Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Isha & Raghav Get Drunk !

Sunny and Pallavi reach check post, Lakshmi doesn’t allow them to go says there is curfew and if it wasn’t I would still not allow you too, Pallavi says its not time for personal grudges and you can’t stop a wife from seeing her husband. Lakshmi says I am stopping a citizen and its for your safety, and we are taking you to police station for safe reasons and not arresting, we will release you when curfew is cancelled.

Raghav says Esha I understand but now sleep, Esha says am I making you uncomfortable, our fate has got us together so one request, don’t ask me to sleep, I don’t want to lose this moment, for our old friendship sake lets chat and I promise I won’t bore you, we will talk a lot and also we have to finish this whiskey, Raghav says no way, Esha says you given up so quickly, are you scared, Raghav says you will lose, Esha says lets see and makes drinks. Esha gets drunk, Raghav gets drunk too.
Raghav says you are a cheater, Esha says just like old days cry baby, Raghav says lets go for another round I will show you.

Pallavi and Sunny in jail, Pallavi worried she can’t even reach Farhad, Pallavi asks constable where is Lakshmi, Constable says she is on check post duty we will leave you once curfew is finished. Sunny says to Pallavi this is all because of you, because of you even I am stuck and if something happens to me I will take lot of compensation from your Husband.
Pallavi makes Farhad a call from Police landline.

Raghav and Esha finish drink, Raghav says I won, you are a cheater and now Good Night, Raghav gets up to sleep on sofa but crashes on bed. Esha walks to him, switches of the lights, Esha says I dreamed this moment so many times, I am so happy you are again with me, I wish this night never ends, and touches Raghav’s face. Raghav drunk turns around and imagines Esha as Pallavi, and says Pallavi you are here I missed you so much, you shining in this light and looking so beautiful. Esha says what did you say, Raghav says Pallavi sorry you felt bad, please don’t go, come near me. Esha says you taking someone else’s name but I am happy you near me because I love you so much. Esha kisses Raghav.

Pallavi informs Keerti about situation, and asks her did she talk to Farhad, Keerti says Farhad did come but he said comissioner is very busy, and went to see someone esle and please give Sunny the call. Sunny says Keerti where did you trap me. Pallavi thinks Raghav I don’t know what to do and hope you are fine.

Sunny asleep on bench, Lakshmi walks in and asks where is Pallavi , Constable says she left when curfew was finished.
Pallavi in auto, Sunny sees her leave in auto. Keerti calls Pallavi and asks did she get location, Farhad found it with great difficulty, Pallavi says yes I left and there is some network too and I just hope he is fine, Keerti says he is don’t worry. Pallavi calls Raghav, Raghav wakes up with hangover and sees Esha beside him, and remember last night they drank a lot. Raghav sees Pallavi is calling him.
Pallavi gets more worried, Pallavi nears the location and says Raghav don’t worry your Pallavi is coming near you.

Raghav sees he is shirtless, quickly wears it. Pallavi pays auto and gets inside the hotel. Raghav tensed seeing Esha in his bed and says idiot what did you do Raghav. Raghav finds his car keys and gets out. Pallavi sees there is no receptionist. Raghav walks to reception but Pallavi get into talks with staff and Raghav leaves.

Pallavi turns around thinks its Raghav but its Sunny and says what is your problem how did you leave without me. Pallavi says I did try and you were least interested in finding Raghav, Sunny says where do you get all this from. Pallavi gets call from Raghav, Raghav says I am fine and I left for Hyderabad, Pallavi says okay and looses network again.
Pallavi tells Sunny, Raghav is fine. Pallavi sees Ganpati Bappa Idol and prays thanks for saving Raghav.

Edha walks out of room and sees Pallavi, Sunny sees Esha starring at Pallavi and then hiding and thinks who is she why is she hiding, Pallavi says Sunny lets go. Sunny says I have to go washroom you go ahead. Pallavi leaves. Sunny sits on sofa again. Esha enquiries at reception where is Raghav. Sunny finds its suspicious.

Pre cap:Sunny asks reception what is her name and what was she doing here. Receptionist say her name is Esha and she was here with Raghav last night.
Esha in her car says you can’t be silent after what happened last night and can’t ignore me.
Pallavi asks Raghav why is he disturbed since he returned and how long will he lie, she knows who he was with and what was he doing.Raghav surprised

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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