Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Pallavi Decides to Move on in Life

Pallavi in her room at Deshmukh’s breaks down, she sees from her window, Raghav sleeping under a tree in cold and feels bad but remember about him cheating, she goes down with blanket but stops herself and says I can’t be weak, I can’t forget all this, I have to learn live without him, I can’t give him false hope that we will get together again and goes inside.
Amruta walks to Pallavi and asks whats wrong, Pallavi says give this to Raghav, he is sleeping under the tree.
Amruta walks outside to Raghav, Pallavi standing at door and watching her, Amruta puts blanket on Raghav and goes inside with Pallavi.

Pallavi in her room, thinking about Raghav cheating on her, she realises it’s morning and goes check her window and finds Raghav still sleeping and says how did he sleep all night there, and says no Pallavi no more caring for him, don’t be weak, he didn’t love you and so you don’t need to worry for him, Pallavi sees Raghav waking up and goes inside. Vijay walks in and wishes Pallavi happy diwali and says look I got you tea, Pallavi says I would manage, Vijay says would you say this same to your Aai. Pallavi says Thank you, Vijay says Pallavi I agree I had cut ties in anger, I couldn’t be a good father or father in law, you fulfilled all responsibilities but I just hurt you, please forgive, Pallavi says please don’t, Vijay says okay, your and Raghav’s love and your trust made me realise I was wrong and changed my view, there are differences however deep a relation is, but that doesn’t mean you cut ties, so talk and sort it out, Pallavi says how do you know, Vijay says I am your father and I am upset because you didn’t tell me anything, Pallavi says I am sorry, I didn’t wanted to ruin your festival, Vijay says this house elder daughter is upset, how will we enjoy, and discuss with us and end your pain, locking yourself qnd ending all ties with Raghav, is not solution, be upset but don’t do this, rest is your decision and I will definitely support you, now take care. Vijay leaves.

Pallavi looks at her mangalsutra on table and says you are right Baba but Raghav can’t be forgiven for cheating on me, he stole away the strength to trust, and love is not always everything, self love and respect is also important and so now I will live only for myself for Pallavi, and make my own identity and won’t let anyone have such big right on me that he can break so easily.

Raghav wakes up and sees he is covered with blanket and says did Pallavi put this, he looks at her window, Vijay walks out and sees Raghav and calls him and asks where did you here all night, it’s Diwali come talk and sort out, let me call Pallavi, Raghav says please don’t, I deserve this, Vijay says I don’t know what is wrong but I can’t see you two this way, Raghav says this is my fight and win my Pallavi back, and won’t let her go through any more pain because if me, please don’t talk to Pallavi, Vijay says okay, come inside have tea and go, Raghav says please I will manage. Vijay leaves.

Milind and Rajni together, Milind says I wish Raghav and Pallavi sort differences and we celebrate this Diwali happily, Rajni says I don’t even know Pallavi but when I saw her, I could feel she is so sad, she was trying hard to hide her pain but I could see it on her face, Milind says you tske such good care of everyone, Rajni says I am scared, how long will we pull this, Milind says no one will find this out, don’t worry I am with you and holds Rajni’d hand, Pallavi walks in and says your phone, Rajni goes inside, Milind asks where are you going, Pallavi says I have to pitch a design will be back soon, Milind says have this and then leave, I know you didn’t have your breakfast, and your Kaku made them, Pallavi says I don’t feel like, Pallavi thinks did Raghav eat anything and says Kaka I am late, Milind says Pallavi what are you hiding, Pallavi says I am very late I should leave.

Pallavi sees Raghav sitting outside, and ignores him, she hurts her toe while walking, Raghav rushes to help, Pallavi says stay away, I will manage, Raghav says your toe is bleeding, keeo fighting but later, let me once check, Pallavi says keep your fake concern with you, this pain is nothing infront of pain you have me and leaves. Pallavi finds it difficult to walk but leaves.

Dilip asks Jaya what to cook for Diwali, Jaya says do whatever you want. Dilip leaves. Jaya says my kids are in pain, what will I do, Keerti asks Jaya didn’t you sleep, Jaya says no, Keerti says Farhad told me that Raghav was outside Deshmukh house all night, Sunny rushes to them says please come.
Jaya, Keerti, Sunny walk in Esha’s room and see her on floor with bottle of poison beside her.

Pre cap:Raghav says Pallavi I won’t let us break and keep trying till my love wins over your anger
Esha tells everyone Raghav slept with her. Raghav about to slap her,Pallavi says dare you touch her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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