Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Raghav Arrested !

Sulochana sees Sharda, Sharda says when did you come to bazar, you were in the house, Sulochana says I am not home past so many days, Sharda says you were in kitchen right, Sulochana says Milind is fooling us all, she is some other women, she picked my call too yesterday, Sharda says you mean she is someone else and Milind has kept her in our house, Sulochana says yes you can only help me, Sharda says Milind can’t do this, you are mistaken, Sulochana says you all will be shocked when you will know the truth.

Pallavi walks in shop and sees Raghav working, Rupa says Raghav is so punctual came to shop early. Pallavi sees Raghav’s injured leg and feels bad, Pallavi tries to open her bag and but her hand hurts, Raghav asks what is this, Pallavi says I was lighting diya got hurt, Raghav takes her hand and applies oinment, Pallavi says all this is not required. Raghav says I very well know it’s not because of diya and yesterday you gave me food, I know the taste and your heart.
Rupa asks Pallavi to check account’s.

Sharda walks in and sees Milind and Rajni leave hand in hand and says Sulochana changed clothes and now is out with Milind, may be this is her new game definitely, Mansi asks why are you talking to yourself, have you lost it like Baba, Sharda says I don’t know.

Pallavi showing sarees to customer, customer says I want it for my daughter’s wedding, you must be married you must know what sarees we need, Pallavi looks at Raghav, Inspector walks in and says rape FIR is lodged against you. Raghav asks who did, Esha walks in and says I did, enough of you, you forced me to complaint, Raghav says inspector she is lying, Raghav says Esha I asked you to leave house, so this new drama, you are making big mistake by messing with me, Esha says time will tell us that, Inspector says come with us Raghav, Pallavi says I. coming too.

Rajni and Milind walk in, Sharda with open boxes and says waiting for Sulochana come so that and keep stuff you get from market, fine Sulochana, Rajni says yes, Milind thinks if she find the truth it will be bad, Milind says Sulochana get scissors and I will help Vahini till then, Sharda says I have scissors, you go, come help me Sulochana.
Sharda asks Sulochana, so what have you thought of doing for Amurta’s birthday, Milind thinks Vahini is tasting Rajni I guess, and says Sulochana come with me I need to find towel, Rajni says I will be back and leaves.

Esha tells Inspector that Raghav asked her to stay in Varangal with himz when there was riot, and I wasn’t getting room, so I shared room with him, Raghav says she is lying, her ex husband attacked her, so I helped her, Inspector says quiet, let her speak, Sumit says Raghav js lying I wasn’t in Varangal, Esha says trusting Raghav was my biggest mistake, when we entered room, he closed doors and started forcing himself on me and raped me, I loved this man and look what he did.
Raghav says she is lying, she offered me drinks, Esha says how could we get drink, there was riot outside and hotels didn’t have drinks, Raghav says it was in your bag, Esha says what nonsense, why will we a girl roam with alcohol. Raghav says Esha how disgusting, that night, Inspector says tell us what happened Raghav.

Raghav says I made huge mistake and did wrong to Pallavi and cheated on our marriage, me and Esha were drinking talking about College memories and got drunk, but Esha thought something could happen between us, but I said no, Inspector says you are a criminal you think we will believe you, Pallavi says you can’t call him criminal, until you have proof, I agree Esha and Raghav were together, she told a different story and she told us, she didn’t stop Raghav because she love him, Esha says Pallavi, you taking his side how stupid, I agree in house because I had no option, Raghav told me to tell this story so that he can have witness and later I get trapped when I lodge FIR, I was scared so I listen to what he said and I am so scared of this man. Raghav says Esha shut up, Inspector puts Raghav behind bars.
Raghav says Pallavi dont worry about me go home.

Milind stops Rajni and says I think Vahini has doubt on us, Amruta’s birthday isn’t now, did you say anything or speak in your language, why is she suspicious, Rajni says what to do now, Milind says keep fooling around Vahini and don’t stay long with her.
Mansi sees them and thinks what is cooking between them.

Pallavi reaches Rao Mansion, Jaya asks what is she doing here, Pallavi says Esha has lodged Rape FIR against Raghav, Jaya says she destroyed everything, I told you Pallavi that girl is worst, I swear my son can’t do this, Pallavi says I know Amma, Keerti tells Pallavi about Esha’s suicide drama and how Raghav threw Esha out of house.
Jaya says what will happen now, Pallavi says don’t worry I will find all details of this case and Raghav will get bail by today.

Pre cap: Pallavi asks Varangal hotel manager and asks him what happened that night or she will hit him, He says that madam who stayed with sir, asked me to get bottle of alcohol, put some medicine in it and then later asked me to remove sirs clothes.
Pallavi says I will take Raghav to home and tell the truth to everyone, Esha hits Pallavi on head.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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