Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Esha Spills Warangal ONS to Pallavi

Pallavi says to Esha, I know Sunny was behind current because you arent that stupid that you will do something and get trap yourself and you think you will behave this win and get Raghav back, why are you falling so low, you aren’t alone who had a breakup, there are many in this world and stop this cheap behaviour and get on right path and stop destroying your and our life, and Raghav just loves me, Esha says Raghav doesn’t love you and only loves me, Pallavi says enough Esha stop crossing yours limits or else I will throw you out and even Amma can’t stop me this time, Esha smiles and says okay do a thing go ask your husband, why hasn’t he given you right of a husband and what was he doing in Varangal and spent night with me so easily, Pallavi slaps Esha and says I can’t stand you here anymore and you are leaving right away.

Pallavi angry walks out and sees media, Raghav is asked who is your inspiration behind Jayti Jewels design, Raghav sees Pallavi and says whe is my inspiration, she made me a better person and gave my life a aim, everyone gets a pain from past and doesn’t let you move but for me Pallavi helped me move on and this success is all because of Pallavi, Pallavi is asked what does Raghav mean to you, Pallavi says he gave me family and love, I lost my parents when I was little, then got married right after college but my ex husband died on first night, and I hated that phase so much, I lived a aimless life, Esha seeing the interview.

Pallavi says to reporters I wanted to be important, wanted to be someone’s priority and then I married Raghav and found everything I was missing infact more, Raghav taught me to live a happy life, made me feel safe, and gave me this beautiful family and I trust my husband and know he won’t break it, or cheat on me, he fulfilled my dream and me Pallavi, Pallavi sees Esha and says I got this with great difficulty and won’t let it go and let anyone break my family and holds Raghav’s hand.

Milind breaks a button and goes scold Sulochana for it and says can’t you see the button is broken, Sulochana says stop shouting and go change I will fix this later from tailor, Milind says why tailor, and who will pay for that, Sulochana says why behave so weird, Milind says I behave this way only and what is this always behind proving wrong infront of others, I cant handle this anymore, Sulochana says okay then I am going to my parents house, and I know you have an affair, Milind says what nonsense, Sulochana says I won’t return even when you will beg, Milind says okay.

Raghav locks him in his room and thinks about how Pallavi trusts him but he broke it, he looks ar their wedding photos, and says no, and shouts in pain, and says Pallavi sorry, I broke your trust and destroyed everything, I cheated you, I promised you happiness but no I gave you pain the biggest pain, what have I done, finally my life was getting normal and there was happiness but I ruined everything, Pallavi I don’t deserve you, because I have always done wrong to you since the beginning, Good Raghav says how long will you be weak this way, all your life you put yourself in situations which gave you guilt and sadness and you have learnt nothing from your past,

Raghav shouts what will I do, how can I fix this, Good Raghav says you are still that Raghav who lost his brother and father and mother and sister left him, everything got normal except you, the old Raghav is still in there, you hate losing people and scared of it and became selfish, you should not feel the pain of people leaving you and so you do these mistakes and think of others too, think about Pallavi, how she must be feeling, she is a good girl, and has all right to know the truth and if she wants to leave, you can’t stop her, learn to leave with your consequences, Pallavi will never cheat you and so you shouldn’t too, go tell her truth and be selfless and all your guilt will go away.

Raghav goes to Esha’s room and sees Pallavi’s designs in her cupboard and says this is Pallavi’s handwriting, and says Esha stole it, Esha walks in and asks what are you doing here, Raghav says tell me what are these designs doing here, this is Pallavi’s handwriting, Esha says why will I do this and I am sure Pallavi must have done this to make you hate me, she had told me you gifted her Jewellery design saree, so she must have copied it and put it here, so that you doubt me, she is insecure of me,

Raghav says shut up, Esha says Pallavi even tried killing me, she had planned that switch board thing, she knew I will get the shock, she cant see our relationship, Raghav shouts what relation and pushes Esha away and says what we did was the biggest mistake and Pallavi can never do all this, she trusts me a lot, but you are insecure and I can see that, Esha says but I don’t know how all this happen but only one thing matters that I am going to tell Pallavi truth and she will ask you to leave and you have to because I don’t want this guilt and close this chapter.

Esha stops Raghav and says that night means nothing to you, Raghav shouts no don’t you understand, I was under alcohol influence, it was my biggest mistake in life and I will clear this out with Pallavi, Raghav sees Pallavi heard everything.

Pre cap: Raghav at Deshmukh’s trying to talk to Pallavi, Pallavi slaps Raghav and says you don’t love me because if you did, you won’t sleep with Esha, Raghvi has ended now, and you are reason for this relation to end.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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