Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Pallavi Lands in Trouble

Pallavi designing jewellery, she names the collection as Haldi Kumkum. Pallavi hears Keerti and Sunny fight and goes check. Keerti scolding Sunny for using her savings, Sunny says we will get more money, Keerti says it was for our child’s future, Sunny says you have changed you used to say whats yours is mine, Keerti says I was mad and didn’t knew you are such a lazy person who doesn’t work hard. Sunny about to yell at Keerti, Pallavi stops him, Keerti starts crying and tells Raghav about situation.
Esha goes to Pallavi’s room and steals her designs and replaces it with blank paper and says just like these papers Pallavi’s life will be blank.

Jaya calms Keerti, Pallavi about to talk to Sunny, Sunny says I don’t want your lecture and says Keerti I got gold chain from the money for our kid and thought of giving surprise but as usual you ruined it. Keerti says oh my god I made such big mistake and runs behind Sunny, Pallavi says he is such a drama.
Farhad tells Raghav he has to give designs, Pallavi says I will go get them, Pallavi checks her folder and sees its blank and starts looking around, Raghav says Pallavi quickly give me, Pallavi says my designs are missing, Raghav says look around must be here, Pallavi says it was right here, Raghav says I need it in half hour, and take care of these things next time, I have to leave.

Raghav tells Farhad designs are not ready, Esha asks Raghav can she help, Raghav says I will manage, Esha says what is it, Raghav says I need designs for my collection, Esha says I have few designs I never used and take it as sample and you can pay me too, Raghav says okay mail them and thank you.
Pallavi sees them.

Pallavi walks to Keerti with her soup and asks is everything fine between her and Sunny, Keerti says yes I apologized, Pallavi says you were right but, Keerti says he is a drama, I kept asking me he didn’t reply and so I got angry and yelled, Pallavi says I find something fishy, and thinks about her designs missing and tells Keerti about it, Keerti says but why will someone take your design’s and all were right there including Farhad, Pallavi realises Esha wasn’t there

Milind thinking about Rajani and gives her a call, and says are you really not Sulochana, Rajani says who is it, Milind says I am that Rajnikanth, Rajani says you married one, Milind says I am married for name sake, I hate my wife and have fallen for you, Rajani says this is not right, Milind says you just tell me do you love me too, Rajani says I don’t know and disconnect call, Milind says she will call back if she loves me. Rajani calls back and says I forgot to say Good Night and so called you back.

Sunny meets Esha and says you becoming very professional our team is best and soon Pallavi will be out of this house and Raghav’s life and you in. Esha says we need to take it slow or else all efforts will go waste because Pallavi is not a kid thay she will let this go, and we can’t underestimate her, she can play such big game of fooling Raghav, she is very smart, we have to keep finding such small moments to trouble her, instead of big games, it will take time but proof our plan

Pallavi worried for Raghav, waiting for him, Raghav walks in, Pallavi asks how was his meeting, Raghav says Esha’s last minute designs worked, Pallavi says I am very sorry, Raghav says happens, Pallavi says I feel so guilty, you were so confident and I failed. Raghav says you are a winner, you are a perfect wife and 1000 mistakes are forgiven, and I made mistake with you, Pallavi says yes you are right, you hide the truth, Raghav says what truth, and gets restless, Pallavi says when were you going to tell me that you are Rama Swami the truste of old age home, you ate my food there first time and I am so proud of you and I spoiled design work and so tjis Diwali I want to cook Telegu sweets for old age home, Raghav says done, all love your food there and make sugarless sweet. Sunny hears that.

Farhad tells Raghav, Saudi client loved the designs and they want a vendor for lehnga and saree matching our design, Raghav says credit goes to Esha and also Pallavi os cooking for old age home so after meeting we will go there.

Milind gets everyone gifts, Mansi says did you get bonus, Milind says I got happiness, Sulochana asks my gift, Milind says you have everything and you anyways take it yourself.

Jaya says to Pallavi, ask me for help if needed, Pallavi says all done just packing remaining, Sunny walks in playing Bhajan music loud, Pallavi asks what is this, Sunny says this is fory baby and positivity, Jaya says good atleast something he is doing, Pallavi says play it little lower we don’t want to ruin the childs ears, Sunny says my child I will decide and plays loud and leaves. Pallavi says Amma I will go to room and pack it’s so loud here. Jaya says okay and leaves

Pallavi packing sweets, Sunny slowly walks to her room and locks it from outside, and takes Pallavi’s phone away too. Pallavi doesn’t understand anything due to loud music.

Pre cap: Raghav asks Dilip where is Pallavi, Sunny says she left, Pallavi tries to open door. Esha asks what’s wrong, Raghav tells about sweets, Esha says I have some wait will get it. Pallavi walks to Raghav with sweets, Raghav says where were you, I thought you didn’t make sweets.Sunny shocked to see Pallavi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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