Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Isha Slapped !

Raghav sees Esha in her room and walks to her and says I told you stay away from me, why did you come here, Esha says Pallavi got me here, and where will I go, since you came in my life back nothing is right, first I spend a night with my ex boyfriend and then my ex husband attacks me and then Deshmukh threw me out too, your wife got me here, I am not planning all this, even I am worried and tensed and you behaving as if that night was all my fault, you were equally at fault too and hugs Raghav crying.
Pallavi looking around for Raghav, Sunny sees Esha hugging Raghav, and Pallavi around looking for Raghav, Sunny shouts Pallavi, Raghav pushes Esha away, Sunny asks where is Keerti, Pallavi says must be in her room but why shout, Raghav leaves Esha’s room, Sunny thinks I saved you Raghav because every blast has a time, I will first manipulate Esha and then push her in between you too.
Pallavi walks to Esha and asks is she fine, Esha says yes, Pallavi says I will send you clothes in the morning will help you.

Jaya lost in her thoughts in kitchen, Keerti walks to her and asks whats wrong, Jaya says Pallavi is making huge mistake, she doesn’t know Esha is, Keerti says she does Amma, Pallavi knows everything but we know how kind Pallavi is but Raghav he is making lot of mistakes since Esha is back, he hit Esha’s ex husband in an restaurant, Jaya says I will talk to Pallavi because I don’t want my fear to come true.

Pallavi asks Raghav where was he, Raghav says he wasn’t sleepy so went on night walk. Pallavi asks what is wrong, any problem, she has noticed he hasn’t slept well. Raghav says all good. Pallavi says okay I am tired Good Night. Raghav thinks I can’t talk to my wife properly loosing my calm but I promise I won’t leave you alone and I am only yours and will fix my problem soon.

Next day, Pallavi sees Amma light Karpur in plate, Pallavi says Amma, Jaya says I am trying to show you, Raghav and Esha can’t stay together, Pallavi says Esha was his past and we are all happy and moved on but Esha isnt and once she has her life sorted she will leave and I trust my husband you trust your son too.

Raghav says I can’t hide anymore from Pallavi and walks in room and says I am sorry for my weird behaviour and running away from you, I don’t know how to tell you, I really love you and hugs Pallavi, says I am not able to tell you what I want, its not Pallavi but Esha in her clothes. Raghav says what are you doing here, and why didn’t you say anything and leaves in anger.
Jaya sees Esha and says you are doing what I knew you would, listen to me, I couldn’t save my Raghav first time but this time if you come between my Raghav and Pallavi I won’t spare you.

Pallavi arranges breakfast for everyone, Rajan tells Pallavi Raghav wants his breakfast in Den, Pallavi leaves with breakfast. Esha walks to everyone and takes a seat. Jaya says Keerti people are stubborn they don’t leave even when people hate them, and I don’t want to spoil my mood having breakfast with them, send my breakfast in my room, Keerti says I agree with you Amma, even I am coming with you.

Sunny walks to Esha, and gets her a glass of water, and says these people talk nonsense all day ignore them, Esha says they reacting because of my past, Sunny says I know everything between you past and present about what happened in Varangal, glass slips of Esha’s hand. Pallavi rushes asks whats wrong, Sunny says glass slipped of Esha’s hand, Pallavi says I will get it cleaned.
Sunny says to Esha, these people don’t accept easily its been months I am here they still haven’t accepted me, so you stay
worry free and talk to me if you need anything like a brother.

Mansi sees Milind and Sulochana fight, Sharda whispers Amruta why are they fighting, Amruta says I don’t know reason but Mom sent him out of room and he had to sleep out.
Raghav asks Farhad not to keep any meetings today.
Rajan giving Keerti juice, Pallavi says give Papaya juice to Esha.

Farhad walks to Pallavi and says Raghav is behaving weird and keeps cancelling meeting, Pallavi says if he doesn’t we will, you arrange meeting.
Rajan gets Esha juice and says here is your mausambi juice, Esha says Pallavi said Papaya, Rajan says may be I gave it to Keerti by mistake, Esha says oh my God she is pregnant and rushes to Keerti and throws the glass, Keerti gets angry and slaps her.

Pre cap:Sunny says to Esha, that Raghav anyways doesn’t love Pallavi, how about your past turns to be your good future and present.
Raghav hears his staff gossip about Esha and saying it’s chill is rich people house to have girlfriend and wife, Raghav gets angry and hits the staff. Pallavi stops him and asks why did he hit him
Esha says Raghav you aren’t my old Raghav who would hit someone so hard especially when they were talking so bad about me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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