Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Esha Tries to Get Close to Raghav !

Doctor treats Esha’s hand and says her hand is fractured and she needs to rest, Pallavi asks Esha how is she doing, Esha says I am fine and sorry for all the trouble Raghav, I went office and he kidnapped, I didn’t know he would go to this extent, Pallavi says forget it rest now.
Pallavi says to Raghav, its not safe for Esha to even step out of house, Farhad tells Raghav, they didn’t get any refund but they are ready to offer another fight, Raghav says Pallavi lets postpone the trip Sumit has become very dangerous, Farhad says don’t cancel I am here, Pallavi says Farhad, Raghav is right lets stay here for sometime. Jaya hears that and says why cancel because of that girl, Keerti says we are here to take care of Esha, Pallavi says we are just postponing and we will go later, Jaya says I knew this will happen, Esha is ruining everything here, Pallavi says don’t worry all will be fine.

Sunny visits Esha, and asks how is she doing, and apologise because he couldn’t help her, Esha claps her hand and starts laughing, Sunny says you are such goid actress I really thought you were hurt when Raghav got you, Esha says when Raghav and Sumit were fighting that cupboard was beside me and so I acted as it, it hurt me and thank God Sumit helped us, Sunny says because I have met him before and now this fake broken hand will give you real Raghav.
Sumit asks Sunny to pay him, Sunny says I had told you not let Esha leave till he gets money and now when whole property is going to be there’s why worry.

Amruta walks to Milind and says I know it may sound odd but think and tell me, Milind ask what is it, Amruta says read this card, Milind says why you giving me councellor card, Mansi says we want you to meet doctor, Milind asks why, I don’t need help, I am not going anywhere, Vijay says Milind listen to them, go talk to doctor, tell me what problem you have, Milind says I don’t have any problem, Sulochana says look I told you he won’t listen, Milind says oh this women is behind this plan and leaves angry

Raghav sees Esha struggling to have soup,and goes help her, Esha says I so hate myself, I feel so angry I can’t even have soup by myself, Raghav feeds her soup, Pallavi sees them, and thinks did I make mistake bringing Esha home, was Amma right. Raghav walks out and sees Pallavi lost in thoughts and asks what are you doing here, Pallavi says I saw you with Esha and felt Esha still have feelings for you, Raghav says how can you think all this, I was just helping her, Pallavi says calm down why get angry I just shared my feelings, Raghav says God knows what you are thinking and leaves. Esha peaks out and smiles

Keerti sees Pallavi worried for Raghav, and says shall I help in unpacking and asks why is she so worried, Pallavi says Keerti I saw Raghav feed Esha soup and I felt very jealous and bad and spoke to Raghav about it, I wasn’t doubting him but just discussing but he got angry and left, Keerti thinks you have no idea what has happened poor thing
Farhad sees Raghav sitting alone and asks him what is wrong and why isn’t he receiving calls, Raghav says battery is dead, and says Farhad I am in guilt, whenever I try to make things right, I make mistakes and break their promises, I don’t deserve their love
Keerti says Raghav will come back Pallavi, don’t worry, Pallavi says I think things have changed between us, like Raghav is not near me and I don’t know why he is so worried weather its business or something else,I just want to help him,Keerti aske how, Pallavi says I don’t know.

Raghav says ro Farhad I wish I had no guilt and why can’t I be like Pallavi, selfless, she is what she says, how can someone be so nice, Farhad says why are you crying, Raghav says I got angry at Pallavi and it wasn’t her fault, Farhad says go talk to her then, you are good man, Raghav says okay thanks for cheering me, and you gave off to everyone right, you know what it is, Farhad says I remember and leaves

Esha says Sunny I am so happy, Raghav fed me soup, and situation was so intense he had to be there for me and Pallavi not liking it, it is so much fun, Sunny says I have one more plan which will ruin relationship between Pallavi and Raghav.

Milind sees Rajini, feeding an old man and asks what are you doing Sulochana, Rajni says I am Rajni no Sulochana, and I feed him past a month, and you sit have idli, anger is not good for health, this idli will cure your hunger and anger and feeds Milind Idli.

Sunny and Esha walk to Pallavi and talk about Jaya’s birthday, Pallavi thinks oh its Amma’s birthday no one told me. Esha says Sunny ask Keerti, Sunny says she won’t help, I could ask Pallavi but we don’t get along, Esha says let’s go shop online come. Pallavi falls for Sunny’s trap and says its going to be special for Raghav and Amma let me plan something special.

Pre cap:Raghav asks Pallavi to design Jewellery, Sunny hears that and informs Esha. Esha steals Pallavi’s designs.
Pallavi plans party for Jaya, Raghav, Keerti and Jaya walk in white, Raghav tells Pallavi it’s worst day for them as it’s his father’s and brothers death anniversary.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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