Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Esha Under Suspicion !

Raghav about to break Pallavi’s fast, Esha acts as if she us fainting, Raghav rushes to Esha and saves her from falling down. Keerti says did she fast too, Sulochana says she might have, Milind says give her some water, Raghav gives her water. Esha wakes up, Pallavi asks are you fine, Sulochana asks did you fast, Esha says no I didn’t actually I didn’t eat because if work, I will go rest, you all continuem Keerti and Jaya don’t like it. Sharda says thank god she is fine, Pallavi Raghav complete your ritual. Raghav breaks Pallavi’s fast. Sulochana says now lets go eat I am very hungry.
Keerti calls Pallavi aside and says I think Esha has done this purposely to break her fast I have seen in movie, Pallavi says this is not a movie, Jaya says I agree to Keerti, lets go check her room, Keerti and Jaya leave

Esha breaking her fast in her room watching Raghav’s photo and says I waited for this since long Raghu and my love is real for you, I feel so nice to see care in your eyes and its sign we are made for eachother.
Keerti, Jaya, Pallavi reach Esha’s room and see she is sleeping, they about to leave, Esha asks how come you all here, Pallavi says we came to check on you, we hope you are fine, Esha says yes, all leave and Sunny comes out of closet holding pooja plate and says we got just saved, I heard Pallavi and Keerti talk and I told you they spying on you and Pallavi had doubts too this why she came here, and what would happen if they would see you do pooja, no one is yours here other than me so please trust me and I will help you reuinte Raghav. Esha says thank Sunny, I am confused so please leave now, Sunny says okay but your brother Sunny is always with you

Milind sneaks into his bedroom, opens cupboard, Sulochana in dark sees someone infront of cupboard and slowly attacks from behind by covering his face, and shouts thief, Nikhil and others rush in and see Milind, Mansi asks what all is this, Milind says I am here to find about her Rajni act.

Pallavi making breakfast and in hurry, Esha walks to Pallavi and asks why is she so worried, Pallavi says I am just in hurry, will you help me cook Sabudana Khichdi, don’t add peanuts Raghav is allergic, Esha says I know Raghav is allergic.
Farhad tells Raghav tickets are booked.
Esha cooking for Raghav and says after so long I cooked for Raghu, let me go tell Pallavi and leaves. Sunny sees Esha leave and goes add peanuts in khichdi.

Raghav tells everyone on breakfast table, he and Pallavi are going Maldives tomorrow, Keerti and Jaya say you two needed this, Pallavi says Esha cooked this Khichdi, Raghav says carry lot of beach wear, anti tan lotions. Pallavi serves him khichdi, Raghav eats it and starts choking, Jaya says he is having peanut allergy, Pallavi says I asked Esha not to, Esha says I didn’t, Pallavi rushes to get Medicine.
Pallavi gives Raghav medicine, Pallavi says Sunny help me rest Raghav on sofa.
Jaya says who asked Esha to go in kitchen, Keerti says because of her carelessness my brother would die, Esha says I didn’t, Keerti says you were a liar and always will be, Esha says enough Keerti don’t cross limits and leaves, Pallavi says leave her Keerti, Raghav come rest in your room.

Sunny goes to Esha and asks is she going office, Esha says yes and os Raghav fine, Sunny says yes and why would anything happen to him, Pallavi plays safe games, its Pallavi who added peanut, didn’t you see how she rush to get medicine, Esha says but why will she do, Sunny says to make everyone hate you, these are her game plans, this is how she married Raghav, why do you think Raghav will marry such middle class widow, she sent her ex husband jail too, she even tried to create differences between me and Keerti and only you deserve to be called Mrs. Raghav Rao and not Pallavi.

Pre cap: Raghav asks Pallavi to make a design.
Sunny tells Esha about it and Esha takes them.
Pallavi says Raghav I saw you feeding Esha soup, you still have feelings for her,Raghav says you have lost it and leaves.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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