Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Raghav ko Mila Bail

Raghav is granted bail, Raghav walks to Pallavi and looks at Esha and Sumit, Inspector says I hope you are punsihed this time and your wife doesn’t save you, Pallavi says time will tell us that, Raghav while leaving says Esha, you will regret like I am regretting you iny life, Pallavi may not accept me but you will never get her place and leaves with Pallavi.

Raghav says Pallavi, thank you for supporting me, Pallavi says I am supporting truth and don’t consider this as forgiven.
Sharda walks to Vijay and says the Sulochana in our house is not ours, Vijay says are you understanding what you saying, Sharda says I know you find it weird, and tells how she found about it, and how Milind keeps saving her, Vijay says are you fine, Sharda says even I thought same when real Sulochana told me but I am suspicious now, Vijay says you mean Sulochana has double role and starts laughing, says thisnall sounds good on TV.

Jaya hugs Raghav and thanks Pallavi for helping Raghav, Keerti asks when is hearing, Raghav says after 5 days, Raghav says I am bad but I won’t do this, Jaya says I know that and I trust you, Keerti says we know how bad that women is but how can she fall so low. Raghav looks at Pallavi and says I guess O deserve this after what I did to Pallavi, Pallavi says Raghav focus on how to deal with Esha.
Jaya says I will arrange dinner you two have food, Keerti requests to stay, Pallavi says sorry I will leave, Raghav forces on dropping her, Pallavi says I will manage, don’t drink in stress and leaves in tears, Raghav thinks thanks for supporting me Pallavi, especially when I don’t deserve this.

Sumit gets Esha food, Esha says I am not hungry, Sumit says cmon we have long fight and the way you acted today, you will have to be strong and confident because this is rape case, Esha thinks of Raghav’s behaviour and says I won’t lose this, I know its not easy to defeat them but they won’t win, they will have to loose.

Pallavi thinking about Keerti telling about Esha’s fake suicide, Amruta walks to her and tells she went Dasri jewellers to get her stuff back and Dasri met her, he said he found about Esha’s case and he is surprised and said Esha wasn’t supposed to be in Varangal, Dasri was going to go and when Esha found Raghav is there, she forced him to let her go, Pallavi says this means Esha has done this purposely, Pallavi thinks of Milind supporting Raghav and says we need proofs against Esha from Varangal and if Raghav is innocent we need proof.

Jaya denies to have food and asks did Raghav eat, Keerti says I forced him to have little and he is very hurt because this is rape case and his reputation is falling down and when media will find it, it will be more stressful and this fight is ours and not only Raghav’s.
Sumit says Esha sleep in room, I will sleep on sofa, Esha says thanks for helping me, Sumit says anytime and what will you choose Raghav’s property or love, Esha saya offcourse property, Sumit says so evil.

Rajni says to Milind, if Vahini is suspicious soon everyone will find the truth and even I have to go home, so lets tell truth, Milind says some more time and then we will tell everyone, Pallavi hears Milind call Sulochana, Rajni, and asks who is Rajni, Milind says she is, Pallavi says she is Sulochana Kaku, Milind says she is her look a like and staying with us, Pallavi asks how and why, Pallavi asks what you want to fix, Milind says we want to teach Sulochana her lesson and not take anyone hear granted and behave, Pallavi says and between you two, Milind says no I am loyal with Sulochana, and this is only to teach Sulochana a lesson, Pallavi says I have an idea.

Raghav makes himself a drink, Pallavi stops him, and says I told you not to right, Raghav says you had added green tea in this, Pallavi says okay now tell me everything about what happened in Varangal. Raghav tells he reached Varangal and there was riot and how he drank, slept and he saw Pallavi when Esha tried to come close and then he slept and when he woke up he saw Esha next to him. Pallavi says I may forgive you and I need help for it, because there is part even you are unaware, Pallavi leaves.
Sunny sees her and asks Keerti what is Pallavi doing here, Keerti says she didn’t come, she would meet me, Sunny thinks I am sure she was Pallavi.

Esha gets call from Sunny, Sunny says you forgot your brother, Esha says just like you didn’t support me, Sunny says if I would even I would be thrown out and Keerti is now suspicious, and I am giving you inside inputs which are helping you, and now Pallavi was here, and there is something cooking between them so stay alert. Esha tells Sumit to keep eye on Pallavi and Raghav and she will give him share after acquiring Raghav’s property, Sumit says okay.

Pallavi with Amruta meets Varangal hotel manager and asks for details, he doesn’t give any answer, Pallavi threatens him and asks him to tell truth, and if he doesn’t she will hit him with stone on his head. Manager says that lady asked me to get alcohol and added medicine in it, and gave me lot of money and then she called me again, she was sitting on sofa and then asked me to remove sirs clothes and cover him with blanket and then she slept on sofa, and then I left.

Pallavi says oh God, Amruta this means nothing happened with Esha, Pallavi says you will come to police station with me and I will make sure you are safe, Sumit sees everything, Pallavi says Esha is planning all this, such a cheap women, she tried to snatch my love, my relationship and my family and now Pallavi will fight all evils of Esha

Pre cap: Pallavi at Rao Mansion about to go tell Raghav truth she found, Esha hits her on her head from behind, Pallavi faints.
Esha says it’s not easy to defeat me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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