Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Esha Terror Struck !

Keerti in her room, Sunny walks in and thinks Keerti is hiding something from me, I have to find out now. Sunny says to Keerti I just saw you Amma, Raghav, discussing something serious, and changed topic when I walked in, Keerti says not at all we were just discussing news. Sunny says don’t you think Raghav is behaving weird he has forgiven Esha and got her home too. Keerti says you are right, Raghav is acting weird and I asked him too but he ignored, Sunny asks did you talk to Pallavi about it, Keerti says no, I haven’t spoke to her since many days and my brother is acting mad why should I bother her and you should be happy your so called sister is back, Sunny says just timepass I call her sister, Keerti says Sunny I think you should focus on your life than others, you haven’t been to Studio too past so many days, you will loose all your clients, Sunny says don’t worry I am connected with clients on social media, Keerti says but that won’t help earn, Sunny says I will manage and leaves.

Raghav walks in his Den and locks door and says Pallav, you know Esha is so scared, Pallavi says good, Raghav pulls Pallavi close and says dont you want to do anything else, Pallavi look’s at him says no, Raghav goes close to her, Pallavi steps back, Raghav says where will you Mrs. Rao and holds her hand. Raghav about to kiss her, Pallavi’s phone rings. Raghav says wrong timing, Pallavi says its Amruta I have to go, Raghav says please don’t go. Pallavi says its important please let me go. Pallavi says I qm going by back door don’t forget to close it, Raghav sats come back soon. Pallavi leaves.

Sunny sees Pallavi walk out from back door, and says why is she here and using back door.
Pallavi and Amruta laugh on Esha’s reaction, Amruta says I am happy things are working, Pallavi says Amma and Keerti are helping too, Amruta says I am sure Esha won’t confess fast, she will find other ways, Pallavi says right and Sunny is biggest threat, Amruta tells her about Sulochana Vs Rajni competition, Pallavi by mistake tells her about Milind’s plan, and says please don’t tell anyone and just help Kaka. Amruta says I wish all things work.

Esha trying to sleep keeps thinking of Pallavi, and how Jaya was possessed, she becomes restless and says this can’t be imagination, is Pallavi really ghost, this can’t happen. Esha drinks water, and looks around, Raghav peeks in Esha’s room and says plan is working, Esha this is just beginning of what you are getting in return for troubling us.

Esha wakes up next day and falls sleepy again, Keerti walks in and says I got you tea, Esha says thank you, Keerti looks at Esha and acts as if possessed by Pallavi, and says this tea has poison, Esha says what are you saying Keerti, Keerti says it’s Pallavi and now I will kill you like you did and will keep doing this till I kill you, Esha gets scared and shouts, Raghav and Sunny walk in, and says Keerti gave me poison tea, Keerti says what nonsense are you talking you threw tea I got for you, Esha says you just acted like Pallavi and gave me poison, Keerti says I tried to be friends with you and you in return blaming me only, look Sunny how your so called sister behaves with your wife, Sunny says Esha you can’t talk to my wife this way. Raghav says one minute and takes Esha aside and says do you want everyone to know Pallavi’s truth, Esha says I can’t stay here, I am so scared, Raghav says relax you don’t have to go anywhere, now rest I will think of something, Raghav says lets go everyone, let Esha rest.

Sharda announces cooking competition, Milind thinks Rajni cooks good, Sulochana thinks I heard Rajni cooks good I have to do something, Sulochana says lets have Maharastrian style. Amruta, Sharda, Mansi agree. Rajni confused how she will cook Maharashtrian.

Esha starts packing and says I can’t stay in this haunted house, I am leaving I need peace. Esha’s room light’s start flickering, she gets more scared, door gets locked.
Esha shouts Raghav for help, she sees Pallavi in her closet and shouts, Pallavi holds her neck, Esha says leave me alone, don’t kill me, Pallavi says I won’t spare you, you killed me, separated me from Raghav, I will kill you, Esha shouts please Pallavi let me go. Raghav shooks Esha and says why are you acting weird, Esha says Pallavi was here I don’t want to stay here I am going, Raghav shouts in anger and says who do you think I am the old Raghu, who will listen to your every nonsense, heard me carefully, I do what I want, because of you I lost my Pallavi, just shutup and stay here.

Pre cap:Esha says this Pallavi is dead and still not leaving me alone.Sunny says I saw her in this house
Sunny finds the truth, and says to Keerti and Amma, I know the truth and have sent Esha to check at Deshmukh’s and now will call her and tell her truth, Raghav hears that

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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