Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Esha Shoots Pallavi

Esha says Pallavi, Raghav chose me and will stay with me not you, Pallavi says Raghav is this true, Raghav says if I don’t go with her, I will loose my family and money, Pallavi says shame on you Raghav, you are such a coward and liar, you were dying for my forgiveness and now you want to go to her for money, Esha this is all your fault and I won’t leave you, I will kill you, and removes gun from drawer and points at Esha, Raghav says calm down Pallavi, don’t do this, Pallavi says I won’t, Esha deserve this, Raghav pushes Pallavi, Pallavi droos gun, Esha picks it up and points at Pallavi, Raghav says Esha have you lost it now, Esha says she has insulted me a lot, Raghav says keep the gun down, Esha says I can’t stand her anymore and will finish her forever and shoots Pallavi. Pallavi falls on chair.

Sunny trying to reach Esha and thinks Esha isnt picking call and Sumit has asked me to keep Amma and Jaya stay here more, something big is happening and says Keerti lets wait some more time, Raghav and Pallavi must be in their way. Keerti and Jaya say okay. Sharda says Jaya have food, you didn’t eat anything yet. Sulochana walks in and says I will arrange dinner, Milind thinks Rajni is so good.

Raghav says Pallavi open your eyes this can’t happen, Esha call ambulance quickly, Esha says she is dead, leave her, Raghav says I can’t leave her, Pallavi can’t leave me, Esha says think practically she is dead, and if we go hospital we will be caught, Raghav says you will be caught because you killed Pallavi, I was ready to give you everything but why did you do so, Esha says if I go jail, so will you, so clear this mess, lets manage her dead body and no one finds anything, Raghav says I can’t do this to Pallavi, Esha says think properly, Esha gets call from Sunny, door bell rings, Raghav goes check, Esha follows him.

Jaya says dinner is done too, stilo Raghav Pallavi aren’t here, Amruta says Pallavi’s phone is switched off and Raghav’s phone is not reachable, Jaya says we will go home and check and food was yummy, Sharda says Sulochana cooked it. Sulochana thinks this is right time to make Milind tell truth, he thinks I am the other woman.

Its Dilip at door, he says I forgot wallet and takes it and leaves. Esha says thank god he was just a servant, lets go now, deal with Pallavi’s dead body,
Jaya Keerti about to leave, Shada says I hope things go back to normal when Pallavi tells what she has too, Jaya says even I hope so.

Raghav and Esha near water. Raghav says you keep watch here, I will get Pallavi’s body and brings a jute bag, Esha says why is body is jute bag, Raghav says because no one should recognise her and throws in water. Raghav says Pallavi doesn’t deserve this, Esha says I know, even I didn’t want to do this with her, now forget her and lets support each other and do as I say, for now go and delete CCTV footage and tell everyone you don’t know where Pallavi is, and I will take back case tomorrow and you forgive me and allow me to stay and then we will hr together for ever and hugs Raghav.

Milind says Rajni you acted so well as Sulochana even I didn’t recognise, Sulochana says what of people find I am not Sulochana, Milind says Rajni don’t worry, Sulochana thinks oh so her name is Rajni, Milind says my wife is already shocked and can’t prove she is Sulochana and you aren’t, now you clean here, I will manage kitchen. Milind sees Rajni on staircase and realises he has messed and spoke to Sulochana as Rajni. Milind signs her to leave.

Jaya, Sunny, Keerti get home, Jaya finds Pallavi’s earring and says what is ber earring doing here, Raghav walks in, Jaya asks where is Pallavi, Raghav says I don’t know why, Keerti says she left Deshmukh house long back to get you, Raghav says I didn’t see her, I was busy with client and then I left with client and just walked in, Jaya says but Pallavi, Raghav says I don’t know, I am tired and leaves. Sunny thinks something is really fishy.

Raghav goes to his room and locks door and knocks the bathroom door and says come out you are safe. Pallavi opens the door, and hugs Raghav. Raghav asks is she fine, Pallavi says I am and I missed you so much and did Esha find anything, Raghav says no she didn’t infact she told me about her plan too, and you are intelligent then me, Raghav says but blood, Pallavi says it was tomato ketchup and good we already met before Esha entered….

( Pallavi rushes in Rao house happy, Raghav sees her, Pallavi in tears goes hug him, Raghav asks what’s wrong, is everything fine, and what were you going to tell, Pallavi says you are innocent, nothing happened between you and Esha in Varangal and tells how she found it and he doesn’t remember anything because his alcohol had anesthetic tablets and even Esha being in Varangal was planned by Esha, she did a this to get you back and so now nothing was working she filed rape case against you, Raghav says how can Esha do this, Pallavi says now we will answer Esha in her terms…..)

Pallavi hugs Raghav.

Pre cap: Pallavi says to Raghav, we have to scare Esha so much that she will confess her crimes. Raghav says yes Raghavi is back.

Raghav says Esha to impress Amma make her Suji Halwa.
Esha opens bowl and says my Halwa where did it go.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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