may be God punished me, I have no right to stay here, I am leaving, Milind says you deserve all happiness, for first time I saw my wife in you and so you won’t leave, Amruta says who will read me horoscope, Mansi says and my parlour partner, Mansi, Amruta, Milind hug Sulochana. Rajni thanks God.

Sumit pulls Esha aside, Esha says what nonsense is this, Sumit tells her whole truth.
Jaya thanks Sunny for helping Raghav Pallavi, Sunny says its nothing in front of mistakes I did, Jaya says you realised your mistake and that is enough

Esha walks in with Sumit and says Pallavi you are alive, such big game Raghav, and Sunny you too joined them, you called me sister, Sunny says I just joined the right and even you accept your mistakes, Esha says shutup, I was idiot to believe a person like you, Pallavi says and what kind of person you are, you say you love Raghav but look what you did to him and me who helped you, you were here ruining both of our lives, Raghav was dying in guilt because of you, first the spending night lie and then rape case, many women go through this rape pain, and you making fun of it, Raghav says women are fighting for this but because of women like you they don’t get help. Pallavi says you should be punished for all this. Raghav says police will be here anytime, I have sent them your confession.

Police walks in, Raghav says here, she is Esha Madhavan, who fake acuse of my rape as she confessed in video and her crime partner Sumit. Raghav plays confession video. Inspector scolds Esha for making fun of such serious matter, Esha says to everyone, I knew I was doing right, but I was mad in love and wanted to get Raghav and wouldn’t forgive myself for behaving this way with Pallavi, and if possible please forgive me, Sunny says Sumit has also kidnapped hotel waiter, Inspector says he is already under arrest for helping in crime.
Esha and Sumit are taken away.

Raghav hugs Pallavi, and says Esha gave me trouble, I hated myself when she left me, and then again she came back and ruined my life, I was suffocating in the guilt, it was easy to hate myself, first Appa and bhai and kept getting angry with myself, and then again hated myself because Esha left me because I was poor and so I easily believed Esha, when she said I cheated on you, but you Pallavi, your love changed me and taught me to love myself, for first time I feel I am not a bad person, thanks for giving me this peace Pallavi. Pallavi hugs him. Sunny and Keerti smile at eachother.
Jaya says now go freshen up, I will serve food. Pallavi and Raghav leave.
Jaya thinks of her husband and says your both kids are on right track, and are happy, we are complete as a family now.

Pallavi and Raghav in their room, Pallavi says I love you Raghav, and sorry for all that you had to go because of me, you said I gave you peace and you made me strong, I was affected by first marriage and after kept trying to fit in, but you came and challenged me, and brought that Pallavi out who even I didn’t know, you taught me what being fearless is, even I am a Lady Don because of you, of my love gave you peace, you gaceyme fearlessness. Pallavi kisses Raghav’s forehead and thanks him.
Raghav pulls her close and kisses her and says this os how I say welcome for your thankyou, now lets go have food and then you can keep saying thankyou, smiles and leaves.

Pre cap: Pallavi and Raghav get married again.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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