Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Jaya ne Banaya Plan!

Pallavi gets back home and sees Raghav waiting for her, Raghav sees her toe and says good you dressed the wound and says I know you are angry but I won’t let us break, I won’t break our promises, I will keep trying, you anger will have to loose infront of my love. Vijay says Pallavi he is waiting for you from yesterday and hasn’t eaten too, is it not enough to forgive him, Pallavi says no, I won’t be able to forgive him ever.

Raghav gets call from Keerti and says Esha had poison. Raghav rushes home. Doctor tells Esha is stable now and good Sunny called on time, Sunny says come I will drop you. Jaya says I asked her to leave, so she took this cheap step, I wish Pallavi had never got her

Sunny says to doctor don’t ever come back and no one should ever know you are a fake doctor and now let me see how Raghav, asks Esha to leave.

Mansi and Rajni drawing Rangoli, Mansi says did you see Aai, new drama in Pallavi’s life and she came back here, its our house and not a guest house, Rajni says right when you also come back after your marriage, even I will tell your father to not let you in because this is our house and no guest house, Mansi says we are one team why support Pallavi, Rajni says I am just telling the truth, Milind says just understand what she is saying because for first time she is saying something good, Mansi says she talking weird you supporting her too, what’s wrong, Milind says all is good, just listen to what your mother says.

Pallavi in tears thinking about Raghav cheating on her, Amruta walks to her with lights and asks her to help her install the lights and these need to be sorted again, and you went office right, Pallavi says my work keeps me normal and let me advice you, never leave your work, Amruta says I quit Esha’s job, Pallavi asks why, Amruta says I can’t work for someone like Esha, Pallavi says why mix personal and professional life, Amruta says for me professional and personal is with one person and she has ruined my sister’s life so sorry I won’t work with her, have you thought something, Pallavi says not yet but yes now I will take decision and not my situations.

Sunny and Esha happy that their plan worked, Sunny says look I told you things will work and now no one will throw you out of house, Sunny hears footsteps, Esha sleeps and Sunny acts as if he is checking medicine, Keerti walks in and asks Sunny what is he doing here, Sunny says came to check on Esha, Keerti says wow you care a lot about her, Sunny says cmon she is unwell how insensitive, Keerti says I don’t care if she dies, she tried to break my brother’s family, she deserves to die and leaves

Vijay calls Jaya and tells Pallavi is home but still doesn’t want to talk to Raghav, Jaya says do as I say and see they will sort soon
Pallavi calls Amruta and sees no one is home, and says where is everyone missing we have to start prepping for Diwali pooja too, Vijay rushes to Pallavi and says Jaya had an heart attack, Pallavi leaves with Vijay for Rao Mansion.

Raghav on call says Farhad is on leave so to call his manager for urgent work. Raghav gets another call and he is informed Jaya had heart attack and leaves quickly for home.
Pallavi and Raghav reach at same time, Vijay walks aside, Raghav says to Pallavi I just heard about Amma, Pallavi and Raghav start looking for Amma and Keerti, Raghav puts on light, Amma with everyone wishes them Happy Diwali, Raghav says are you fine, Jaya says I did this to call you together, because my daughter in law is angry with her Amma too and Pallavi its Diwali and this house Lakshmi should be home and not out, so lied, Vijay says sorry they were her orders.

Pallavi says I was so scared Amma, Jaya says then why leave me but I didn’t like this too, you two get back together sort your differences, Pallavi says I can never forgive Raghav, Vijay says husband wife keep fighting, Jaya asks what did Raghav do that you punishing us too and breaking ties. Esha says let me tell what happened, why she is angry with Raghav, and Pallavi is not at fault and she has full right to do this, Raghav says shutup Esha this is my family matter, Esha says really, what when you spent night with me in Varangal what was that, all shocked. Jaya says what nonsense are you talking, and slaps Esha. Esha says this is truth, me and Raghav spent night in Varangal together in a room and we had something which Pallavi and Raghav should have done, we had a moment a husband wife have.

Raghav about to go slap Esha, Pallavi stops him and says you gave her right to say all this, you are equally at fault like she is and so you don’t have right to punish her and you Esha don’t understand, I told you so many times to stay away from my family, you broke me at least leave my family alone, let them celebrate Diwali happily, who asked you to answer here, Esha says I was, Pallavi says don’t act in front of me, I very well know what you are and remember, Raghav got you here, you can fight with him but stay away from my family or else I won’t spare you.

Pallavi says I am sorry everyone, I didn’t want to ruin your Diwali, Vijay says you are not at fault, Jaya says Pallavi, I am sorry, this is my fault because I am part of this too, and I apologise to Deshmukh’s for Raghav’s big mistake and Pallavi please forgive me, I made you marry him and ruined your life, I thought he will get better with you but I forget some people never change and are very selfish, and will hurt you come what may, I was ashamed being called his mother and now I hate him.

Pre cap: Raghav says I am sorry Pallavi and
today I will drink and kill myself, Raghav about to cut his hand with broken glass bottle.
Pallavi is eve teased near shop, she hits the man hard but he still forces him on herself

Update Credit to: Tana

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