Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : ESha Attacked !

Raghav gets call from Esha he ignores it, he gets a message from her saying I want to meet you, Raghav says I don’t stop calling me or messaging me. Esha replies please just one time. Raghav gets a call and he shouts stop calling me, Lakshmi says that is not possible, I have to talk to you about your Varangal visit come to police station, Raghav asks what you want, Lakshmi says come to police station.

Sharda on call with Jaya, she asks where is Pallavi, Jaya says she left for work and did you hear about Keerti, Sharda says yes congratulations, Jaya says I am arranging Pooja do come with family, Sharda says sure.

Lakshmi asks Raghav why was he hitting the man in Varanagal, Raghav says if it is legal tell me I willl come with my lawyer, don’t call me otherwise, Lakshmi says your irritation shows something is wrong, I will find the truth.
Raghav reaches home, Pallavi says you have a visitor, Raghav sees Esha, Esha says Mr. Dasari sent agreement papers, its urgent, Pallavi says you both sit in Den I will send you coffee.

Raghav and Esha in Den, Esha holds Raghav’s hand and says you left yesterday, Raghav says I don’t want to talk about it, Esha says I know situation is complex, whatever happened yesterday was precious I won’t spoil the memory, I met the old us yesterday, Raghav says do you understand what is happening, I don’t care what you think of yesterday but for me its a huge mistake, I am a married man and I love my wife a lot and whatever happened last night I was imagining Pallavi and not you, you were my past, my present and future is Pallavi and without her I can’t imagine my life, Esha says I understand, bye and leaves.

Pallavi walks in with coffee and asks where is Esha, Raghav says she left, Pallavi says okay you have coffee then. Raghav says I don’t feel like.
Esha gets to her house and sees Sumit and gets shocked, Esha says what are you doing here and how did you come inside, Sumit says duplicate keys, how can I leave my Ex wife alone, Esha says just go, Sumit says why your boyfriend is coming, Esha shouts at him, Sumit says we married and you will be my wife for ever, no paper can deny that, be with anyone you want but you always will be my ex wife. Esha says be in your limits, Sumit says that day your boyfriend and now you, both want to teach me limits, anyways I am perfect and now give me money, will you or should I ask your lover. Esha throws money at him and says get lost.

Pallavi aaya Raghav tomorrow we have Satyanarayana pooja go late office and sees Raghav has fallen asleep, Pallavi looks at him and leans towards him, gives a kiss and says Good Night ans hugs him and goes to sleep, Raghav opens hus eyes when Pallavi falls asleep, he remembers last night and holds her hand and thinks will situation get normal between us, I am sorry Pallavi I made huge mistake.

Jaya and Pallavi making Pooja arrangements, and asks is Raghav staying right, Pallavi says I tried but he was asleep also he is so lost since he is back, Jaya says may because of what he saw in Varanagal he is disturbed, Pallavi sees Raghav and asks will he have breakfast, Raghav says I am not hungry, Keerti walks to everyone reading news says one more suicide case, and this is 4th case in month, this girl committed suicide because she broke up with her boyfriend who does all this just for a boy, Jaya says you better don’t speak about that, Pallavi says I am not supporting suicide but people break when their partner hurts them, I would never forget and forgive if someone would do that to me.

Raghav gets call from Dasari and he asks him any idea where is Esha, she isn’t receiving calls after she left your house and from the time she is back from Varangal she is so disturbed and doesn’t focus in work too. Raghav says okay and thinks about suicide news and says there is urgent meeting and leaves.

Sunny with Lakshmi, she asks him does he know Esha, Sunny says do you, Lakshmi says tell me don’t ask me, Sunny thinks let’s find motive first and then play, Sunny says I heard Raghav say something about her, Lakshmi says look in this video Raghav is hitting Sumit, Esha’s ex husband and so find me her relation with Raghav and here’s Sumit’s address you will need it.
Raghav goes to Esha’s house, Esha tied to chair inside so can’t open door, Raghav tries calling and knocking door, Esha some how pushes flower pot to sign Raghav, Raghav hears and starts banging door hard, and breaks it, he sees Esha tied to chair and rushes to her for help, he unties her, Esha hugs him, Raghav asks who did all this, Esha says Sumit did this last night, I am so scared Raghu.

Pre cap:Esha says to Raghav I am not asking you to cut ties with Pallavi, I just want my place,hold my hand if you have one littel feeling for me.
Pallavi opens door and sees Raghav and Esha holding hands and asks Raghav what all is this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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