Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Raghav Ka Press Conference

Sunny gets Keerti water and says so much water, Keerti says I get so thirsty, Sunny asks what is this, Keerti says my dress chunari, Sunny says my mom had similar for Karvachauth, Keerti says I always seen Karva chauth in films and its day after, Sunny says my mom use to fast for Dad and would say even my wife would fast for me, Keerti says even I will then, Sunny says you can’t you are pregnant, Keerti says I can’t fast but will follow all ritual.
Keerti requests Jaya and Pallavi about Karva chauth, Pallavi says if we are celebrating I will fast for Raghav, Pallavi sees Esha and asks her to join for Karva chauth, Jaya says this fast is for husband and not ex husband, Pallavi says even singles can fast, and you can just celebrate too.

Farhad tells Raghav deal is final, Raghav says I didn’t attend meeting then how come, Farhad says Pallavi attended tye party and since this is their first deal in India we have a press conference in the house please don’t deny, Pallavi says if he does I have my jhadu ready, Raghav smiles and thanks Pallavi, Pallavi asks for return gift, Pallavi says no fighting and promise anger control and also you will tell them you aren’t associated with anything illegal, Raghav says as you wish

Milind starts following look a like Sulochana, he holds her hand to stop her and says what new drama is this, she says I am name Sulochana I am Rajni, Milind says I am your husband, Rajni says are you mad, and starts shouting for help, Milind tries to explain crowd but gets beaten.

Farhad briefs staff for conference, Sunny sees that and asks Keerti what all is this, Keerti says forget it, its Raghav’s some meeting, lets go shopping, Sunny says I heard Esha is taking part in Karva chauth, Keerti says yes Pallavi invited her and I am so confused about her, I feel angry and bad for her, Sunny says let her be, lets go shopping.
Raghav stumbles into Esha, Esha congratulates him for the deal, Raghav says Pallavi gets credit for this, she is support in family and business, I am so thankful for her, she has made me such a better person, Esha says I was right you are changed, but old Raghav was so gutsy, you are idol of everyone in Jewellery industry and customs is not a big issue, everyone does this, and you do charity too but why did you change, instead of enjoying your uniqueness why hide it and dont spill beans in media or else who knows you soon will be just a regular business man and not The Raghav Rao.

Milind gets home beaten and starts blaming Sulochana for it and tells about market incident, Mansi says but she is home didn’t go anywhere, Sulochana says he needs a psychiatrist, Nikhil says I am with Kaku she didn’t go anywhere.

Farhad tells Pallavi he is so happy to see Raghav calm in meeting, and its all Pallavi effect. Raghav is asked about illegal deals in Jayti, Raghav remember Esha’s words and misbehaves with the reporter, Pallavi asks Farhad to go handle Raghav. Raghav goes to his den. Pallavi says Raghav you promised to be calm, Raghav says I will be as I am and won’t listen to anyone and leaves. Pallavi says Farhad what is wrong with himz Farhad tells Pallavi that he heard Esha and Raghav talk.

Pallavi walks to Esha in anger and says don’t take advantage of my kindness dare you interfere in my married life, I worked hard to make Raghav what he is now, he doesn’t need your advice, he is my husband and we will decide what he should be and not you, so keep your nonsense advices with you and I got you here and can throw you out anytime, keep that in your mind and leaves. Sunny hears Pallavi and Esha’s conversation.

Esha sees Raghav and Pallavi’s wedding picture and looks at it and remember Pallavi’s words in tears. Sunny walks to her wnd and asks whats wrong, Esha says nothing, Sunny says I heard you and Pallavi, on one side she calls herself so kind and on other look at her behaviour, Esha says she isn’t wrong and who are we to stop them, Pallavi and Raghav its their personal matter and I am just a third person, Sunny says Raghav isn’t happy in this relation, he does things to make her happy, but poor thing doesn’t know Pallavi is with him for his money and he is losing himself in this relation and only you can bring happiness in his life. Esha says Sunny, why are you telling me all this, what is your benefit behind this, Sunny says what advantage will I have, I am just trying to make my family happy.

Pre cap: Raghav apologise to Pallavi, Pallavi says forget it and you are best husband. Pallavi fasts for Raghav, Esha thinks you will break my fast so that my wish to be with you comes true

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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