Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Esha Dares Pallavi !

Pallavi finishes packing sweets and sees she has been locked from outside and tries to call for help but no one listen because of loud music, Pallavi looks around for mobile but doesn’t find it.

Raghav gets home and about to stop loud music, Sunny stops him and says this music is relaxing for my baby and Keerti. Raghav says okay. Raghav asks Dilip where is Pallavi, Sunny says she went out. Raghav says she was going to give me sweets for old age home, Raghav tries calling Pallavi, phone vibrates in Sunny’s pocket. Raghav says she isnt receiving call too, whats wrong with her why has she become so careless, Esha walks to Raghav and asks what is wrong why is he worried, Raghav tells about sweets and asks did she talk to Pallavi, Esha says no but I have sweets I had ordered for house but they delivered sugar free by mistake, I any way was going to return it, you can have it if you want, but its not for more people, Raghav says okay get it thank you, Esha looks at Sunny and smiles and leaves

Raghav trying to reach Pallavi, Raghav sees sweet box and says Esha but sees Pallavi and asks where were you Pallavi, I thought you didn’t make sweets, Pallavi says I promised you, Raghav says thats great, tell Esha I don’t need her help and leaves. Pallavi switches off music, Sunny hears Esha’s voice to help her open door, Pallavi says go your friend is calling you. Sunny goes help Esha, Esha says why did you lock me, Sunny says I didn’t, Esha asks who then, Pallavi says I did and how could you think Esha you will play games with me and I won’t understand and you know right I am not dumb, and you have solution for all problems first Panditji, then designs missing, and now sugar free sweets, I thought a lot and then O came to conclusion, that its either you behind it or you are lucky enough to have solutions and only God can do that, and you arent and when designs went missing, I obvious doubted Sunny but what must be his motive then I saw you giving Raghav designs, and then I figured everything, that may be even you are with Sunny and so I did this sweet drama to make sure its you too and when Sunny locked me, I had kept spare key ready and when Esha went to get sweets I locked her, I understood your game but why, you are his ex but I still helped you, it wasn’t easy, whole family was against you but I was with you, why.

Esha says Pallavi why will I do this, I genuinely was helping Raghav and it was just coincidence, you helped me and I why will I do this to you, you are my sister, Pallavi says do this drama somewhere else, learn something from Sunny, he is straight forward, and you think my kindness is a thing to use, enough now, its time for result, and as I got you here, I will throw you out, pack your bags because you are leaving today.
Esha says Pallavi I wish this was so easy, you got me here but will go on my wish, you will not be able to throw me out, Pallavi says really why, and I remember this house and Raghav are mine and you are unwanted, Esha says I have confidence on my fate, I met Raghav after so long and destiny brought us under one roof, Sunny smiling seeing Esha challenge Pallavi, Pallavi says fate has its own way to show a person his real face, and don’t forget destiny had already made Raghav mine and your fate is playing with you and my relationships here are so strong and I guarantee you won’t be spared now and the good friend I am, the worst enemy I am, and discuss with your partner he had faced everything.

Sulochana sees Milind very happy and dressed and carrying a gift and gets to thinking what is wrong.

Raghav gets home and says Pallavi it was a wonderful day and all thanks to you, Pradeep uncle said he wishes to have something like this every month and all miss her there and so she wjll accompany him next time, Raghav sees Pallavi worried and asks whats wrong, Pallavi says I want to share something regarding Esha, Raghav says I know, she called me and told me that you two fight and she wants to go to avoid any misunderstanding, and lose a good friend like you, so I stopped her, Esha walks in and says don’t stop me Raghav, you two have already helped me a lot, Raghav says there is no solution to Sumit yet so you won’t leave, Esha says okay, Raghav leaves to attend a call.

Sulochana following Milind, Milind sees her following him and says she is following me I have to hide and runs taking help of a passing car and hides

Esha says to Pallavi, you will throw me out and I will leave never, I knew you will find it some day and you said learn from my partner so here, and now lets have one on one and so I accept all was planned by me because I want my Raghu back, you may have married him but I want my right back, destiny has got us together and I challenge you I will take my Raghu back and you can’t do anything because you came in between and it’s always first love who wins and our incomplete love will unite this time

Pre cap: Pallavi says Raghav we have to Keep Esha in safe house, Raghav says right pack bags Esha.
Pallavi says to Esha, things here happen as I say.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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