Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Raghav & Pallavi Get Married !

At Deshmukh’s, Sulochana makes puran poli for Rajni, Rajni says thankyou but I was just joking, Sulochana says come sit, have it and then leave, Rajni has it and says bye I should leave now.
Sunny packs bags, Keerti asks where, Sunny says we are going to our new house, I have rented a house for now nearby and soon I Will buy a new house, Keerti says we will togther buy our new house, we will be best parents.

Mansi says to Milind, thanks for giving our Mom back, Milind asks our problem is solved what about Pallavi, Amruta says Pallavi has sent message, Esha is arrested and all problems are solved, Sulochana says let’s pray and thank Bappa, Milind says we will do it Pallavi’s style and plays song for aarti.

Raghav asks Sunny Keerti where they are going, Jaya says you tell them, Keerti says Sunny wants to settle on his own, he will work, and we have rented house too, Pallavi says why leave this house but, Raghav says you weren’t near me, and when you were, things were messed up, and this house is mine and yours, if Arjun was alive, he would stay with me right, then why not you and Sunny, if you want to stay alone go but if reason is marriage and other nonsense please don’t go, and I won’t allow too, Pallavi says Raghav’s house and my shop has vacancy too, Sunny says please I don’t want another favor, I will ask if I need favor. Jaya says its happy time, call Deshmukh’s lets celebrate, Pallavi says okay and I will cook today, Keerti says I will join you, Pallavi says you go unpack

Raghav pulls Pallavi close and says where are you going, lets finish our thank you process, Pallavi says I have to cook dinner, Raghav says staff will handle that, I am waiting come soon.
Pallavi walks in room and sees Raghav is sleeping, she tries to wake him up and pulls blanket, and sees its just pillows. Raghav walks in and closes his eyes, Pallavi says what, Raghav hands her envelope, Pallavi opes it, it’s admission form, Raghav says fashion designing institute admission form, Pallavi says thank you, Raghav says now since you said thank you, its welcome time, Dilip walks in and asks Pallavi what to cook, Pallavi says I will come you go, Raghav says lets go, I will help you, lets cook together.

Pallavi and Raghav in kitchen, says lets cool Marathi and Hyderabad both food, Raghav says won’t it be too much, Pallavi says we will make one dish each, Raghav says I will get flour, where it is, Pallavi says third shelf, Raghav drops it all on himself. Pallavi starts laughing and says you can’t get flour and want to cook, Raghav pulls her close and about to kiss, Dilip again walks in, Raghav says so much wrong time, and I will come cook Hyderabadi dish.

Jaya says Sunny play good Punjabi music I like it, lets dance, Sunny plays music, , Jaya and Sunny dance, Milind walks in and says very well Jayaji, Amruta says you dance so well, Jaya says just a little fun, Milind says I am very happy, finally things are sorted, Jaya says its a new beginning. Sulochana says very correct but where is Pallavi and Raghav, Mansi says here they come our Raghvi. Pallavi walks on Marathi attire, Raghav on South Indian.
Sulochana says Pallavi you look very pretty, Pallavi says thank you and happy to have our old Kaku back, Milind says because of me, Pallavi says done. Sulochana says but still when she comes I will ask her to cook, Dilip gets a plate, Pallavi asks what is this, Raghav asks to remove the covered cloth, Keerti asks why Havan Kundh. Raghav says because it is a special night, me and Pallavi married in anger and hatred but today we will happily get married and make real promises, so will you marry me again Mrs. Pallavi Raghav Rao and goes on his knees. Pallavi says yes, Raghav puts ring on her finger.

Raghav and Pallavi take pheras and follow wedding rituals.
Raghav applies sindoor on Pallavi’s forehead and puts Mangalsutra. All applaud. Raghav says I promise I won’t let anyone come between us and all our lives we will be together. Amruta says lets have a family picture. Pallavi says yes and ots not the end but new beginning.

Pre cap: None. Show has Ended.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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