Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali :Pallavi ne Ki Galti

Pallavi gets Jaya Paysum and sees Jaya is having leg ache, Pallavi says let me massage you. Jaya says I am fine and I wanted fo talk to you about yesterday, Pallavi says I know everything and will manage everything dont worry, Jaya says good ask me if you need anything. Pallavi says okay and thinks Amma is going to love the surprise.

Milind sleep talking, and singing, Sulochana gets scared and says God what is wrong with him.
Pallavi asks Raghav how was his day, Raghav saya good, Pallavi says I wanted to talk to you, and sorry for yesterday, Raghav says don’t apologise, and I actually busy with work, Pallavi says don’t worry I will manage tomorrow and all work will be managed and I also know you are worried about something, Raghav says forget all that I just want you to be with me.

Pallavi decorates whole house for Jaya’s birthday, she switches off lights and wait for others to come. All enter Pallavi switches on light and music, and claps for Jaya, Jaya sees whole house is decorated. Sunny smirks, Esha hiding and watching. Pallavi sees everyone in white, Raghav asks what all is this, Jaya in tears. Pallavi says it’s Amma’s birthday and look I did everything she likes even music Appa used to play, Raghav says it’s Appa and bhai’s death anniversary too, and so Amma never celebrates her brithday, Pallavi says I didn’t know, I was talking about Amma’s birthday from yesterday. Pallavi apologise to Jaya, Raghav apologise to guests.

Raghav says Pallavi be normal at sometimes, you don’t have to be extra, Pallavi says I heard Sunny talking about birthday, Sunny says don’t drag me in your blunder, I know how important this day is for Amma and Keerti. Jaya says you didn’t call any pandit, Pallavi saya I will do it right away, Jaya says I never missed death anniversary, Esha smiles at Sunny, Jaya says your brother and father will be very sad and I shouldn’t have trusted you Pallavi.

Raghav calls Farhad and asks him to arrange pandit and pooja. Esha walks to Raghav, and says sorry all this is happening and may be Pallavi skipped, Raghav says I know but Pallavi remember everything, she is never careless, Pallavi sees Esha and asks what are you doing here, Esha says I was just saying its not your fault, Pallavi says you could say that downstairs in front of everyone, Esha says I was about to but all left, Pallavi says it’s my family matter and I can handle and I don’t need any interference, Esha leaves
Raghav says Pallavi why get angry at her, Pallavi says sorry I was disturbed I will go apologise. Pallavi goes apologise to Esha, Esha says its fine and I have solved your problem, I called Panditji.

Everyone gathers, Panditji says Esha called me, Esha says sorry I didn’t inform you all, I thought we should do Pooja in time and so called him, Sunny says why sorry, good atleast you didn’t make a blunder, Esha says to Jaya, today whatever happened Pallavi wasn’t at fault but a confusion and she feels bad too, so don’t be upset, Jaya says all is fine, and thank you for making arrangements.

Sulochana praying to Vrikshababa for Milind and asks him to save her husband, Baba says apply this on his head and make him walk on lemon. Sulochana leaves, Baba sees Rajni and says you back again, Rajni says I came here first time, Baba says you need care more than your husband.

Raghav on call with Saudi client, Raghav tells Farhad we need best designs for Saudi store. Farhad says Pallavi has worked hard to get us this client, Raghav says yes and so design Pallavi will make.

Milind steps on lemon, Sulochana very happy and says now soon I will get my husband back.
Raghav asks Pallavi to design, Pallavi says I can design saree not jewellery, Raghav convinces her and says I am with you and manage everything, you just try, Pallavi says okay I will try, Raghav says I know you will do great job. Sunny hears them talk

Rajni sees Milind and stops, Milind says enough Sulochana you won, Rajni says I am not Sulochana, Milind says okay you are Rajni and Sulochana is home, Rajni says you are married, I thought you are unmarried like me, I should leave now.

Sunny says to Esha says you are such great actor, Esha says I never knew I would ever be able to do it but happy to see the results, Sunny says I told you everything is easy, Esha says what next, Sunny says we have to create situation to make everyone hate Pallavi, Esha says but all love her here. Sunny tells her about Jewellery design.

Pre cap: Pallavi says to Raghav I want to make Telgu mithai for old age home you take it for everyone.
Sunny sees Pallavi packing sweets and locks her

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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