Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Pallavi Bani Raghav ki Heroine !

Pallavi thinking about Raghav, Amruta tells her Pallavi, Raghav id going for Agnipariksha, he is listening to no one, only you can save him.
Sunny says Keerti, Pallavi won’t come, she doesn’t care about Raghav, even if he will die she won’t come.

Jaya and Keerti try convincing Raghav, Raghav says no one interferes, Keerti thinks I hope Amruta has spoken Pallavi only she can save him.

Raghav think’s about his time with Pallavi, how she loved him but now hates him. Raghav steps on burning coal, Jaya and Keerti in tears seeing Raghav in this state, Esha not liking it too. Pallavi pulls Raghav and both fall down. Pallavi asks are you fine, show me your legs, look they are so sore, Raghav asks did you forgive me, Pallavi gets a chair for Raghav and makes him sit, Raghav asks did you forgive me, Pallavi says these stupid things will make me forgive you, you aren’t some special that I will save you, I will save anyone who would be doing this, and all this is your emotional blackmail, you think by hurting yourself I will come running to you, you want just me not my love, you don’t care if I am happy or sa, you proved that you are selfish, you don’t deserve my love or forgiveness.

Raghav says Pallavi I am sorry and I was punishing myself for hurting you and this was to prove my love and not blackmailing, I just want your happiness and nothing else, you always take me on right path, help me what can I do to get you back, your trust, give me one chance, I just want you please.
Pallavi says you will listen to everything right, Raghav says yes, Pallavi says come to my shop at 8 tomorrow, Raghav says okay and does that mean you giving me a chance. Pallavi says come at 8 you will understand.

Sharda worried about Raghav, Pallavi walks in, Sharda asks is Raghav fine, Pallavi says yes, he just has some injuries on leg and tomorrow I have called him at 8 to shop for his punishment.

Jaya feeds Raghav, Raghav gets ganpti from table and a chair, Jaya asks what are you doing, Raghav says these Ganpati idol, Pallavi loves a lot and its color has faded and she use to get upset seeing this, so I will color it for her, Jaya says you will take it shop, Raghav says Amma, Pallavi gave me a chance and I don’t want to loose her, I always have focused on myself, I got everything I wanted by money, forcing or snatching but this time its Pallavi’s happiness and I will destroy my pain, ego for Pallavi, her happiness is my aim, Jaya says my God help you, Raghav says thank you Amma.

Esha listens to Raghav and Amma’s conversation and says Raghav has become more restless because he is away from Pallavi, what if she forgives him tomorrow.

Pallavi at shop, Raghav walks to her and wishes her good morning with smile, Pallavi says wait here I will be back finishing my work, Raghav says okay and keeps Ganpati idol in office small temple, Pallavi sees the idol and says I had same Ganpati idol but it has faded, did sir get it, her colleague says no idea may be. Raghav asks Pallavi what is that I have to do. Pallavi says here you have to work has shop attendent, Raghav says what, Pallavi says why can’t you, your ego doesn’t support you, Raghav says I will do everything, Pallavi says okay then here is broom, start cleaning the shop, we will have customer in 10.

Raghav starts cleaning the shop, he starts coughing because of dust but completes his work, he swipes the floor too. Pallavi sees his legs are injured but Raghav is still trying, she feels bad but ignores Raghav.
Pallavi asks Raghav to keep mop and bucket inside.

Vijay having tea, calls Sulochana and asks her to make aloo sabji, Sulochana aays I didn’t,Milind thinks oh God how did Sulochana come home and says Sulochana stop dragging others in our fight, Dada I will talk to her don’t worry. Sulochana says tell me what is going on, who was with you in market and if I find that was true, I won’t spare you or that girl and leaves. Milind thinking what he can do now.

Pallavi attends customers and asks Raghav to get water for them, customers recognise Raghav and are confused what he is doing here, Raghav gives them water, Pallavi starts showing them sarees, Roopa asks Raghav to clean the shelf. Raghav looos at Pallavi and thinks thanks for giving me a chance.

Pre cap: Pallavi asks Raghav to finish his lunch half n hour, Raghav doesn’t find any food so eats biscuit, Pallavi sees him.
Raghav in Rao Mansion, says to Esha enough of your drama, you have no right to stay here, Sunny stops Raghav and says you are doing wrong, Raghav says dare you touch me or you are next.
Raghav throws Esha out of the house and closes door.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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